How Zendaya became Famous

By Tiara

Before we dive in, let’s talk about how Zendaya became famous. It wasn’t because of her looks or talent as a singer, dancer, and actress. It was due to her knack for marketing herself. She mastered the art of branding and self-promotion by creating an online presence that cultivates interest in you.

Zendaya is always sharing her life on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. She doesn’t keep it private anymore! Her followers grow along with hers because she consistently puts quality content up. People are drawn into her space to see what she has going on at the moment and to learn from her lifestyle.

She also doesn’t shy away from being candid and revealing when it comes to personal matters. This sets her apart from other celebrities who may put more effort into appearing perfect all the time.

You will find lots of pictures of her wearing little or no makeup and casual clothes. While some people might think this is boring or not interesting, it actually makes her look very normal and down to earth.

Her relaxed demeanor helps make her seem less intimidating or flashy. Many people can relate to her because she is just like them - human first. They admire her for that.

Appeared in a movie

As we know, being famous is totally dependent on your life outside of work! While most people’s attention span is only short, those that are able to keep themselves engaged with their field or area of expertise will always be noted and respected.

Zendaya is one such person. She made her debut as an actress when she appeared in Disney’s live action film The Little Mermaid in 2017. Since then, she has gone onto appear in several other movies including When Animals Attack!, What Happens In Vegas, Battle For The Galaxy, and A Wrinkle In Time.

Her popularity didn’t end there though. It spread across various platforms including social media where she has over 8 million followers on Instagram alone! Her large following helped her launch her own fashion line which includes clothing, jewelry, and beauty products.

She also hosts her very own podcast called The Life Is More With You Podcast where she talks about different topics like self-care, spirituality, and relationships.

Became a singer

how did zendaya become famous

Before she was famous, Zayda Rose Fernandez known professionally as Zendaya started singing at an early age. Her first performance happened when she was three years old!

She performed her first song in front of her family’s close friends and neighbors. Since then, she has never stopped performing nor recording music.

Zendaya is well-known for her rousing dance songs with catchy lyrics that have become fan favorites. She also collaborates with other artists to create new tracks.

Her debut album “Speechless” featured features from such artist as Max Martin, Cirkut, Theon Daniel, and Michael Williams. It received many positive reviews.

Since its release in July 2016, it debuted at number one on both the Billboard 200 chart and Top Dance Album Chart. This made her only the second ever dancer to do so after Travie McCoy (Clutch).

A lot of people recognize her voice but may not know who she is beyond that. But now you do! Keep reading to learn more about this talented actress, musician, and dancer.

Appeared on a TV show

how did zendaya become famous

While most people gain fame through their career achievements or media appearances, there are other ways to achieve success as a celebrity. You can make a big name for yourself by appearing on a television show!

Zendaya is one of the biggest celebrities of our time due to her popular YouTube channel. Her channel has over 1 million subscribers and she boasts about 250 thousand followers on Instagram.

Her channel features beauty and fashion tips and tricks, fitness lessons, and fun videos like “Play with Puppets” and “Best Indoor Activities”.

But what makes her channel special is that it is mostly makeup and beauty related content. Many of her videos feature us trying out new products, looking into different shades in foundations, experimenting with blush brands, and doing reviews on various products.

She also does some tutorials such as how to do your nails and fake eyelash applications. All of these are very popular things to see online now.

By having all this diversity her channel offers, she is able to cater to many types of viewers who enjoy both beauty and fashion topics. This helps her popularity grow even more.

Went to fashion shows

how did zendaya become famous

Before she was famous, Zendaya did something that very few celebrities do — she attended runway showings as an audience member. She made her appearance at the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in November as one of the show’s guests!

That’s right, Zendaya sat down with other not-quite-famous people like us and watched some pretty clothes being shown off.

Not only is this a great way for aspiring fashion designers to see their work displayed, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to watch beautiful things be oooohhhlaaaang. (I will always choose “oolllllaaaaaannnng” over “oooouuuuulllleeee” every time.)

It’s also nice to meet all those other people who are totally into lingerie and/or have a dead body they want to dress up in lots of white clothing.

Became a model

how did zendaya become famous

As we know, being famous is definitely not easy. It takes work and dedication to become well known. For some people, it seems like their entire lives are spent trying to get that perfect shot!

For you, your goal may be to become rich so you can enjoy your life, but there’s a big difference between becoming wealthy and staying rich.

Staying rich means keeping yourself focused on what matters in this world, and avoiding things that don’t. You will want to keep yourself at a healthy level of income, but you won’t obsess over it.

I think one of the biggest reasons why many people lose touch with what really makes them happy is because they spend too much time thinking about how much money they have.

It’s totally natural to feel stressed out when your bank account is down, but if you were never truly invested in the first place then what reason would you have to stress?

This article will talk more about some ways you can use your career to make an impact and stay motivated.

Won a Nickelodeon award

how did zendaya become famous

In early 2018, Zendaya won an MTV VMA Award for Best Performance in A Music Video! Her music video was for her song “Boom Boom Pow” featuring The Black Panda.

The music video is set at a house party where people are dancing and having fun. As the song transitions into its second verse, there is suddenly a flashing light coming from outside.

Everyone runs to find out what it is while some stay behind to watch the show. When they turn around, everyone has disappeared except for one person — you see that someone had left through a window.

It seems as though this individual just wanted to make a scene and draw attention away from their own. They enjoyed causing chaos for other people.

After realizing no one else was going to stop them, they decided to take off themselves by jumping off of the roof. Unfortunately, they hurt themselves and died due to the impact.

Many fans expressed how much they loved watching the music video and listening to the song because of the death. Some even said that it made them think about their lives and happiness.

Collaborated with designers

how did zendaya become famous

As mentioned earlier, being famous is never easy. It takes work and constant exposure to survive as an artist. Creating your own style and incorporating it into other designs or artists’ styles is a way to get noticed.

Zendaya is one of those artists who has always incorporated her personal style into others’. She studies fashion very closely and finds inspiration from everywhere — which includes not just runway looks but also casual outfits and costumes she sees in the world around her.

Her look may be inspired by something she saw somewhere else, but she adds her own unique touches that make it her own. For example, her leather jacket was bought new, but she added some cool patterns onto it and made it her own.

She sometimes trims down used pieces and mixes them together to create new clothes.

Started her own brand

how did zendaya become famous

After leaving Disney at the end of 2016, actress and singer Zendaya launched her own line of beauty products in February 2017. The self-titled skincare and makeup collection is called Zoë, which was inspired by her middle name Zoe.

Zoé is also the French word for “enviable” or “celebrated,” making it seem like an appropriate first initial for someone who has been praised for their looks.

The 24-year-old spoke about how she got into the business in an interview with Business Insider in May. She said that she always loved experimenting with different shades of lip colors and wanted to launch my own product so she did!

Her new range includes concealers, foundations, eye shadows, bronzers, and blush packs all under the Zoë label.