Instagram Pages That Promote Music

By Tiara Ogabang

What are the different Instagram pages that promote music?

Just as there are many different music blogs, there are many different Instagram accounts that sell music. There are a few basic considerations to take into account when looking to increase your following. Below are a few of the major ones:

Are you unique? If you're an established artist, chances are that you've got the "been there, done that" status among music listeners. By that, I mean that you're already known and "known" isn't a good thing.

Do you make what people want? Often, the music industry is viewed as a traditional industry. Artists create a lot of content for social media, but no one will pay for it unless people enjoy it. Your music needs to appeal to the people who listen to it and it needs to be of high quality.

Do you have "likes" under you? If your Instagram account isn't filled with people willing to give you a like (that's the actual term for a like on an Instagram post) or give your content a thumbs-up, that's a sign you've got a problem.

1. Unlimited Voices

Unlimited Voices

@unlimited.voices is the #1 radio station on Instagram, as per analytics.

To post to the page you must be a creator, though you can link to your videos.

You can include a cover of your track, an album photo, and a link to download it.

Hit 'promote post', and you’ll be redirected to the page, where you can type in a custom message.

The post is shown to all your followers, and gets the best exposure for your video.

2. Underdog Acoustic

Underdog Acoustic

Music lovers who love to discover new music love @underdogacoustic

The page, founded by Jane Mee, curates the most popular and 'now' songs in the UK.

They feature them in the following categories: acoustic, singer songwriter, folk, country, and more!

3. Brilliant Musicians

Brilliant Musicians site gives you full details about all the artists featured on the page. You can find out when they released their latest songs, and how many times they've been listened to.

All the lyrics are translated in the 'translations' section, and you can also find exclusive merchandise available only on the page.

You can enter the keywords you want to show on the site, and the site will do the rest. This will be much more effective for countries with different languages, such as German and Spanish.

4. Musical Nation

The Musical Nation page curates a selection of new and up-and-coming artists.

You can upload your own tracks, and this is integrated into the site, as you can find out when they're uploaded.

You can access the next page by clicking the 'next' button on the top right.

The page also features weekly news on trending artists.

To post to the page, you just need to enter your name in the 'members' section, and the page will start to work.

5. Musicians Showcase

Musicians Showcase

Musicians Showcase features artists that are exciting, and offer you the opportunity to discover new and upcoming artists.

You can find out when new tracks are added, and see more info about the artist.

You can access all the songs from the current release page, as well as the most popular singles in the country.

To share your music on the page, you just need to copy the link to your social media, and paste it into the 'share button'.

6. High On Guitar

With their Instagram page, #trends are created from there on out.

The High On Guitar #trends channel was created in February 2016. It was their first successful social media strategy, promoting Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Schoolboy Q, and Jay Rock. In December 2016, they also launched their #TopBandplay initiative.

They were joined by other artist management company Creative Artists Agency (CAA) in creating this campaign. The objective of Top Bandplay is to create better opportunities for unsigned bands to be able to tour, for both the artists and the fans. Over 10 years of doing this, the TDE #trends campaign has gained momentum.

High On Guitar social media strategies are nothing short of excellent. The TDE #trends have a following of over 547,000 and have contributed a lot to the growth of the TDE #trends account. The account has also gained notice of famous brands such as JAY Z, Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola, Apple, Samsung, Nike, Adidas, Vans, Sketchers, Blue Goose, and more.

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