How Zayn Malik Got Famous

By Tiara

As seen with The Undertaker, there’s always a person who breaks out of the pack in any large group. This individual is usually very well-known for their charisma or talent before reaching that breaking point.

With his famous mustache and infectious smile, it was easy to see that Zayne Malick had what it took to be famous. He consistently put effort into showing how much he cared about you as a person which only helps your feelings towards him grow.

His ability to connect with people made him popular, but his singing talent also helped make him famous.

He has been featured on TV shows such as The X Factor and The Voice where he proved himself to be quite talented. His songs have received great reviews from music critics, making him more known than ever!

If you were looking to learn more information about this rising star, look no further than YouTube. You can find almost anything you want to know by searching his name and “tutorial.

Became a YouTube star

how zayn malik got famous

Before he was famous, Zayn Malik was just like anyone else your would meet in the average city of London. He went to college, got a degree, found his career, and life rolled from there. However, things changed when he made an unexpected decision.

He left his job as a bank manager to become full-time musician. This didn’t happen overnight but it did take off until he landed where he is now – one of the biggest music stars around.

Now that we have mentioned some key parts of his story, let us look at how he became so popular online!

Zayne Malik began posting videos on YouTube back in 2010. At this time, he only had about 100 followers on his channel. Since then, his fan base has grown massively.

Since then, he has gathered over 15 million subscribers and almost 5 billion views across all his channels!

Not only does he have lots of fans, but he also makes a lot of money doing what he loves. According to him, his income has doubled since starting out on YouTube.

Overall, he earns around £5–10k per month (around $6,700-$14,000 USD) depending on the tour he is running at the moment!

These are great numbers for someone who started off barely knowning people outside their own community.

Made a music video

how zayn malik got famous

Back in September 2016, Zayn made his debut as a solo artist with an unexpected new track called I Don’t Want To Be Without You. He released it just before Christmas to much praise from fans and media outlets alike.

Since then, he has consistently put out more tracks such as What Happened Yesterday, Angel, and Way Up which have garnered even bigger reactions!

What makes him special is that not only does he write his own songs, but he also performs them himself! Many of his songs feature lyrics that relate to social justice issues or how love can sometimes feel like a struggle.

He writes about broken hearts and loves that don’t work out, and how you will always be remembered. These are things we all go through at some stage in our lives, so his audience feels they ‘get’ him.

Zayne’s rise to fame was definitely not easy however. It took lots of work and dedication for him to get here, and he never gave up hope that he would one day break into the spotlight as a musician.

He is well respected within the music industry and is known for being friendly and approachable to other artists and professionals.

Became a singer

how zayn malik got famous

After leaving The X Factor as one of its most popular contestants, his singing career took off! He is now known for being a powerful vocalist with incredible vocals and an impressive music repertoire.

He has sung everything from Ariana Grande songs to Beyoncé’s hit track “Ring On My Bell.”

His best-known song is probably “Pretending We Are Not Related,” which he performed at the 2018 Met Gala. In it, he calls out all the annoying relatives that you have constantly to put up with.

By performing this song at the gala, he drew attention to himself and his talent. Since then, many people have mentioned how much they love his music and what a great performer he is.

Became a famous Muslim

how zayn malik got famous

As mentioned before, his rise to fame was definitely not easy. He had to go through many struggles and lessons in order to be where he is today.

He had to learn how to manage his media presence and exposure levels. He also needed to figure out what kind of messages would be the most effective for his audience.

By using his own personal experiences and beliefs as a basis, he was able to create an even bigger fan base.

His mission was to use his faith as a tool to help others find inner peace and happiness. This inspired many people to do just that.

He’s always wanted to serve others and make their lives better so this made sense. Many people have benefited from his teachings including myself!

I will add my story here – I learned how to control my anger and frustration by looking into his religion. It helped me understand why he does some things and how he got to where he is now.

This article can be read with ease by anyone who wants to know more about him and his career path. There are no too high or low comprehension levels when it comes to this material.

Was in a relationship with Gigi Hadid

how zayn malik got famous

After breaking up with his longtime girlfriend, Taylor Swift, back in May 2017, Zayn spent most of his time out and about promoting his new album, “Pascal”. He was constantly seen hanging around with various A-listers like Katy Perry, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Camille Karmel, and Gigli Hadid!

He dated model/singer/dancer Gigli for nearly two years before calling it quits earlier this year. The pair frequently shared snaps and videos together on social media showing off their adorable friendship.

After he broke up with her, she opened up about how much his career influenced him as an artist and person. She said that he helped you gain confidence in yourself by believing in your talent even when others don’t.

She also mentioned how motivating it was to be surrounded by people who loved and believed in you, which made you want to keep proving them right.

Became a Twitter beef

how zayn malik got famous

After quitting The X Factor as one of its judges in 2015, British singer and musician Zayn left his position with the show empty-handed. However, he did not leave without leaving a strong impression on everyone who met him.

He is famous for being charismatic and outspoken, making it hard to keep up with whether you agreed with his decisions or not.

His outspoken nature made it easy to gain attention and grow his fan base, which has now surpassed 30 million followers!

But what many people don’t know about ZayN is that he started building an audience years before he even stepped foot into The X Factor stage. He perfected his social media presence early on, developing his personal style and flair for storytelling.

Made a comeback

After leaving The X Factor as one of its finalists, his career returned in a major way. He formed a band with Niall Horan, who at that time was still paired up with The One Direction.

The duo is now known as Pronnity. They released their first song “Better Than You” in May 2016 and it quickly climbed the charts.

It peaked at number two on the Billboard Charts and stayed there for three weeks! It also hit the top ten in over twenty countries around the world. Since then, they have continued to release more music including collaborations with other artists.

He has also launched his own clothing collection and starred in several TV shows since he re-launched his acting career.

Quit music

how zayn malik got famous

Before his big break, he quit music altogether to pursue another career. You may have heard of him now!

Zayn was born in Safi, Morocco as Zainab Hashem. When she was 9 years old, her family moved to England where she grew up with two brothers. She started singing at age 5 and learned how to play guitar when she was 10.

She took some lessons but never really pursued it seriously until high school, when she joined The School Talent Program (STP). There she met other talented musicians who inspired her to keep practicing and singing.

After graduating from college, she decided to take a gap year before deciding what to do next. Since she enjoyed performing, she kept singing for fun. But she didn’t make much money doing it so she gave up her dream of being an artist.

It is hard to believe that just over a decade ago, this shy musician made a decision to give up something he loved. He left his job, packed his things, and moved across the world to try out something new.

He spent several months traveling around Europe while trying to figure out what to do with his life. During his travels, he visited many famous sites including Rome, Madrid, and Paris. It helped him realize he wanted to live in one of these beautiful cities.

In May 2015, he settled in London and found work as a marketing manager.