How Zendaya Become Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, there are many ways to become famous. You can be very popular and well-known for your work or you could just get a lot of attention because of who you are connected to. A way more recent method is being done by social media sites that reward people for creating and sharing content with their platform.

All this talk about how different ways to gain internet fame sound like they're not for everyone makes me wonder what would happen if someone tried them out? What if someone did something unexpected to get noticed?

That's exactly what happened with model and actress Zena Guevara. She made an Instagram account focused only on her feet!

She got over 250k followers in less than a year

It seems crazy but it worked! And now she has her own show and website dedicated to her foot jobs and how-to videos. Her online following grew so large she even received messages asking for help buying shoes from other users watching her video.

If you were curious about how to do some of these moves yourself, you are not alone! Many others have learned how to do at least one as seen in the comments section of her YouTube channel.

In this article you will learn about the most successful ways to gain popularity via the web and why anyone could try doing any of these things to grow their audience.

She appeared in a Disney movie

how zendaya become famous

In July 2017, Zendaya made her feature film debut as Neena in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War.

Her character was not very likeable, but she received mostly positive reviews for her performance.

In fact, some people even considered her to be one of the best parts of the movie!

She got such a strong response from audiences that she was offered several other leading roles. Although she turned them down at first, she eventually accepted a role in The Greatest Showman.

That movie premiered in December of last year and has done well with both critics and audience members. It is also quite famous now!

So what made this young actress so popular?

It all started when someone noticed how beautiful she was.

Beauty is definitely an important factor in becoming famous, but there are always others that play a bigger part than that.

For example, you could have a really striking appearance, but if no one knows who you are or believes you can act, then your career will remain stagnant.

On the other hand, if people don’t think highly of you because you aren’t seen working hard, then they won’t invest in you.

Zendaya is proof of this theory. People love her for more than just her looks.

She appeared on a TV show

how zendaya become famous

While most people gain fame through music or film, there are some who find success in other areas. An area that has always been popular is fashion. People seem to enjoy studying new looks and styles from runway shows and famous designers.

Zendya is one of these people! She designed her own look and then marketed it herself. When she was 18 years old, Zendaya created an outfit inspired by another dress. This outfit took off as she spread photos of it across social media sites.

Her style quickly became recognizable and many people copied it. Now, she designs clothing for several brands including Amazon and Target.

She also frequently shares pictures of her design process and studies new materials and techniques. Her followers watch her wardrobe transformations with interest and have made her collection very popular.

Her personal brand has paid off as she makes lots of money doing things like appearing at award ceremonies and hosting YouTube videos. These appearances increase her follower base which helps promote her business even more.

She released a song

how zendaya become famous

“ZNMD”, as it was called, is an ear-catching track that features lyrics about how she has wasted her life chasing after what people think of you.

The music video for the song follows suit with this theme as it shows Zendaya trying to fit into different cultures by wearing various costumes and getting involved in weird scenes.

At one point she puts on some sort of face paint and dances around while smoking something out of a pipe. It does not look like marijuana but could be considered fake tobacco at least.

After receiving mixed reactions to her performance, she decides to go back home where everything seems familiar. She gets into his car and they have sex.

She later finds out he only wanted to kiss her and nothing more. This makes her feel very uncomfortable and empty so she leaves him without saying goodbye or asking for his name.

This doesn't seem like the ideal ending to a romantic night but it made enough of an impact to make many people talking. Many fans and critics believe she got famous too quickly due to this clip.

She started a YouTube channel

After graduating high school, you next start looking for your next career! While some people choose to go into teaching or business, others decide to try their luck in the entertainment industry. Fortunately, there are many ways to become famous without having to be an aspiring actor or actress!

One way most people know about is being YouTubers. What a YouTuber is depends on what genre of video content they make. For example, if they create fashion videos, then they’re a fashion blogger. If they make cooking videos, then they’re a food blogger. If they talk about things that happen every day, then they’re someone who makes daily living tips videos.

Zoe Brodie was one such person before she made her transition from being a student to a working professional. Her passion was making beauty looks using makeup products so she created a YouTube channel called MakeupVlogsBy.

She grew her audience through posting reviews and demonstrations of all types of brands and products.

She traveled to Asia

how zendaya become famous

After high school, she went to study fashion in France before moving onto Italy for more studies. While there, she got into some popular modeling groups that require you to be able to speak Italian!

Zena then returned home to America and started looking for work as an online model. But it was not easy — most people start with social media sites like Instagram or YouTube to find jobs.

She needed something different so she decided to take matters into her own hands and do what many other famous YouTubers have done before — launch your own channel!

From there, she began creating content and marketing herself via various social channels. Her style is very unique – she loves incorporating Asian culture into her looks and decorations, which is why many followers and fans were receptive to her content.

Her popularity quickly took off!

Finding success
as a musician

After getting lots of positive feedback, Zena made her first music video “High” back in September 2018. Since then, she has been rapidly climbing the ladder-her song received over 200 million views within just under one year!

Now, she is known for both her music and fashion career. People are constantly praising her artistry and influence in both fields.

She began doing fashion shows

how zendaya become famous

Before she was famous, Zendaya did not have too many followers. But now that she is well-known, her fan base has grown rapidly!

She started doing fashion show in front of large crowds. These fashion shows were usually for an event or to promote a new product. They are also called runway shows as they resemble a run way.

These events are quite popular and most people watch them online or via TV. People also attend these events in person to see the designs she creates.

Her unique style has made her very recognizable. Many know who she is just from looking at pictures and videos of her. She does not shy away from showing her fun side either!

She always puts her own personal touch into everything she makes so it feels authentic. Her favorite clothing brands are often printed with catchy sayings and illustrations which help spread their name.

She did a commercial

how zendaya become famous

After filming her first major commercial, Zendaya was flooded with offers! Companies wanted to use her famous face for their product or service. Since she is such a well-known celebrity, people watch her videos and see how popular she is so they want to be like that too.

Her success comes from her hard work and dedication to her career. Although she may not always feel passionate about doing an advertising job, she does it because she knows it will help her grow as a person and artist.

She has also spoken openly about how much money she makes due to the large amount of exposure her advertisements get. Her income fluctuates depending on what show she is working on at any given time, but she has said she can afford to live a good life off her earnings.

She signed a contract with a brand

how zendaya become famous

While most people start off with an idea or a vision, it is the hard work in between that really helps you become famous!

It’s not just about having the desire to be popular, it’s being willing to put in the effort into developing your image and branding yourself consistently that will make you popular.

By investing time in your career, you’ll find more success eventually. This could mean launching your own business, working for a company, or just keeping up with the trends in your field.

Zendaya is a perfect example of this. Starting as a singer with little recognition, she made herself through her efforts. By recording songs she wrote and produced herself, editing them, finding other writers, and collaborating with other artists, she built her music and name.