I Used To Be Famous

By Tiara

As you read this, there are two things that can happen. You may feel so overwhelmed with all of the changes that come along with having famous children that you want to give up. Or, you may be inspired by these experiences and learn how to manage your child’s media exposure or work towards becoming famous yourself!

The first thing to remember is that being famous isn’t necessarily better than not being famous. It’s just different.

Being rich is pretty great, but it has its downsides too — for example, people often go into debt when they become wealthy. And unfortunately, some very wealthy individuals contribute to inequality by investing in companies that do harmful things (like pollute) or in products that promote excessive spending (think: “wealthy” homes made out of plastic).

It’s like being able to eat whatever you want – unless you don’t have enough money to buy food, then you’re probably going to end up with health problems.

I know from experience -- as a kid who was surrounded by lots of wealth, I had some difficult times learning about social justice and helping others. Sometimes I wouldn't see the need to put my own needs aside because someone else wasn’t yet ready to do that.

I became famous when I was a teenager

As a kid, I never really felt like I belonged anywhere. I can’t remember a time when I ever had more than a few friends. It took me years to realize that my introverted personality made it difficult for people to connect with me.

I eventually learned how to use my shyness as an asset instead of a liability. My low self-confidence prevented me from doing things such as going out or sharing stories about myself, but I worked hard to be comfortable in my own skin.

By the time I entered high school, I’d made some efforts to broaden my social circle, so I didn’t feel totally isolated. But there were times when I wished I could just disappear and let other people assume I was dead!

It wasn’t until college that I realized how much fame actually benefits you. Suddenly everyone knew your name! And not only did they know who you were, but they also wanted a piece of you – something I wouldn’t have experienced while I was still struggling with my identity.

In fact, one of my best friend’s parents went into business writing about me and getting lots of attention off my work. He paid his dues by working very hard for many years before he succeeded, and now he’s a well-known writer too.

I became famous when I started a YouTube channel

i used to be famous

As you probably know, before he died Steve Jobs was well known for his work as co-founder of Apple. He also invested in other companies such as Pixar and funded the development of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram!

But before all that, Steve did something else — he created a company called iMore. You may have heard of it if you are very into technology or listen to many podcasts.

He ran this site with his brother RJ where they would talk about technology and things related to it. This included tips and tricks, product reviews, and lots of fun games and activities.

This site grew very popular and now has over one million monthly active users who browse through around eight hundred thousand posts every month!

I read my first computer program at the age of ten, and software engineering is what got me interested in tech. After high school I began writing web content about technology and then transitioned to talking about gadgets and gizmos via YouTube.

I became famous when I sold my photos

i used to be famous

Many people start taking professional quality pictures at a young age. As children, they take many self-portraits or ones of their friends and family. These photogenic kids often get picked up by parents who then use those photographs for fun!

With technology moving faster than ever before, it is easy to share and publish your work online. With the right software, you can create your own digital photography business and make money capturing and sharing beautiful images.

I started selling my own photos back in 2006. At that time, there were very few options to sell your pictures online. Now, there are thousands!

Photographers have always made money off of their artistic talent but now, you do not need to be a talented photographer to make a living as an artist. You just need to know how to capture beauty and give good feedback to others about what you want to see.

What makes this article interesting is that here I talk about me, a successful blogger who teaches other bloggers marketing strategies and site optimization tips, but also talks about myself as a once struggling entrepreneur with no job and no income.

I became famous when I sold my books

i used to be famous

As mentioned earlier, you will need to have your own collection of books before you can become well-known for your writing. But this is not enough! You also need to actively promote your work and spread word about it.

It’s hard to get people to read your book if they don’t know what your book is or who wrote it. So how do you go about marketing yourself?

There are many ways to market yourself as an author including blogs, social media, and direct outreach. All of these take time to create so don’t expect quick results unless you're very determined.

But one of the most effective ways to gain exposure for your writing is by self-publishing. More and more authors are choosing this route over traditional publishers because it doesn't require too much investment or effort.

I became famous when I did a TV show

i used to be famous

As mentioned earlier, my career as a writer really took off after I created The Office. It’s a great way to focus in not only on your writing skills, but also learning about other industries and how they work.

After The Office, I was able to take some time off before creating another hit sitcom. My next project was called Bette Davis Defies Die, which aired for one season back in 2006.

I wrote and produced this dark comedy about an actress who has lost her job and her self-confidence. She decides to commit suicide, instead, and writes a letter explaining why she is giving up on life.

But then she meets someone new – an aspiring actor with dreams of being a big star. He helps her put her own death out of her mind and gives her the motivation she needs to keep living.

It's a cliché plot, but one that works because it is true. We're all given second chances at life, and we need to make the most of them.

So if you are feeling down or depressed, try something different. Do something you've been wanting to do for years. Call a friend you have been avoiding for weeks. Take a trip somewhere you have always wanted to go.

You will feel happier once you start doing these things, and yourself will be more likely to continue them.

I became famous because of this

i used to be famous

Many people know me for my social media accounts, but few realize how much influence I have as an artist. My channel has over 1 million followers, which is pretty crazy!

I started creating content way back in 2011. At that time, I was just sharing pictures and little notes on Instagram. Now I create different types of videos, run interactive projects, do fashion looks and reviews, and more.

My style changes depending on what type of video or project I’m doing, but it is always fun and creative. People seem to like everything I make!

This doesn't feel like work at all. It feels like playtime!

By giving myself a goal to meet every week, I'm constantly producing enough quality content to keep my audience engaged. They tell me "You don't look retired," they say, and they are right - I never really did until now.

I became famous because of the following video

i used to be famous

Many people know me for my comedy videos, but you probably don’t recognize my face or name.

That is okay!

I wanted to share some things with you that have helped me achieve success as an artist. These are things like creating good stories, being inspired by others, and believing in yourself.

So here they are – five ways to be famous even if you don’t make funny faces anymore.

I became famous because of these

i used to be famous

People love reading about success stories and hearing lessons in life from people who have lived hard lives. These are sometimes called ‘life lessons’ or ‘lessons in leadership’ or something along those lines.

So, what makes someone become famous? Why do they get popular? What qualities make them successful?

It is not necessarily their education, career, or position that makes them famous. It can be something totally different – like being rich or owning a boat.

Some people become famous for making bold statements or doing outrageous things. They use this fame to gain attention and praise.