How Were The Kardashians Famous

By Tiara

The Kardashian family is famous for being very public with their lives. They are constantly sharing pictures, videos, and stories of your average day-type activities they do.

They also frequently go to great lengths to expose themselves to media attention, which sometimes works and other times doesn’t!

It all depends on what kind of story people want to tell about them. If you look hard enough, you can find anything related to the Kardashians! It seems like there always someone talking or writing about something scandalous that one of them has done.

Many people feel inspired by the way these celebrities live their life and work to get into similar situations. Some even copy things they do in order to see if it will work for them!

Overall, the media loves to talk about the Kardashians because they know how to use publicity to their advantage. They make lots of money off of it too, so it makes sense why more and more companies seem to be creating fan merchandise and apps focused on the famiy.

Kylie Jenner

how were the kardashians famous

Born in South Africa, Kylie was only 13 years old when she moved to Canada with her family as a child. She grew up mostly in Toronto before moving around the United States for high school and college.

After attending UCLA for business administration, Kylie made her way back home to launch her career in fashion. At just 21-years-old, she launched her first line of cosmetics under the name The Kylie Skin Company.

The company exploded in popularity and has since then been adapted and copied by many other brands. Since launching her makeup collection, Kylie has also starred in several TV shows and films!

She is currently one of the most well known faces in the world and is constantly sharing heartwarming stories about herself and others.

Kim Kardashian

how were the kardashians famous

As we know, the Kardashian family is a franchise! The term “franchise” refers to an organization or business entity that gains popularity due to its marketing strategies. As such, other people create their own versions of the product or service being marketed by copying the brand and adding their own personal touches to them.

The word was first used in this way back in the early 19th century when companies would launch new products with similar branding and promotional techniques as theirs. For example, Xerox copied what Kodak did years ago by creating photocopiers.

With the rise of the internet, online media has become very popular. People make money market themselves through social media sites like Facebook and YouTube by posting videos and sharing tips and tricks via blogs. This is how the Kardashian family became famous!

Kim started her career at 17 when she got hired as a fashion designer for clothing company Millyer. She later dropped out to focus more on photography and filming beauty videos. These two things are the main components of her current career.

Since then, she has built her celebrity status from filming increasingly provocative self-shots and VLOGS (Video Blogging Sessions) that get shared across all the major social media platforms.

She also designs various merchandise range including jewelry, bags, and shoes under the label KYBEY AND RO. Both brands have been nominated for several awards and successful campaigns.

Kanye West

how were the kardashians famous

As we know, The Kardashian Empire started with Kim being picked up by life coach Kris Humphries in 2005. At that time, she had no idea what her career would become!

Kim was famous for creating an online fashion empire through her website, She also created a show following this same principle, starting off as a web series before becoming its own TV show.

The Kardashian Style became known for offering very expensive clothing pieces at affordable prices. Many of these brands have since gone on to be top sellers due to the popularity of the clothes produced by their companies.

Since then, the Kardashian’s have branched out into other areas such as television, film, and even business. Although they are now known for their fame, they still keep it casual and personal like always.

Sister Kim

how were the kardashians famous

The first member of the Kardashian clan to really break through was Kylie, or as she is known today, Kylie Jenner. You may have heard of her before now! She is more well-known for being the founder of one of the biggest self-help brands in America — Kylie Cosmetics.

Jenner began sharing pictures and videos of herself on social media back in 2010. At that time, she only had about 100,000 followers; now she has over 40 million!

Her early fame came from posting half-naked photos and baring all for your viewing pleasure. Her famous family includes eight children, so it isn't surprising that some kids watching her posts are inspired to try out their own nude selfies.

Since then, the whole family has enjoyed an extremely successful career by promoting products via their various channels and platforms. Many people know the Kardashians for their famous faces, but few realize how much money they make per hour!

The average cost of a selfie with the Kardashian sisters is $50,000 per shot. That's not including the profits they earn from selling merchandise or giving paid speeches after meeting you at their event!

The number of fans the Kards have skyrocketed since those initial nude photoshoots makes them very wealthy. All of this attention can be pretty expensive, though.

It seems like every magazine wants to do a feature story or interview with the Kardashians, which always comes with a large pay check.

Brody Jenner

how were the kardashians famous

Before there was The Kardashian, before Kim K got her famous start by modeling for Vogue and then launching her own line of clothing, there was another woman who made it into the media limelight. Her name is Brianna Westbrook.

Westbrook first appeared in TV shows back in 2010 when she starred as Amanda Wallace on the MTV series Life Is Sooo Fun! While filming an episode outside Chicago, she noticed some smoke coming from one of the buildings across the street.

She called 911 to report what she had seen and soon police and fire officials were at the scene investigating the source of the smoke. They found nothing out of order but they did find something strange though- several large canisters that contained liquid.

The next day, reporters surrounded the building and learned that the owner had been making rocket fuel with gasoline and nitric acid. He kept adding more acid until he could not contain it anymore and now he has to either put his business up for sale or get rid of all of it.

He chose the second option so people cannot buy his chemicals anymore. But what kind of person would use chemical weapons in their own backyard? That is why he must be held accountable for his actions. It is important to note that employees have reported him being very rude and aggressive towards them while they tried to help others that may have been affected by the fumes.

Brianna became well known after her attention was drawn to the burn barrels.

Kendall Jenner

how were the kardashians famous

As mentioned earlier, The Kardashian Empire began with Kim being featured in a Life & Style magazine spread about her favorite fashion brands. At that time, she had no idea what would become of this feature article.

She was just looking for an excuse to buy more clothes! Since then, The Kardashian Empire has grown into one of the most recognizable brand identities in America. Not only are they all famous for their shopping habits, but many have made significant appearances in TV shows, movies, and advertisements.

The youngest member of the family, Kylie, got her start appearing as a child star on the hit show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Now, she has her very own line which sold out within hours upon launch.

Khloe also launched her own makeup company and E! produces several of The Kardashian’s television programs. Rob started his career as The Rockerboy, now he is known for his role as Kris Humphries' boyfriend on Basketball Wives. He later starred in his own reality show called Kourtney And Khloe Take Miami where he proposed to his fiancee.

Kim is probably the biggest name among them all. Even though she has not produced any television shows or movie roles yet, she still manages to gain attention online and through her media presence.

Not only did she found her self-titled show, but she also hosted Sunday Fundays which aired for two seasons before it was canceled.

Scott Disick

how were the kardashians famous

Before there was K-pop, before there were kombinies or even makeup brands, there was The Kardashian Empire! Kim Kardiaovian, Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and of course, current member Kylie Bumchord all owe their fame to one person – Scott Disick.

Scott is arguably one of the biggest reasons why The Kardashian Empire has lasted for over a decade now. He made it possible for them to take breaks from working and focus on other things like family.

He also helped shape how they presented themselves to the public by encouraging them to be more flashy and flamboyant.

Many people consider him as part of the family even though he officially left the show back in 2017. Even after his departure, he still receives royalties for merchandise related to the show and tributes are frequent.

His legacy will always be remembered because not only did he make The Kardashian Empire famous, but he broke down barriers that exist for minorities in the entertainment industry.

Kim once said she would rather go down as “the queen of [insert popular genre]” than being known just for her looks. This proves her belief and shows her self-confidence in herself which most people don't have.

She never allowed others to define her career and that should be an example to everyone.

Kourtney Kardashian

how were the kardashians famous

As mentioned earlier, it took years for The Kim Empire to really take off. It wasn’t until 2007 that we got our first real look at what would become one of the most famous family clans in America. We met Kourtney while she was still living with her parents and Scott in Canada where he owned an ice cream business.

He sold his company not too long after their wedding so they could focus more on having kids but he never lost his love for the sweet stuff!

Kourtney always wanted children and she finally gave into that desire when she was 28-years-old. At the time, she had just turned 30 and was married to Scott for two years. They both struggled with infertility issues so they decided to try IVF on their own.

It took them nine months to get pregnant but they eventually landed a spot on VH1’s I Can’t Get Enough Of This TV show which featured celebrity couples trying to have babies.

After filming ended, Kourtney found out she was expecting twins via fertility treatments. She delivered boy number three and girl number four back in September 2008. Her sister Kendall welcomed baby number five later that year and brother Kylie has been keeping hers busy ever since.

The whole process must have made Kourtney feel very famiiy because almost immediately she launched a fashion line called Kent & Co which is now a pretty big seller.