How Was Marilyn Monroe Famous

By Tiara

One of the most famous people in history was named Marilyn Monroe. She lived an interesting life that is well documented, particularly her career as a popular actress. But what many do not know is how she became famous in the first place.

It seems almost impossible to believe now, but at one time there were no professional film studios. Hollywood had only small informal settings where aspiring filmmakers could shoot their projects. It took years for this to change due to technology and the demand for movie making.

When you add into the mix the fact that most films are heavily marketed (using billboards, advertisements, and media coverage) it becomes clear why Marilyn made such a splash. Her beauty was unmatched and she knew how to use it to her advantage.

Her knack for promoting herself landed her several roles before she ever even picked up a camera. This gave her enough experience to eventually take control of her own acting career.

Her singing career

how was marilyn monroe famous

While many people know that she was famous for her sizzling hot body, sexy looks, and dramatic roles in films, they may not be aware of just how successful she was as a singer. She actually had several hit songs under her belt!

Monroe made her first recording at the age of 19. It consisted of two tracks that sold less than 10,000 copies each. However, it did win her some critical praise and she continued to record music.

She later recorded eight more singles with different labels, but none of them were hits. This is because her next big break came in the form of a new songwriter who helped shape her musical style.

The duo wrote “Happy Birthday” together and he asked if anyone knew any other happy or catchy songs. At this time, Monroe already had a couple songs published, so she gave him those as an example and then taught him the rest of the lyrics to his tune.

Her acting career

how was marilyn monroe famous

As we know, Marilyn Monroe made her big screen debut in The Seven Year Itch, but she did not become famous for that movie. She was already well known as a model when filmmaker Elia Kazan discovered her while scouting locations for his film A Face In The Crowd.

He asked if she knew any acting tricks and she surprised him by asking about his personal life. He hired her immediately!

Her first leading role was in Why Men Should Never Marry in which she played a housewife who rebels against her husband (played by Rod Taylor). While the plot is very thin, it allowed her to show off some of her more dramatic skills.

She received excellent reviews for her performance and won an Academy Award for Best Actress. Since then, she has starred in many acclaimed films including Some Like It Hot, Bus Stop, The Prince And The Princess, What Price Glory? and The Misfits.

While most people focus on her sex appeal, what really set her apart from other actresses is how fully invested she was in each character. This quality gave her roles depth that others don’t have.

Her TV show

how was marilyn monroe famous

In 1970, she starred in The David Frost Show as herself. On this talk show style program, she would interview famous people of the time. While her guests were mostly comedians or music artists, some bigger names were also invited to join in on the fun.

Her interviews with these celebrities were typically very casual and informal. This is because they were conducted during their respective downtimes – when their careers had a break.

By asking about things that matter to them and by listening to what they have to say, she was able to get candid insights into who they are. These conversations gave us more knowledge about each person and helped build relationships.

She always made her guests feel comfortable and valued which is why many still hold her in high regard today.

Her book

how was marilyn monroe famous

As we mentioned earlier, she wrote several books while she was alive. Some of these have been made into movies or TV shows with her as the protagonist. These include The Misfits, Life With My Father, What I Want To Tell You, and A Woman’s Place.

All four of those books feature stories about how she got where she is today. They are all very different from each other in tone and content, but they share one common theme: Marilyn wanted to be famous.

She always hoped that people would remember her by her name instead of what happened to her later in life, but beyond that she just wanted to be known for being beautiful.

That’s why she spent so much time trying to look her best and go out and meet more people than anyone else could ever hope to do in their lifetime. She never settled on any particular career path, though. She tried acting, singing, dancing, modeling — you get the picture!

And she definitely earned that reputation for being well-known and loved around the world. Even if most people don’t know who she is now, she will forever remain a cultural icon.

Her death

how was marilyn monroe famous

On August 4th, 1962, just over one year after her last appearance in The New Year with Frank and Christmas without gifts, Marilyn died of what was officially ruled as suicide by hanging.

Many people believe that she took her own life because she could not deal with the pressures of being famous anymore. Others say it was due to depression caused from all the stress she was under at the time.

Either way, her passing left behind an immense legacy. She changed how women look and feel about themselves, and influenced many artists’ styles.

Her beauty alone has earned her a place in history, but her work beyond that is also well-known. Many songs have been written about or inspired by her, including “The Way You Make Me Feel” and “Something's Got A Hold On Me.”

Marilyn still makes appearances in popular culture every now and then. For example, she has had roles in TV shows such as Dark Romantica and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, movies like Something More (which was nominated for Best Picture at this past Academy Awards) and The Misfits Diaries, and even a cameo appearance in 2017's Spiderman: Homecoming!

She will always be remembered for her incredible talent and beautiful personality.

The Madonna and the Pope

how was marilyn monroe famous

In what would become one of her most famous performances, actress Mandy Moore portrayed the iconic movie star in the new Netflix original series, What Happens Next. In the show, we meet several characters who have made headlines for their dramatic life stories. Some are even notorious figures that left an impression.

In the episode titled “The Madonna And The Pope”, our main character is Mary Margaret Walsh (Moore). She is a successful TV journalist with her own talk show. On this show, she interviews various people about things they did in past lives and why these behaviors continue into present ones.

As the season progresses, it becomes clear that Mary has no idea how to handle all of the attention she receives as popular media coverage of her past life theory escalates. So she brings someone in to help — Anežka, played by Lola Kirke. Anežka works as a psychic and is very direct about telling others what she can and cannot do.

At first, Mary doesn't believe in such nonsense but eventually comes around when Anežka proves herself through a few experiments. After one experiment goes horribly wrong, she decides to end her career as a journalist and pursue being a full-time psychic instead.

The legend of Marilyn Monroe

how was marilyn monroe famous

After her death in August 1962, at just 36 years old, she left an incredible legacy as one of America’s most famous celebrities. She was known for her beauty, her dramatic skills in front of a camera, and her outspoken nature. But what made her so popular was not only her personal qualities, but also the way she lived her life.

Monroe came from a wealthy family, and grew up in comfortable surroundings. However, she didn’t feel that she belonged there, which may have contributed to her decision to leave home and pursue a career in entertainment.

It is thought that she struggled with depression throughout her life, and sometimes this affected how she felt about herself and others. This can make it difficult to enjoy your time here on Earth, and possibly contribute to you feeling like you don't fit into society.

Popular culture and Marilyn Monroe

how was marilyn monroe famous

There are many theories as to why people admire and connect with Marilyn Monroe. It can be for her sex appeal, her glamorous lifestyle, or even just because she was famous. But one of the main reasons is that she made us feel good about ourselves.

She showed us that we have beautiful faces and bodies, and there’s nothing wrong with having an eye-catching appearance. By celebrating our looks, she gave us permission to enjoy them and learn from them how to apply makeup and dress fashionably.

And while some may not agree with some of her choices, at least you know what they look like! That helps set your self-image.

Her popularity has endured through the years due to her rich legacy as an actress, singer, model and activist. She left behind a wealth of knowledge and inspiration that still resonates today.