How To Use Tiktok To Promote Music

By Promo Panda Staff

This article will discuss how to use TikTok to promote music and how it can help you out on your way.

Basically, TikTok is an application on iOS. Its sole purpose is to make a person aware of your advertisement or marketing campaign.

I am sure you must have heard of Facebook, where you have an advertisement or an article on your wall with a clickbait title. It promotes the products or the service of your choice.

But how do you get TikTok to promote your music?

This is where TikTok comes into the picture. I have been using it for quite some time now and have come to know its uses well.

So, let's see the ways it can be used for promoting music.

How to share the music to your Facebook and Twitter account

How to share the music to your Facebook and Twitter account

The first method you can use is to share the video to your Facebook account. For this, you need to have a Facebook account and a Facebook mobile app installed on your mobile.

You will also have to have the 'Music' option enabled. So, click on 'Music' on your Facebook home page and click on 'Add Videos.'

You can also search for your music or select a playlist you want to promote.

Then you need to click on 'Share,' which will bring up the option to share. In this, you can select the option to share it to your Facebook account, just like we discussed earlier in the tutorial.

Now, click on 'Accept,' and the music will be shared to your Facebook account.

Once you have shared your music, check the page, and ensure that it is indeed alive and that people are having a look at it.

On Facebook, you can also give it a 'Like' if you want to. If you click on the video, you will see the option for 'Sharing to Pages' under the menu.

By 'Sharing to Pages,' you mean that you want to share the video to the website you have created for it, which is used to publicize the music.

And that's all!

How to find the musicians' biographies

The next method you can use is to find the information about your musicians, like their biography, links to their videos, etc. By searching for their bios, you can see their YouTube and Soundcloud.

You can also see the podcasts they have on Soundcloud.

The person should have a bio where you can click on each link, which will take you to the respective website.

In YouTube, it is necessary to click on the profile of the individual. After you click on the profile, you will be taken to a page where you can see all the videos and their platforms.

How to create the pre-release page

So, now you know that your musicians have a public profile page on Facebook and YouTube and that they have a Soundcloud page. That's great.

You will have to do some work on them. You can create a pre-release page for the musicians to check out what they have to offer.

Firstly, you need to install TikTok. For this, you will have to go to 'Settings,' and you can click on TikTok.

It will ask you to download it on your phone. Now, click on the 'Download' option, which will open a browser on your phone.

Now, you will see a pop-up message that says, 'It will take one minute or more to download.'

So, wait for a minute. Once that is done, you will be able to download TikTok on your Android or iPhone.

You will have to open the TikTok app on your phone, click on the music option on your screen, and then click on 'Download Pages Now.' Then, a window will appear on your phone, where you can choose your musicians.

Once you have selected your musicians, click on 'Prerelease.' It will open a pop-up window.

In this window, you can click on 'Prerelease Now,' which will open a page on your phone to give the links to your pre-release page to the people.

If your musicians have a Soundcloud page, you can give the links to your profile. You can also share the links to the YouTube and Facebook pages.

There are also other social media sites you can use to promote your music.



Over the past decade, Facebook has dominated social media, and the number of people using the site has grown exponentially; Facebook now boasts more than 2.23 billion monthly active users (MAUs).

According to one study, "Facebook usage has actually declined over the last five years, especially among users who are under the age of 24. Interestingly, however, usage has rebounded since the beginning of 2016, increasing by 10% among all age groups."

The data collected by digital marketer Tony Tran shows that 75% of its audience uses Facebook daily, and most of them are aged between 18 and 34. Facebook is extremely popular among music artists because of its good promotional channel and seamless interface.

The website has a way of letting fans follow artists and receive updates about their work, albums, and performances.

On the Facebook fan page, artists can feature fun activities such as sending and receiving gifts. These posts show their audience that you are not only a musician but a creative and fun person too, and how the two can blend to create something huge.


Although Twitter is not as popular as Facebook, many musicians have learned to exploit the 140-character platform and its reach in recent times. Twitter can be used as a promotional platform to market your music to people all around the world.

You can use hashtags (# # #) as another way of gaining followers.

The key to using Twitter effectively is creating hashtags that your audience will find relevant to your work. Some examples of hashtags you can use are # music, # music producer, # alternative music, and # singer.

Using these hashtags, you can create buzz around your content and then link to your music or artist page to gain followers and promote your music.



Instagram is a great place to share your photos and stay connected to your followers. This platform also has a way of allowing you to promote your brand. Instagram has a great engagement rate.

According to Hubspot's study, the engagement rate of Instagram videos is 94%, while Facebook videos have a 53% engagement rate. What is more, 87% of Instagram users said they watch

Instagram videos daily.

Instagram can be used to create buzz around your business, show off new designs, and show off your talented artists.

Using these promotional tools and various social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, you can start building a fan base and following your music. Once your

followers are active and following you regularly; then they will be ready to purchase your music, purchase merchandise and even talk to you about other collaborations or shows.

Promotion from social media to people who will buy your music

Sometimes, most people want to listen to music, don't really care about the artist and what he/she is doing, and then leave. So how do you change this situation?

Well, you can do so by marketing your music with promotional tools and social media outlets. Your business can't be successful if nobody knows about it, so you must build your audience first.

Most artists and musicians always hear people saying that they have good music, but do they know about it, or do they want to listen to it?