Is E Visa Easy To Get

By Tiara

The short answer is, it depends. It’s important to know what kind of business activity makes you eligible for an E visa so that you don’t have to spend time looking into whether or not your job qualifies!

But before we get too specific, let's first talk about why having access to immigration documents can help you succeed in the global workplace.

Many companies look at past employment records when deciding if they want to offer you an opportunity. They may also run background checks or require proof of work authorization. If you don’t have these things, it could hurt your chances of being offered employment.

It’s totally normal to be nervous about sharing personal information, but remember that this data is already out there and someone else has done research on you. Yours is just more up-to-date now!

By keeping tabs on yourself as a candidate, you are telling potential employers that you have checked all the boxes by ensuring that you're legally authorized to work in their country. You've made proving your credentials easy for them by doing this for themselves!

If you need additional documentation, go ahead and ask if there are any questions prior to making your application. Many countries will accept letters or emails confirming your status as a valid employee, but some may insist that you bring your passport with you while in their country.

How to get a visa

is e visa easy to get

The next step in getting your dream job is figuring out what kind of work permit you will need for your new country. This depends mostly on which country you are moving to, but also if you have an employment visa already or not!

If you don’t then you will firstly need to check whether or not you can do business in that country before applying for an entry level working visa. For example, if you are going to live and work in Australia as a nanny then you will most likely need to be able to work there without a visa.

However, if you are looking to work as a housekeeper somewhere else then this may not be the case. You would probably have to apply for at least a tourist visa first so that you can prove that you can support yourself while you look for workplace opportunities.

Things to consider when applying for a visa

is e visa easy to get

As mentioned earlier, most countries require a work or study VISA if you are traveling for business or for longer than just few days. This article will go into more detail about what kind of visas there are, how long you have to be in the country before you can apply, as well as some things that may affect whether you are able to stay in the country.

The important thing to remember is that no matter which type of visa you are looking to obtain, you must meet the requirements! Getting your visa denied due to an expired passport document or false information used during the application process is very expensive and difficult to recover from.

There are many ways to prepare for your trip, but being aware of the differences between short term (B1), student (F2) and working holiday (T (Overseas Work)) visas is essential.

Visa requirements

is e visa easy to get

There are five major visa types for non-EU citizens to live in the UK. These are called Indefinite Leave To Remain (ILTR), Work Visas, Student Visas, Business/Tourist Visas, and Long Term Visitations or residence permits.

The first three visas can be applied for at any British Embassy or Consulate overseas, while the last two require you to apply in the United Kingdom.

There is also what’s known as ‘Temporary Exclusion from the U.K.,’ which doesn’t give anyone living there permission to stay but they must leave within a set period of time. This can be up to one year if it’s for studying or working here.

If your passport expires before six months have passed then you will need to reapply for a new document. Check out our article about how to check whether you need an extension card.

Living with a partner

is e visa easy to get

If you are living with your significant other as part of your personal life, then it is very easy to get an E visa for them. They will need to prove that they have lived in the country for at least six months and proof of residence such as rent receipts or house deeds is enough.

They can also bring documents confirming their relationship to this country. You do not have to live together during the visa process, but it is helpful if you both are staying here longer than two years.

After the two year period has expired, it becomes more difficult to renew the stay permit so make sure you understand what restrictions apply before deciding to move forward with marriage.

Living with your parents

is e visa easy to get

If you are living with your parents in their home, or they have live-in help, it is very difficult to prove that you will be able to pay for your own apartment costs.

Proof of an income source is needed along with proof of an address. It’s also important to show how much money you expect to make once you have employment. By having these documents, proofs of income and residency, you can avoid being labeled as a fraud.

Fortunately, there are ways to prove your income before applying for the visa so that this does not occur.

There are two types of business accounts that can verify if someone has an income. Payroll services such as WageWorks keep records of employee salaries from direct deposit and/or monthly statements. These records must be verified by the IRS, but only as proof of income, not residence.

Another way to check income is through credit card statements. Most major credit cards now offer quick payment apps where you can create a pre-paid account. This app allows people to view your bank statement online and even download it as a PDF if you want.

By registering this information as a business transaction, it can be confirmed as legitimate spending. If anyone else uses your card, it may be seen as suspicious activity, however. Make sure to note which cards do not have this feature and simply use them frequently for verification.

Living with your spouse

is e visa easy to get

If you are living together, there is no need for separate documents or proof of residency if your partner is already an established resident in the country they live in. They can easily prove this by having their I-card (for example, a driver’s license) and a passport that says where they reside.

The second piece of proof would be a notarized statement saying where they lived before coming to America and signed consent papers proving they still want to remain here. This way you have two proofs of residence which makes it very difficult to deny!

There may also be tax implications depending on what state you live in and how much income you make.

Living with your children

is e visa easy to get

Another way to get an E visa is by living in the country for at least one year as a parent. Your child can be under the age of 18 during this time, but you cannot! You must submit proof that you will take care of your kid while here, such as having someone watch them part-time or all day every day.

It’s important to note that if you are not able to prove these things, then you won’t be allowed into the US even if your child has American citizenship. This could also hurt your chances of staying in America after you are already here.

The second thing to know about getting an E visa as a parent is that it takes longer than just three months. It can easily run you several months beyond that. The reason for this is so immigration can make sure that you will be there for your family when you do return.

Finding a job

is e visa easy to get

A lot of people are concerned about whether or not you can work while on an F-1 visa, so let’s talk about that! The simple answer is yes, you can work while on an F-1 visa as long as your employer agrees to sponsor you for employment.

Most employers agree to do this when they hire you. If they did not then you would need to find another job with approval from the new employer and their current one.

It is very common for students to look for jobs before graduation, which is why most universities have offices that help students connect with companies. These types of offices usually run special programs where students are paid to interview for potential positions at companies.

These types of opportunities exist for almost any field, including medical fields like doctors and dentists.