J Visa Processing Time

By Tiara

Recent developments with respect to work visa processing times has many employers concerned. Many multinational corporations (MNCs) have made significant investments in their US operations, only for them to be put at risk due to lengthy visa process times.

Many large companies rely heavily on international staffing to help meet employee demand, particularly during peak business seasons like the holiday season or when new projects begin. When these deadlines pass, it can pose an enormous challenge to keep up momentum and morale.

It is important to note that not all countries require visas for employment, only some do. Unfortunately, there are over 80 country categories under which workers must prove they will remain in the United States for less than one year, two years, or longer. This makes ensuring proper VISA certification very difficult.

While most nationalities are ableed to apply for the B1/B2 Visas within 30 days of arrival, other visas take much longer. The average time needed for E3, L-1, TN, O-1, H-1B, and even PERM applications is around eight months! That’s over half a year spent waiting for what should be a simple document check.

How can I get a J visa?

j visa processing time

Finding out if you are eligible for a work visa is your first step in applying to come to the United States as an immigrant. You will need to prove that you have enough money to stay here, that you have a place to live, and that you will have a job once you arrive.

It’s very important to start this process early as it takes time. To apply for a work visa, you must already be authorized to enter the U.S., which means having a non-immigrant visitor or student visa. This could be through another country where you are currently living or via travel visas from other countries.

The second part of getting a Work Permit (J) is filing paperwork with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). There are two main agencies that handle these applications – USCIS and ICE. Both require you to supply them with documents proving your identity, proof of employment, and medical checkups.

How long does it take to process a J visa?

j visa processing time

This is one of the most confusing things for people when they are first introduced to the immigration system. What time frame do they mean when referring to ‘processing’ a new non-immigrant (J) visa?

Some say it takes two days, some three weeks and others even up to six months! There is no standard definition or processing time so you have to figure out what each person means by that term.

There are several different stages involved in applying for a new visa. These include gathering documents, making sure everything matches our records, checking if there are any sanctions against the applicant, verifying employment and income, and then finally submitting all these documents and materials into the appropriate body.

Am I eligible to work while my J visa is being processed?

j visa processing time

As mentioned before, working while your VISA status is pending can be done if you are authorized to work in the country where you reside. If this is not the case, then don’t do it!

It is very important that you understand what kind of permission you have to work when you live outside of your home country. For example, if you are living in Canada as of now and there is no authorization to work here, then don’t apply for employment in America until you get that approval.

The same goes for getting an F-1 or other student visas. You cannot work while studying so make sure to let people know that you will be attending classes during those times.

What are my options if I want to stay longer than my visa allows?

j visa processing time

There is nothing legally you can do when your visit ends before the end of your visa. You could try to apply for an extension at a later date, but this must be done within a set amount of time! Most countries have a 30 day grace period after their visas expire where you can reapply for permission to enter. Some even offer a second year of entry permissions!

If you need to return home during that time, you may be able to extend your flight or train ticket.

Can I get a work visa after I have a J visa?

j visa processing time

Being able to stay in Australia as a tourist or business visitor has always been dependent upon having an appropriate visa. If you overstay your visa, then you will be fined and/or arrested!

Visas that are given typically last three months with some exceptions. Three month visas can sometimes be extended for one more month at a time, but it is not guaranteed. In fact, there is no guarantee of this anywhere in the world.

Most countries do not give much hope for people who arrive with only a short-term visa. They make it very difficult to extend a visa beyond its allotted timeframe unless you have proof that you will leave soon. This makes it very hard if you want to live and work in their country longer than planned.

Fortunately, most Western nations treat tourists and business visitors the same when it comes to renewing a VISA. You must prove that you will depart within a set period of time to obtain a new visa. More often than not, this is two weeks so that you know what to expect.

In Canada, they even go as far as giving you a week to prepare for your return trip home which is quite generous. It seems like they want you to enjoy the city while you’re here!

Australia is similar to Canada in this way. You have a fixed amount of time to say goodbye before needing a new visa.

What if I have a criminal record?

j visa processing time

If you have committed a crime that has been reported to us, it will be treated as an offence for which you can be prosecuted and therefore we will need proof of conviction before granting you with a visa. This process can take some time depending on how long it takes your country to report the conviction to us.

We cannot grant you a visa until this is done so please do not apply for one while these steps are underway! Please note, our system does not update automatically. You will need to check back here periodically to see whether your application has been processed.

Your documents must show the existence of a court case (a judgment) along with your name and date of birth. We also require copies of official police reports or other proofs from the prosecution.

It’s important to remember that many countries classify certain types of crimes as ‘serious’. A serious offense may prevent someone being granted entry into Australia even if there was no intention to harm anyone. It could also affect the validity of your existing visas.

What if I have unpaid tax?

j visa processing time

In addition to asking about employment, travel history, and bank accounts, immigration officers will also ask about any outstanding taxes.

If you are asked about your income or taxes during an interview for a VISA, do not under estimate how important it is to know what you are being questioned about!

It could determine whether you can stay in Canada or not.

Some countries grant entry into their country to people with no visa but who have open tax cases whereas others don’t make this allowance until all debts to society have been paid off.

So, when they ask about your bills and loans, be honest! Don’t try to pretend that you haven’t heard of them because then you run the risk of getting caught out and lying which won’t help you in our goal of having you remain in Canada as a resident alien.

How can I stay in the country longer?

j visa processing time

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to speed up your departure unless you are able to depart earlier than planned. You may be able to extend your visit if you have enough time left on your visa but only at the cost of an additional 30 days in the US.

Extending your stay beyond the initial 90 days requires that you apply for an extension before your current visa expires. This can be done by visiting the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Electronic Application Center (EAC).

You will need to provide proof of identity, proof of residence, and proof of employment or business.