L-2 Visa Process

By Tiara

As mentioned before, employers can use visa sponsorship to bring foreign workers into the United States for employment. There are two main types of visas that employers can use to recruit abroad, either an F1 or L-1 visa.

The other type is the less common L-2 visa. This article will go in depth about what each job position requires from your employer, as well as how to prepare for your own L-2 visa.

If you earn enough while working here, then it’s possible you could apply for citizenship! That would be very impressive and worthy of celebrating with us. 😉

Good luck out there, everyone! We hope you enjoyed this article! Make sure to check back next week for more helpful information.

Provide proof of financial resources

l-2 visa process

In some cases, even after you’ve lived in the United States for several years and have all your documents, you may be unable to stay here. This is because there has been an unexpected change in immigration laws or regulations.

If this happens it can really hurt your dreams of staying in America. You may already know what must be done to remain in the country, but making sure that you do not need a visa can help ensure that you don’t run into trouble when leaving.

It's important to remember that just because someone doesn't require a visa at this moment doesn’t mean they never will! Many immigrants find that as their situation changes they are able to obtain a visa and/or extensions to their existing one.

Provide proof of accommodation

l-2 visa process

It is very important to make sure your accommodation is legitimate before proving it to a consulate or embassy. Many people are homeless during spring break, but they do not look like it as everyone knows about them.

Some employers invite employees to stay in their homes which can be considered an adequate proof of accommodation. If possible, confirm that you will have access to a shower and bed and that there will be no roommates who may claim ownership of these things.

It’s also important to know if any of your belongings belong to someone else. For example, if you own a phone, prove this by looking up your name on Google and seeing that it has been used recently. Make sure to note if it was you using the device or not!

If you don’t own anything valuable, you can simply write down everything you own and some basic information such as where you live and what city you’re in.

Provide proof of health insurance

l-2 visa process

In some cases, employers will require you to have medical coverage as well. This is called requiring you to provide “proof of health insurance” or PHI. Some examples of this are when an employee goes beyond their employment responsibilities (for example, working during hours that they normally work) or taking time off without permission.

If this happens to you, your employer can ask for proof of PHI in these situations. They may also request it while reviewing your visa application if there is reason to suspect you will no longer be covered under your current plan or that your status has changed.

Because most countries allow one year of non-residential travel for those with a tourist visa, many immigrants apply for and receive extensions on their visas before traveling. If you need to travel, make sure your extension is valid for at least a year so you do not run out of time.

Submit a completed L-2 visa application

l-2 visa process

Once your documents are all in order, it’s time to submit your application! You can do this either online or by sending a hard copy via regular mail.

Online applications have you create an account through our secure system and then you will be able to log into that to add all of your documentation and complete your form.

We recommend applying as early as possible since there is a waiting period before approval.

Pay the L-2 visa application fee

l-2 visa process

Starting early in your employment as an international teacher is one of the best ways to ensure a successful career in teaching. The more time you can spend getting to know students, schools, and communities before school starts, the better your chances are of securing a position.

Most countries have national education organizations that work with private companies to help recruit teachers. These organizations usually take care of the L-2 visa process for employers. This includes paying the application fees, doing background checks, and helping you find housing.

They may also handle payroll needs, which can be another expense for the school. It’s important to remember these things so you don’t waste any money or resources when you begin looking for jobs.

Get your visa stamped at a U.S. embassy or consulate

l-2 visa process

After being approved for entry into the United States, most nonimmigrant (for business or tourist purposes) visas are issued at an embassy or consular office in your country of residence as well as in the country you will be visiting for work or sightseeing.

You can check out our article about how to apply for a VISA online here! If you have already received your I-94W form from COUNTRY A, then you’re all set and can move onto step 3.

But what happens if you don’t have this yet? You’ll need it to proceed with applying for your L-2 Visa! Luckily, there are some great resources available to help you along.

We have gathered information and links below that can help get you through the process of obtaining your I-94W form and applications from various countries.

Receive your visa

l-2 visa process

After you have completed all of the above steps, the next step is to receive your L-2 visa! This happens at one of USCIS’s Field Office Locations or through an approved VISA SERVICE PROVIDER (VSP).

Most employers require you to use their services for this step, so it is important to find a good one that can help you focus on the immigration process while also checking off another item on your to do list.

The VSP will gather some more information from you such as proof of sufficient money to stay in the country for the length of time they need you, documents proving employment within the last year, and possibly even proof of health insurance. They may also ask about any dependents you might have which could affect how much money they give you per month.

Once everything has been verified, the VSP will file the necessary paperwork with USCIS on your behalf, get you the visa, and send you a receipt via mail or fax.

Enjoy your time in the U.S.

l-2 visa process

Now that you are an F-1 student, it is time to look for ways to stay in the United States. You can apply for what’s called an L-2 visa. This type of visa allows qualified individuals to live and work in the United States while their F-1 status expires.

You must have proof that you will remain in the country after your education is done. These documents should show that you will return to your home country or that you plan to pursue employment opportunities there.

If you decide to remain in the United States as an L-2 visa holder, you will need to reenter the U.S. as either an B-1/B-2 visitor or M-U visas. An M-U visa is more likely if you already have family members living here.