How To Write A Famous Sentence

By Tiara

A famous sentence is a special type of sentence that adds emphasis and intrigue to an article or tweet. It’s like a cliffhanger, but not quite.
A famous sentence creates interest because it leaves you wanting more of the mentioned topic and person.

It makes your mind think about what else could be related to this piece. Or perhaps you'll create another topic based off of this one!

Having a lot of fun with language, right? Let's dive in and learn some smart ways to write a great classic famous sentence.

Famous novels

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Many consider The Great Gatsby to be Fincher’s magnum opus, but I think it is more appropriate to call it his “Famous sentence." Almost every word in this book has been quoted or discussed at length, either because of its poetic quality or due to its profound significance within the narrative.

One such example comes early in the novel when protagonist Nick Carraway meets Jay Gatsby for the first time at an informal party. As they talk about their shared love of sports, Gatsby introduces himself with his famous self-introduction: "My name is George Washington Gatsby."

This anecdote illustrates two important themes in the story: 1) His romantic identity was constructed out of references to past heroes and legends 2) He intentionally gave false information as part of his self-presentation.

Gatsby's choice of moniker echoes the mythological figure who lived during the same period that he was born (1756–1827). Like most historical figures, he embodied contradictions —he was both capitalist and communist, individualist and member of a fraternity—and so too does his fictional persona.

In addition to paying homage to one personage, his alias also conveys humility by referring to only to the first letter of each syllable instead of full words. By omitting the last name, he downplays his status and personal pride.

Famous songs

Many famous songs contain very powerful messages or at least have strong underlying meanings. When you listen to these songs, you can apply some of their concepts to your life. Some are even proof that the songwriter knew what they were talking about!

Many people talk about how music has an incredible power over us. It can motivate us, inspire us, make us feel good, and it can influence how we feel about ourselves and our lives.

Some musicians use lyrics as a tool for changing peoples’ perceptions of certain things- like motivating them to strive for a goal or encouraging them to reevaluate their current lifestyle choices.

There are also stories behind many popular songs. Sometimes, a writer will include references to their own experiences in order to convey a message or tell a tale. Other times, there is no clear explanation beyond “the writers know what they are saying.

Famous artists

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Artists are people who create things using any medium – painting, sculpture, music, writing, or something new. What makes an artist famous is their talent in expressing themselves through creativity.

Some examples of famous artists are Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo, and Jane Austen!

Picasso lived from 1893 to 1974 where he created some of his most well-known works including “The Women of Paris” (1940) and “Bulls and Cattle” (1945). He also designed many different products such as glasses, ceramics, and clothing.

Van Gogh lived from 1853 to 1890 when he cut off part of his left ear. This was done because of a quarrel with another person which got out of hand. He then used that ear lobe as decoration for one of his paintings. His best known work is probably "Starry Night" but he painted several others.

Michelangelo lived between 1472 and 1564 where he made many significant contributions to art. One of these was painting what would now be called human figures. He also did other sculpting work like the David statue in Rome.

Jane Austen died in 1817 where she wrote six novels. Two of her books have become very popular recently due to movie adaptations: Pride and Prejudice and Emma.

Famous scientists

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Most people know famous politicians, but how many can name a famous scientist?

There have been thousands of great discoveries made due to experimentation, testing, and research. Scientists are individuals who gather knowledge through education, experience, and doing experiments. Some are more well-known than others, however!

Here we will discuss five most influential scientific pioneers in the world. Who were they, what fields did they work in, and what is their legacy today.

Famous philosophers

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Some famous philosophical phrases or statements are too well known to need much explanation. Others, however as we have seen, require some context to make sense. But what about those in between? There are many short sentences that great thinkers made very popular. These are typically one sentence long, making them more concise than longer ones.

These memorable quotes by important people are sometimes called “famous sentences” because they set off their own separate cluster of thoughts. The ideas in these brief sayings combine together into something larger and more complex, but still retain part of the initial idea from before the break.

Famous actors

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As we know, being famous really comes down to one thing: being recognized by other people. If you’re not aware of this fundamental truth then you are living in a bubble.

And while most people can’t get paid for recognizing others as famous, it is still important to recognize successful artists and entrepreneurs in order to show off your talent or knowledge.

By studying the habits and lifestyle of influential individuals, you will learn some valuable lessons that could help you reach your own goal of becoming well-known.

In this article, I'll go over five things (and arguably more) that famous people would tell you about yourself if you ever had a conversation with them.

Famous actresses

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Many famous actresses begin their careers by offering up some of their best lines in movies. These may be one-liners or longer stories that get popular with repeated viewings.

Some examples are Jennifer Lawrence’s “I am going to fuck you like a porn star,” Julia Roberts’s infamous “If your breasts don’t match then something is wrong!” line, and Angelina Jolie’s “Don’t forget my knife!” from 2004’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

These aren’t necessarily the most intelligent things said by the characters, but they are memorable nonetheless. As viewers, we feel connected to them because it’s us they’re talking to, so they win in that respect.

Famous comedians

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As mentioned earlier, comedy is an art form that has lasted centuries. Some of the most famous people in history made fun of things or portrayed characters to get laughter. People who make you laugh are loved and admired because they bring out good feelings in others.

Many great comedic writers will borrow from experiences in their lives for their jokes and stories. These references may be personal or generalizations about what happened to them, but either way, it’s worth looking at why these jokes work and how to use some of those ideas in your writing.

Writers also take inspiration from other genres and styles of writing when creating funny scenes or paragraphs. For example, dramatic writers can find many examples of powerful one-liners and short sentences in classic novels.