How To Use Famous X Glass Blunt

By Tiara

One of our favorite smoking accessories is definitely the glass blunt or x-glass pipe. They are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique look!

These pipes feature an additional tube that goes up from the smoke hole in the middle, making it more shapely and aesthetically pleasing.

They are also referred to as UFO style bowls because of the resemblance. These have become very common at festivals and events where people enjoy them for their looks alone.

However, what most people don’t realize is that these bongs actually work extremely well!

There are many ways to use an x-blunt effectively. This article will go over some basic tips and tricks for using one. Once you get the hang of it, you can start experimenting with different flavors and temperatures!



Make sure they are sealed properly

famous x glass blunt how to use

As seen with our famous glass blunt, making sure your glass cigar is sealed correctly is an important part of using any type of smoked item.

If you find that there is too much liquid in the tip, then you probably did not seal it well enough! Remember, when smoking anything, make sure those parts of the product are completely dry!

This includes blowing out the smoke, holding the end of the cigar while sucking off some liquid, and making sure there are no moisture or alcohol left in the mouth. If there is water in the oral cavity, this can help fuel bacterial growth.

Buy your favorite flavor

famous x glass blunt how to use

As with any type of smoking, there are several different ways to hold a glass blunt. Yours depends on what kind of feeling you want to get from it and what style you prefer.

Some people like to use their hands as holders while lighting and taking puffs. Others press the tube onto their mouth or put a bottle cap over it. It really does depend on how you feel about gloss blunts and yourself!

Most people start off using their hand as a holder but eventually switch to another way. The best tip is to try out both and see which one feels better for you.

Roll it up

famous x glass blunt how to use

The best way to use this glass cigar is by rolling it up and smoking it as you would a normal cigar. Simply take one solid roll of the stick and get some good smoke going!

The shape and size of the x can sometimes make getting the right amount of smoke very difficult. It may also cause your mouth or throat to feel dry or irritated due to the long, burning end.

To avoid this, start off with less than half the length of the x and work your way up until you find an adequate level of smoke. Then, add more if needed!

Once you have enough smoke, simply pull out just the tip of the x and puff away.

General tips: remember that there are two types of people when using herbal products: slow pokers and lightning fast pokers. Neither style works for every person.

People who burn slowly will enjoy a better experience because they’ll get to appreciate the full effect of the herbs before tiring down the fire.

Some people do not like strong flavors so having a second serving without the flavor might be their personal preference.

Light it

famous x glass blunt how to use

The first time you use an e-cigarette, no smoking is allowed! This includes lighting up your glass nail or liquid nicotine vape juice. For people who have never used cigarettes before, this can be scary as there are many ways to smoke a real cigarette.

There’s nothing wrong with having fun by experimenting with different styles of smoking, but know what settings work for you and avoid burn injuries by testing out your vaporizer in a private area.

Take a big hit

famous x glass blunt how to use

When smoking a glass cigar, take your time to enjoy it! There is no need to hold onto each smoke for longer than you would with a regular blunt or cigarette.

Smoking a glass cigar will not physically hurt yourself so there is no reason to be too careful about how much nicotine you are getting! Smoking a cannabis oil vape pen may be better as you can regulate how much THC content you have in your system, but make sure yours does not contain any added tobacco products or chemicals.

Some people prefer vaping over smoking because you do not burn down your weed like when smoking traditional joints or burnt cigarettes. However, vaping requires use of electricity which may not be readily available in all areas depending on where you live.

Hold it in your mouth for a few seconds

famous x glass blunt how to use

The best way to hold this glass smoking device is by placing your index finger under the bowl, and then lifting up the metal stem. This creates an easier grip that can be modified depending on how big of a smoke you want at one time.

After you have enough to satisfy your taste buds, drop the tip and pull back on the handle to remove the burnt part. You now have to make sure you are still able to breathe!

This is another reason why doing these will hurt slightly. But hopefully not too badly since there are resources available to help people recover. Your doctor or nurse may even be familiar with ways to do so.

Pass it on to a friend

famous x glass blunt how to use

One of the best things about smoking glass marijuana cigars is that you can pass them onto someone else! If you are thinking about trying this product, do not risk harming anyone close to you or yourself by using them as a beginner.

There are few reasons why people start smoking weed. Some enjoy the high more than others, some want to relax, and some like the way it makes them feel. But one thing most people agree on is that it is very expensive!

Luckily, there is an easy solution to this! By buying your first box of trims from people who have less powerful ones, you will be able to experience the effects of strong cannabis easily.

Many vendors sell low quality vape cartridges which contain only vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). These liquids are mixed together in a device where liquid is vaporized.

These lower grade oils burn much faster, producing weaker highs. This is why people with these oils usually begin by vaping at a slower speed before advancing to higher speeds.

By purchasing a low cost starter pack, you can slowly increase your strength until you find a good balance for you! Make sure to research your brand to see if this has worked for other users.

Tell everyone about how to use a glass blunt

famous x glass blunt how to use

When using a glass blunt, make sure your hands are warm so you can handle the pieces easily. You want to be able to take out all of the components without burning yourself or having to buy extra gloves!

To use a glass pipe, start with only one straw. Hold it between your thumb and index finger like a pencil. Now add another piece- a dome shape that fits in your mouth. This is the cover, or bowl.

Next, put some liquid into the top part of the pipe (the shank). Then stick the whole thing together around this liquid by drawing the tube up over it.

Now push down on the shank to create an airtight seal. At this stage you have a non smoking device!

Once you’ve got the basics down, try experimenting with different liquids, temperatures, and lengths of time for each step. For best results, do not bite down too hard as you smoke or the liquid may enter your lungs instead of your throat.