Jojo Siwa's Rise To Fame

By Tiara

A few years back, TV viewers probably didn’t know who JoJo Siwa was. Now she has her own show!

Her new series is called “I’m Too Sexy” and it features her as both comedian and rapper. She takes off her shirt for every episode and proves that she does not have to wear a dress to get attention.

But before all of that happened, she made an appearance in a movie you may or may not remember. It was titled ‘The Fast and The Furious’ and it featured some pretty major celebrity cameos.

A couple of months ago, she revealed what it took to make it into the movie. And now she shares her story with us once again! So let's dive right in.

Brief history

Siwan grew up in South Florida. Her family moved around a lot so she never really felt like he belonged anywhere long term. This could be due to her parents being very busy or because they would move too frequently for their children's education.

She attended several different high schools throughout this time frame and received good grades. But she always struggled with finding other people her age she connected with.

It wasn't just limited to school friends either - her extended circle usually consisted of adults. This can sometimes feel frustrating when you want to connect with others your own age.

Notable guests

While some may consider her to be more of an eye-catching style, she actually does quite well with clothes. Many people know her for not only her fashion choices, but also her constant gushing about clothing brands on her YouTube channel.

She has hosted giveaways for almost every major retailer, including Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Amazon, Target, and even Walmart! She always gives away several items from each collection, making it seem like she is paid by the company for advertising for them.

Her style seems to evolve depending on what new fashions she is trying out as layering or deconstructing them. When she does layer dresses though, they are usually very short and/or tight. A lot of her videos feature her in a long black dress which is then paired with high heeled boots.

Her favorite brands include Coach, Givenchy, Valentino, and Burberry because of their quality material and classic styles.