How To Use Twitter To Promote Yourself

By Promo Panda Staff

Twitter is one of the most highly used social media platforms in the world. This article will discuss how to use this potent tool to promote yourself or your brand.

Imagine a world in which you can publish a tweet that has the potential to reach half a billion people in under 30 seconds. You are this person.

Welcome to the social media world. If you think that you can’t be all that great of a Twitter user, think again.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist, you don’t even need to be a native speaker, but you need to have a little bit of common sense and some sense of responsibility.

It is important to understand that Twitter is a reflection of what you tweet. Are you being authentic and engaging with your followers?

The following ten steps will help you increase your tweets' impact and do so safely and with maximum self-control.

1. Write a thought-out tweet

Try to avoid using slogans and generic phrases. Using such language increases the chances of having followers who do not follow you back or don’t get what you’re trying to do.

Besides, it’s best to create a sense of trust and convey your message clearly and concisely.

2. Write your tweets as if you were speaking to your best friend

Write your tweets as if you were speaking to your best friend

Take a breath, don’t do a “send-your-apologies-to-a-friend-and-then-re-send,” and then start to formulate your tweets.

It is much better to write your tweets in paragraphs instead of short bursts of text that would usually confuse even the most experienced users. The key to writing a thought-out tweet is simplicity.

When you write a thought-out tweet, you have the possibility of having your listeners concentrate on the words you say and less on the images that will flash by. If you can avoid writing the words

Twitter, Twitter, Tweet, then that is an additional bonus.

3. Format your tweets

When you want to get your point across effectively, you need to write the best and most concise way possible. If you use all caps, you are writing to a large audience, whereas if you keep your words in lower case, your tweets should go to a smaller group.

Even if you try to use all caps, it is still helpful to let the readers know how to behave on Twitter. Use numbers as well as @ symbols to describe your tweets.

Twitter users are accustomed to showing respect to each other.

4. Rephrase yourself

To get a better grasp on what you are saying and to improve the clarity and coherence of your message, it is a good idea to check your own written work after you have written your tweet.

Think about what you would say if you met a person in a social situation. Would you tell them how great they looked and what you noticed about them?

Probably not. The same is true for tweets.

Think about the people you might want to address in your tweet.

5. Prepare for your tweets

Think about what you want to say, know where you want to tweet it, and do some research about the correct and best way to share the message you have in mind with your followers.

You can research by taking the information you find on the Internet and making notes about it. Be sure that your words are concise and crisp.

If you can remove any words, you would add them to the end of your tweet. It is recommended that you try to be brief in your message and try to repeat yourself to get the most out of each tweet.

6. Delete your tweets and read them back later

Delete your tweets and read them back later

Now and then, you should delete your tweets and let your readers know that you are in a brainstorming phase or that you have done research and analysis and that you are in a rush to publish your text.

This helps you to remember what you actually wrote and to improve your typing skills.

7. Use keywords in your tweets

There are many reasons why you might want to use keywords in your tweets. Having a unique keyword means that the search engines can quickly and easily find the content on your page.

After a while, keywords help enrich your message by giving a user additional information about your tweet.

A Twitter user can easily use the search function if he searches for the keywords you have added to your tweets.

8. Make sure that you have a spell-checker

Spell-checkers will do you a favor by making sure that you get the words right, but it is important to have a spell-checker when you tweet.

These things signal to your followers that you are not just sending messages from your personal account, but you are using the platform for the betterment of the communications.

9. Follow other Twitter users

Social media is not a spectator sport, and there is always someone watching and someone to communicate with. Twitter gives you a platform to exchange ideas and to learn from others.

You do not have to be a super-human genius to be effective on Twitter. You can improve by reading what others are saying and observing the flow of the conversation.

This will show you the right and the wrong ways to use Twitter.

10. Work with other Twitter users

In many cases, you will be on Twitter alone. You might have been intimidated, to begin with, but the fact is that there is great wisdom and experience on Twitter that you can tap into.

You do not need to know everything in the world to use Twitter and use it right. Twitter can teach you how to be great use of Twitter and work smarter.

11. Set a goal and take action

If you are on a personal Twitter account, set a goal to complete your work each day. If you are interested in Twitter as a business, you can set an achievable goal for your Twitter output.

You can set a goal for every day of the week and start doing what you know is the right thing to do. Set a goal, follow your plan, keep your eyes on the prize, and don’t forget that you have some wonderful followers following you.

12. Don’t worry about negative comments

Don’t worry about negative comments

If you make a mistake, make an apology. There is no need to wait for the next typo to appear in your tweet.

However, if you create a valuable point, keep it and fight for what you believe in. If someone is taking advantage of your mistake, you should set boundaries and decide when and how to respond to comments or criticism.

13. Be a good digital citizen

Please don’t send out unsolicited tweets. Using Twitter should not become a nuisance.

You should not add to the noise of the Twitter conversations. Twitter users are a self-selected group, and you need to understand their filters and what they want to communicate.


With all these tools and tips in your arsenal, it is time to start using Twitter. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

The good news is that Twitter allows you to connect to your audience on a one-to-one basis. You should also not underestimate the power of the community that is created.

The community can provide useful and relevant information to your audience. They can also help you solve problems and create connections that can last a lifetime.

If you get the community right, you will be successful.