How Woah Vicky got Famous

By Tiara

A few years back, Vicky was just another YouTuber with her channel called Vlogs-To-Go. She made mostly cooking videos, creating recipes and baking snacks or eating them while she cooked along.

Her style of food photography and editing were very aesthetically pleasing and she experimented with different types of foods and modes of presentation.

She never really gained too much attention from her audience aside from comments about how beautiful her culinary creations were and some small donations to certain charities.

However, things started taking off in early 2018 when one of her followers posted an advertisement looking for people to do photoshoots with her and her new found fame quickly took over.

A couple weeks later, Vicky received her first big break after landing what would become her most popular series: ‘Best Foods’.

Since then, she has continued to grow her fan base through more advanced tutorials, in depth reviews, and her fun, charismatic personality.

She filmed a YouTube video

how did woah vicky get famous

Many people have famous, well-known kazoo playing skills, but none quite like Vicky. You may have heard of her before!

In May 2018, Vicky did something very special. While filming herself using her kazoo, she made an unexpected cameo appearance. Her song? None other than “The Wheels On The Bus” – one of the most popular songs in the United States!

Her music video has been watched over 20 million times and received widespread praise. It even won the Best Use of Kazoo Award at the International Kazzfest event in September 2019.

Vicky now makes a living as a musician and has lots of fans.

The video went viral

how did woah vicky get famous

In May of 2018, YouTube user Woah Vicky uploaded a teaser for her new song “Bae” featuring Ariana Grande. It was later revealed that the two would be collaborating on a music project called AGGIRL! which is an anagram of their first names spelled backwards.

The duo released their debut EP titled I AM BAE in August and it quickly rose to success. The album peaked at number one on both the Billboard Dance Albums Chart and the Independent Music Charts.

I AM BAE also made it onto several best of year lists and won Best Rap/Rap-Powered Song at this years MTV Europe Awards. Many see the track as a celebration of self love and being bae or girlfriend to yourself.

Vicky has said she hopes the song helps other young girls feel comfortable in their own skin and gives them inspiration to pursue what they want out of life. She even noted how important it is to have fun and enjoy yourself before everything else.

She made a podcast

how did woah vicky get famous

Over the past few years, there’s been an explosion of talk show formats across all mediums. People have made their own podcasts in every genre from sports to politics to comedy to entertainment to education.

A podcast is like a radio program with no broadcast channel. You can listen to them anywhere and use headphones or a device speaker to hear more detail.

Vicky has always loved talking about fashion so she created her own style talk show only instead of a studio audience, she invites different people into her virtual room each week to chat about trends.

Her style talk show has a very social element to it since you watch and interact with other people while listening.

She makes enough money doing this that she paid her taxes in full last year! This was before Amazon even offered its Prime membership service which costs $100 per year.

Now that she is famous, Vicky gets lots of sponsors who want to promote themselves by including her in events and offering merchandise. Many of these opportunities are free for her because she pays her bills ahead of time.

Woah Vicky got here through posting a voice-based product online but now she uses her skills to make good income so she can keep living a lifestyle she wants.

She released a book

how did woah vicky get famous

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about my friend Vicky, who is in her third season as a professional dancer on DanceMoms. You probably also heard me tell you that she has been doing some pretty cool things lately!

She launched her own dance clothing line back in January, which was so successful that she was able to hire more dancers to help keep up with demand. Her collection includes leggings, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and even yoga pants!

And earlier this week, she finally made it into The Guinness Book Of World Records for her incredible dancing abilities.

Vico and his team filmed him dancing to eight different songs simultaneously – all while wearing only underwear and a shirt! (He was allowed to add headphones for some of the tracks.)

I’m not sure how he managed to fit all of these pieces together, but when he danced off camera, he was totally nude aside from his shoes and wristbands.

The whole event took place at the Beacon House Hotel in New Jersey where he was giving an interview after the record attempt.

She did a TV show

Many people know her now for doing a popular YouTube show, but she was already famous before that!

In May of 2018, Vidyiantha “Vicky” Rao launched her own online talk show titled The Vicky Routines. It quickly became one of the most-watched comedy videos in India by anyone who watches Indian web content.

Her show follows a similar format to other shows like The Office or The Talk Show; she is talking to guests while also interacting with viewers via live chat at times.

But what makes it different is that she doesn't take herself too seriously. Her style of humor is very self-deprecating and she never hesitates to make fun of herself, her friends, or anything else that gets her upset.

She's clearly not afraid to be funny, even when things are really tough. This earned her an enormous audience all across India as well as many fans outside of the country.

She made a movie

how did woah vicky get famous

In 2017, Vicky was in for her big break as she starred in a film called What Happened Yesterday. It’s about a twenty-something girl who is struggling to find her place in life.

Her father has just died, leaving her and her mother with no money or safety net.

She also can’t seem to connect with anyone at work, and her friends are dwindling.

It's a very dramatic setting, which makes it perfect for the movie medium. The media have given people in dramatic situations the chance to demonstrate their acting skills, so Vicky got training from the best!

Her character in the movie needed some serious emotional upheaval, so Vicky invested heavily into role playing and practicing her lines.

When filming finally did begin, she knew she was prepared.

She has a social media presence

how did woah vicky get famous

People who know her have noticed a difference in her energy since she started sharing her life online. Victoria does not hold back anything – she posts pictures of herself with all levels exposed, totally nude or half-nude, casual photos of her doing yoga or taking breaks at the beach, and even candid shots of her talking about things that matter to her.

She doesn’t edit her photos, either; if you notice any “overworked” faces or blurred features, those are probably her editing some of them. Her followers enjoy seeing the real person behind the screen!

Her online persona is very authentic and raw. It's hard to tell whether it was planned like this from the beginning, but now that she cultivates it, people feel connected to her and she to them.

As she puts it, being yourself online comes with its own set of rules, ones that we make for ourselves.

She has a following

how did woah vicky get famous

As mentioned earlier, Vicky is known for her infectious laughter and sweet spirit. But she’s also famous for being very candid about her insecurities as a person and business owner.

She doesn’t shy away from sharing tough times or failures, making it hard to walk by her side during bad days!

Her unfiltered thoughts and feelings are what make her interesting to watch. While some may find this annoying at first, she creates an atmosphere of trust and confidence which have helped many people be more open with themselves and others.

Her transparency helps you connect with her as a person and gives you permission to do the same. This way you feel comfortable enough to ask how she’s feeling without fear of judgement.

It makes for great conversation and inspiration when you're looking for it.