How Were Famous Videos Made

By Tiara

Finding your voice as a filmmaker is more than just knowing how to use the medium effectively, it’s about being able to articulate what kind of movie you want to make and communicating that clearly to people who could help you make it.

It’s also about having enough self-confidence to pursue your dreams and be willing to put in work to achieve them.

Many famous filmmakers started out by making lots of low budget films and then gradually improving their skills until they were capable of producing feature length movies. It can feel very discouraging at times if you don’t see any progress happening though so it's important to have some milestones to celebrate!

The main reason why this process takes so long is because most aspiring film makers are not only shy or nervous when it comes to sharing their ideas but also lack the knowledge and resources needed to produce a quality piece.

They may even struggle to find like minded individuals with which to collaborate or discuss their projects.

That's why it is so valuable to know how professional filmmakers made it into the business and to learn from their mistakes. By studying the stories of other successful artists, you will pick up all sorts of tips and tricks for your own career.

In this article we're going to take a look at one of our favourite ways to start filming and what type of videos the most successful indie filmmakers create.

Research it

how was famous video made

Many people have made famous videos through their skills in filming, editing, and marketing them. It is very possible to make your own video collection of movies or TV shows you like and then edit them into a new movie or series!

Filmmaking is a medium in itself so picking up tricks from those that know how to do it well can be fun to try. There are many ways to pick up filmmaking tips and tricks beyond just watching films and copying what they do.

You can take classes at a college or university, watch YouTube videos, read books, talk to other filmmakers, and even visit shooting locations to get helpful information.

There are also some apps and software that can help with the production process such as Adobe Creative Suite which has Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Lightroom under its name. These programs can be expensive but are worth the cost if you want to truly advance as a filmmaker.

Plan out the content and style for your film before starting to produce it, this will give you more time to research appropriate materials and styles while preparing the rest of the film.

Make a video outline

how was famous video made

Making a movie or a TV show is not easy, nor does it come easily to most people. It takes time, effort, and lots of strategies to create your own piece of entertainment. Similarly, being famous really takes work!

In fact, there are several secrets that every aspiring filmmaker should know about how to make their film “famous”. Many of these secrets have nothing to do with technology, but instead focus on what makes audiences watch films and television shows – good storytelling.

The story you want to tell will be one of two things: an event narrative (like The Lord Of The Rings) or a character arc narrative (think Breaking Bad). Both of these stories structure themselves well, so using appropriate timing, content, and transitions, they can be adapted into any genre film.

Event narratives happen in real time, while character arcs take place over much longer periods of time. In event-based movies like The Lord Of The Rings, the audience knows what happens next because events unfold quickly.

Produce a video

how was famous video made

After creating your YouTube channel, you will need to start producing videos! The best way to get into the groove is by doing outside filming or vlogging. Take some time to learn how to use editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Premiere Pro so that you can add effects and decorations to your videos.

Making a movie is not only limited to having an idea and then trying to film it, but also includes editing and graphics. Many people begin making their own movies after learning these basic skills.

There are many ways to make money online with your camera! You could do sponsored events, run VLogs (viral logs where you give tips for products), create educational content, or even sell stock footage or copyright free pictures.

Edit your video

how was famous video made

The first step in becoming famous is editing a film or creating an event you want to watch. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most popular is filming yourself doing something you love to make your own style!

If you’re passionate about baking, bake a batch of your favorite dessert or create your signature dish. If you’re good at making funny faces, take as many pictures as possible while laughing or grimacing for length.

The more content you have, the longer people will watch your videos! People now find it very difficult to look past a minute or two of raw footage so edit yours into a few minutes of quality content.

Publish your video

how was famous video made

After you have completed all of your filming, editing, and marketing tasks, it is time to publish your video!

Make sure that you are using a good web hosting service to facilitate this process. Most people use free sites like YouTube or Google Drive, but this will not give your video the attention it deserves. A better option is an online platform that has special settings for business use. These are typically paid services, however.

Surprisingly, some free sites offer very sophisticated features that professional level hosts do not. It is important to know what software you are using and how to manipulate videos with it before publishing.

Get recognition

how was famous video made

Being famous is very difficult, which is why there are so many examples of people struggling to achieve it. It takes time, effort, and constantly reminding yourself of what has worked for others before you.

Running your own YouTube channel is one of the best ways to get started as a popular person. By creating content you will gain followers, which will motivate you to create more interesting videos.

Your followers can give you feedback about how you perform and if they see you improving their praise helps you feel motivated more.

By giving away your knowledge and creativity other people’s money can be earned, which is another way to get recognition.

By being aware of what makes other artists successful you can try doing that or something similar to succeed.

Get inspiration

how was famous video made

Believe it or not, most famous YouTube videos were made years ago! Some of these influencers have millions of followers now, so pay close attention to their work to get some tips for making your channel more popular.

A few things you can learn from these vey popular YouTubers are how they edit their videos, what types of content they puts up, and how they market themselves.

Their marketing strategies have changed as time has passed, but many people have copied them since becoming very successful in the online community.

There’s an old saying that “content is king,” which means that the better your content is, the more followers you will gain. So, by studying the ways other people make content, you can apply those concepts to create your own.

Create your own video content

how was famous video made

A few years ago, there were very few people who made their living through creating YouTube videos. Now it’s pretty common to make a decent income from making and monetizing your videos.

There are several ways to do this, but one of the most popular is producing how-to or tips videos. By adding some clever touches, you can create a totally unique video that appeals to an audience and earns you money.

You can also start filming live events and sharing them with the world via YouTubers. Or choosing fun or interesting settings and shooting time lapses for engaging visuals.

The best way to begin is by creating something you have interest in and then expanding upon it. Creating your first video may take more than just writing a short description and hitting “publish.