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Promo Panda is a PR application specializing in securing press that helps bolster O-1, EB-1, EB-2, and P-3 visa applications. 
Let us demonstrate your clients' extraordinary abilities

We work with some of the best attorneys in the world

  • Becki Young

    Grossman Hammond & Young

  • Dan Berger

    Curran, Berger, and Kludt

  • Pia Dyquiangco

    The Lewis Law Group

We've worked with hundreds of clients.

Here's what a few of them had to say about our service!
“As one of Promo Panda's first clients, it was a real pleasure getting to know the team and receive their help!”
– Ester N. (South Korea)
“I can’t thank the Promo Panda team enough for their work getting me press, I know it played a huge role in the approval of my visa.”
– Vinicius B. (Brazil)
“Thank you all again for helping me secure coverage about me and my work! I recently found out I got approved for O-1B. Communication was excellent! I’m grateful for your dedication, thank you so much!”
– Aisyah Z. (Brunei)
“I GOT THE VISA!! Thanks for all your help and support. I’ll keep spreading the word about Promo Panda!”
– Pietro M. (Italy)

Are you an Immigration Attorney trying to help get your clients press for a visa?

Promo panda is your personal publicist — all in an app. 
Together with Echo Park Marketing we've helped secure press for over 400+ visa applicants!
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We can help get your clients coverage.

Articles we secure help demonstrate the ways in which your presence is beneficial to the USA.
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Get the right coverage for your client's needs

Build and manage completely custom PR campaigns, all from an app.
Press quotes, interviews and feature articles are tools that shine a light on your extraordinary abilities.
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You only pay for published content

Vague, unfulfilled promises from PR and marketing firms are a thing of the past.
Our articles don't just help demonstrate extraordinary ability, either. They help your online visibility as a whole.
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Build and manage completely custom PR campaigns, all from an app.
Pushing your upcoming album release? We can do that. Want to spread the word about your philosophy as an artist? We can do that too.

You only pay for published coverage

Vague, unfulfilled promises from music marketers are a thing of the past.
We guarantee that your music will be written about, every time.

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Your personal publicist, all in an app.
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