Interview Visa Questions

By Tiara

Asking about past employment is one of the most common interview questions for employers. This question can be tricky for candidates as some job titles require more formal business dress, so it’s important to be clear on what position you held and when!

Interviews that include this type of question usually start with something like “So we’d love to know how your last employer was able to promote you.” or “How have you maintained such a successful career?”

The way to answer this question is by using the same method as our article on why asking personal questions is a bad idea. Simply put, don’t say anything unless you are sure you want to tell the truth!

By giving an honest response to these questions, you run the risk of being perceived as someone who doesn’t take responsibility for their actions or can’t come up with reasons why they were promoted. These types of answers will also scare away potential future employers because chances are they didn’t succeed without taking accountability and having strong leadership qualities.

If you do decide to respond to this question, go into great detail about what you did to earn your promotion and what skills you developed while working at the previous company. If possible, back up your responses with hard proof such as documents, emails, and testimonials.

What are my options for a visa?

interview visa questions

Finding out more information about your potential employer can help you determine if this is a good fit or not. You should also look into whether they have enough money to pay their bills while here, and what kind of employment benefits they offer.

If you receive an invitation from them to come visit, then that’s a great start! If however, you are asked to apply for work before coming to the United States, that’s definitely a red flag. We cannot advise against visiting someone else’s workplace, but it could be a very bad experience.

It’s best to do your research online first to see if there are any complaints with how this company operates. There may be, so do your due diligence ahead of time. It’s better to know now than when you arrive in America.

How can I become a citizen of a country?

interview visa questions

Being a foreign national living in America is not easy. You must be familiar with your status, where you are allowed to live, and what documents prove who you are. It gets even more complicated if you want to stay or leave!

Most countries have a process for foreigners to apply for citizenship. This is often referred to as naturalization. Even though it may sound boring and long, there are ways to help you through this process quickly. And once you are a citizen, life changes drastically.

You now have all of the same rights and privileges that citizens do. Your home becomes their home, they pay taxes, and you get health coverage.

There are many ways to gain US Citizenship. The easiest way is to marry an American for at least one year. After one year has passed, then you both need to file for marriage. After two years have passed, you can start the application process for citizenship.

But before starting that process, make sure you are completely off track criminal records and debts. Also, make sure you don’t owe back child support or tax liabilities in the United States.

What are my chances of being approved for a visa?

interview visa questions

Having a strong job offer is one of the biggest factors in getting your visa sorted! As mentioned before, having enough money to support yourself while you’re in Australia will help ensure that you don’t have to work outside of normal hours or spend extra money on accommodation and transportation costs.

If you do need to find employment soon after arriving, there are many ways to get started. The community here at Expat Living can be a powerful source of information and tips for finding jobs, as we've seen with several of our recent interviews.

The things that matter most when looking for employment include demonstrating that you're willing to learn new skills, showing an interest in learning more about the company, and putting effort into personalizing your experience.

Am I eligible to apply for a visa?

interview visa questions

Being able to prove your identity and proof of residence are two important things when it comes to applying for a visa. It is best to make sure you have all of your documents in order, as well as understanding what kind of documentation will be accepted by the consulate or embassy.

It’s also worth noting that not every country requires a visa for entry; some only ask for proof of residency and/or employment. So, if you’re looking to visit a few countries, this isn’t too much of an issue. However, if you want to explore more abroad, then proving your identity and having the right type of visas can sometimes get tricky!

We hope you enjoyed this article about how to prepare for visa interviews. If you did, give one of our experts a high rating over at VISAEXAMHQ.COM and let us know what sort of help you need! We’d love to tell you more about getting into international schools here.

What are my options for a destination?

The next level of question that many employers will ask is what countries you want to visit while on a business trip. It’s totally acceptable to say, “I would like to spend time in X because it looks beautiful,” or “I have always wanted to go to Y so I was planning on doing some research before setting off on a tour there,” or something along those lines.

That’s totally normal! If your goal is to grow your career, then admitting this type of thing about yourself is okay. Plus, a lot of people enjoy traveling so much that they can easily be inspired by whatever country they choose to visit.

If your goal is to simply relax after a hard week at work, you probably do not need to worry too much about this. Just make sure your potential employer does not get the impression that you are very stressed out and seeking relaxation.

What are my options for a job?

interview visa questions

Being able to show that you have a good employment history is one of your greatest assets as an applicant. Even if you’re currently unemployed, you can still include past jobs in your application!

It’s very common for employers to run background checks before offering a position to someone. So even if you aren’t working at the moment, it won’t hurt your chances if you talk about your past experiences.

Make sure to be honest but don’t go into too much detail or things may come back to haunt you later. For example, if you were fired for theft, don’t mention the reason for your dismissal.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some positions require more than just a casual work visa. For instance, health professionals need to prove they have adequate professional qualifications and expirence. If you’ve got those, then start creating a profile now!

Lastly, remember that most companies will ask at least two references when hiring so make sure to get their names and numbers ready early.

What is a B-1 visa?

interview visa questions

A business traveler’s visa is usually referred to as a B-1 visa. This type of visa allows you to visit for one organized business trip or conference, with a return flight home after your meeting.

Business travelers use a B-1 visa when they need to spend some time in America while supporting their company at an international event. For example, if a company hosts its annual sales meeting in the United States, a representative could have a personal affair that forces them to stay longer than expected.

They would apply for a B-1 visa so that they do not have to pay expensive airfare back home. Most employers also offer professional development opportunities suchas meetingswith representativesof theircompany. These experiences are important forthe employee’sto help promotetheir career.

What is a B-2 visa?

interview visa questions

A nonimmigrant business or tourist visit to the United States is not permitted for longer than 90 days. Therefore, you must have a return ticket and confirmation that you will be leaving within that time frame. If this is the case, then you are eligible for a short term visitor’s visa – the B-2 visa.

A B-2 visa allows you to enter America with only your passport and one other piece of documentation (proof of residence like a lease or proof of job). You can stay in America for up to two months, at which point you need to make arrangements to leave or apply for another visa. This second visa can be either a B or M visa.

If your plans last more than two months, then you should consider an F1 student visa instead. That way you do not need to prove employment outside of the country nor does it require traveling back home before coming here.