K-1 Visa Interview Checklist

By Tiara

A k-1 visa is also known as an F-2 visa or tourist for foreign worker visa. This type of visa allows you to work in Canada while your family members can remain in the United States. Your employer must be able to prove that there are no available workers in the country, and they must have a job waiting for you when you arrive.

There are some differences between this kind of visa and other visas, such as the Work Permit (PR) and Immigrant Investor (EI) visas. The main difference with the PR is that it does not require employers to try hard to find employees, whereas the EI requires at least two professionals living in Canada to apply on their behalf.

This article will help you prepare for your interview by making sure you have all the necessary documents and information.

Dress the part

k-1 visa interview checklist

After you have gathered all your documents, clothes, and shoes, what really sets off an immigration officer’s eye is good dress. You don’t want to look like you didn’t put in any effort to prepare for this meeting, so make sure you are dressed properly.

If you need to, pack ahead of time or pick up new things along the way. You don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute! Keep looking appropriate while you wait – wearing something that fits you and expresses who you are is important.

We can’t tell you how many times we have seen someone overprepare and then get nervous when they realize it is too early to change out of their workout clothes. (Sorry not sorry!)

In addition to making you feel more prepared, letting people know you took some time to prepare will give them some motivation to do the same. Even if nothing about you changes, saying “I made me and my bags ready” could inspire others to do the same.

Know your family ties

k-1 visa interview checklist

It is very important to know your family members well as they could play an integral part in helping you gain entry into the United States.

It’s impossible to enter the U.S. without a visa, but it is possible to overstay your visa by just one day. Therefore, knowing your relatives comes down to understanding who these people are and whether or not they will vouch for you.

For example, if someone you know works at a restaurant that you have also worked at, this person can attest to your employment there. The same goes for their friends and family. If such individuals state that they trust you and believe that you would behave appropriately while here, then it is safe to include them in our checklist.

This article will help you learn more about how to identify potential threats when preparing for your k-1 visa interview.

Know your financial ties

k-1 visa interview checklist

It is very important to know about any significant relationships you have in America, as well as how much money you are making here.

If you are married, make sure that your spouse is aware of this information so they do not get involved with anyone while you are away.

Also be honest when asking for work or if you already have it – most employers will ask if someone else can perform their job. This way, your family member can step into new responsibilities while you’re gone!

You don't want to find out months later that someone has an undocumented worker in their house or that person knows too much about your business.

Know your residence address

k-1 visa interview checklist

It is very important to know your visa interview destination ahead of time. Many times, people are confused as to where their appointment is or how to get there since it can be anywhere in the world!

Some countries will require you to meet them at an embassy or consulate, while others may have it listed as a business meeting or VISA COMMISSIONER’s MEETING. Make sure you are prepared for either situation!

Be familiar with the area surrounding the location of the interview if it is outside, as well as any transportation routes that could affect your trip home.

Bring documentation

k-1 visa interview checklist

If you have a visa, like a B2 or M visitor visa, you do not need to go through an in-person interview for this visit. You will simply meet with a US consulate official after your tour and they can verify that you are still living in Canada and traveling within North America.

If you do plan to stay in the United States longer than three months, then you must prepare for your K-1 nonimmigrant visa interview!

You should make sure to check out before arriving at your destination if there is any discussion of marriage or adoption. The US Embassy will ask about these things so be prepared with proof!

Another thing to look out for is whether there is talk of employment. They will want to see documents proving that you work as well as a job offer.

Meet with the consular officer

k-1 visa interview checklist

After you have completed all of your documents, met with the visa officers, and are sure that you have nothing left to do, it is time to head out for your appointment!

Make sure to check in at least two hours before your meeting so that you can relax and refresh ahead of the meeting. You should also bring along some form of business or personal documentation to help ease any nervousness.

It is best to dress casually and make sure your hair and face are done properly. If possible, we recommend wearing comfortable shoes as well. Try not to overdo it with jewelry, just because you feel like it.

Dress the part

k-1 visa interview checklist

After you have gathered all of your documents, made sure your hair is done, and packed properly, then it’s time to dress for the interview! If you are wearing workout clothes or casual attire, make sure they are nice but not too flashy. Try having some fun with it though, this is a chance to show off what you have been working on.

If possible, try matching the shirt to match the color scheme of the visa office so that it doesn’t look like you just rolled out of bed. Also, keep things simple — no jewelry other than a watch, and maybe little blush if you feel confident in your skin tone.

Last, take a few minutes to yourself before heading there to relax and calm down. You will probably be nervous being in an unfamiliar place, meeting new people, and talking about your life back home, so don’t overdo it. Being well prepared helps us feel more relaxed and connected to the situation.

Be familiar with the embassy or consulate

k-1 visa interview checklist

Before you arrive for your interview, make sure you are fully prepared! This includes having all of your documents in order, knowing what services the visa agency offers, and being able to describe your career goal and why it is a good fit.

Make sure to check out the embassies’s websites to see if there are any additional applications that must be completed before coming to visit. Some require you to apply online months ahead of time, so look into those as well!

And don’t forget to bring an extra copy of each document just in case something gets lost during the process.