How To Transfer Husband Visa To Employment Visa

By Tiara

Changing your visa status is not easy, nor does it happen very often. But if you are thinking about moving abroad or just want to test the waters with international living, this can be done!

Changing what kind of visa you have comes down to two things: proving that you have enough money to live in the country for at least six months, and finding an employer who will accept your employment contract.

If you do not have proof of these things, then staying in the country may be impossible until you get rid of the current visa. It’s important to be prepared for this!

We will go over some basic steps here to help you navigate through the process and get everything you need ready. After that, we will talk about transferring husbands VISA into employment visas.

Good luck out there!

Structure of This Article

This article has three parts including:

Part 1: Why changing your visa is difficult

Why changing your visa is difficult Part 2: What to know before transferring your husband's visa

What to know before transferring your husband's visa Part 3: Getting started to transfer his visa as a spouse

You will also learn how to do it legally so your family doesn't get involved. Make sure to look up any regulations ahead of time and speak with immigration lawyers in your area.

Disclaimer: The content in this article should not be used as medical advice since every person is unique.

Provide documents

how to transfer husband visa to employment visa

If you are looking to move overseas for employment, it is important to know what documents you need to prove your identity and position. Your passport must be at least 6 months from the end of its validity date, and there should not be any visa or travel restrictions placed on it.

It is also helpful if you have proof of income such as pay stubs or receipts that show how much money you earn. This can be in the form of a pay slip, online job postings, or through testimonies of colleagues or superiors.

In addition to this, you will want to make sure that your bills and payments are all paid ahead of time so they do not find out about your absence. This may mean paying off credit cards, or asking family members to help with payment notices until you get back home.

Apply for new visa

how to transfer husband visa to employment visa

A second, more difficult way to move with your family is to apply for an employment visa. This requires going through the process of becoming a professional working in Australia as well as transferring your existing non-work visa here.

This can be tricky because it is not easy to come into our wonderful country as an employee or student only to then become self-employed later on. You have to make sure that you are completely legal before investing money in this type of relocation.

There are many ways to do this but most employers require at least two years proof of employment under their name. This means making copies of documents from past jobs, putting those papers in order, and creating fake job offers using pre-existing documents.

Making these changes legally takes time so try to be patient while you prepare! Also remember to stay in budget – spending too much could hurt your long term financial situation.

Confirm your new visa

how to transfer husband visa to employment visa

It is important to make sure that you are able to prove your status as an employee before changing your employment situation. If you find yourself unable to, it’s probably best to stay where you are for now.

You can always apply for work visas later if you're ready, but staying in Australia without proof of employment may not be practical at this stage. You could run into issues such as lack of income or health coverage.

It's also worth noting that some employers require their staff to have worked under them for a certain amount of time; typically six months. So even though you've got your job offer, you'll need to be prepared to start working immediately.

If possible, talk to other employees of the company to see if they had success transferring visa types, or whether there was anything special they did to achieve this.

Tell your husband

how to transfer husband visa to employment visa

If you are married and want to transfer his visa status, there is one very important thing that he needs to know before you do it. You have to tell him first!

This can be really tricky because most people think that if you break up then his visa will automatically expire. This isn’t always the case though, so make sure you don’t assume anything when it comes to visas.

It's totally normal for spouses of expatriate workers to feel left out or even jealous but these feelings shouldn’t influence your decision to stay in Australia.

If you decide to remain here as his dependent spouse, you need to check whether what he does benefits from being classified as an employee or visitor VISA holder.

Tell your husband that you applied for the visa

how to transfer husband visa to employment visa

It is very important to be honest with your spouse when applying for an employment visa.

If he finds out about it later, his immigration status will likely be in question. He could even face deportation if he does not go back home within the time limit!

Thinking through all of the possibilities can make you feel nervous or stressed. That’s okay, but don’t forget what your priorities are.

Is there anyone who will care for him? Can he survive without income? Does he have other family members living close by who can help look after him?

These questions should take precedence over anything else. If they do, then chances are he won’t hold a grudge and things will get sorted out eventually.

Also remember that while most countries grant two years to spend after leaving their country, some only give six months. Make sure you know which ones before you apply.

Tell your husband that you applied for the visa

how to transfer husband visa to employment visa

Sometimes, even after years of marriage, one partner in a couple will feel like they are no longer feeling loved or wanted by their significant other.

This can be very frustrating for both people and it is totally normal to have these feelings at times.

If your spouse has made an employment visa more difficult than necessary then it may be time to consider whether this relationship should come to an end.

It’s important to be honest with yourself about what you want from life and if you don’t feel love and happiness being married anymore then maybe looking into separation or divorce is the best option for you.

Don’t put off thinking about this matter any longer as too much time could make things get worse not better.

Confirm his new visa

how to transfer husband visa to employment visa

It is important to make sure that your partner has their correct employment visas before you get into a relationship. If they do not, it can be tricky to break up!

It is very common for people in relationships to work together or live together. Many of these couples are married with children so breaking up can be even more difficult.

If one person wants to stay in Australia longer than six months as per an employer’s contract then they need to apply for an Australian Work Visa. This applies to both men and women.

This article will talk about how to transfer husband visa to employment visa from ‘Not Married’ to ‘Married With Children’.

Transfer visa fee

how to transfer husband visa to employment visa

If you are looking to move abroad with your family, then it is important to understand how expensive moving can be. Luckily, transferring a spouse or dependent visa in Australia is not too difficult or costly!

Many Australian Immigration offices accept credit cards as form of payment, which makes paying for transfers much easier. The cost typically includes the visa application, processing fees, and transfer costs.

However, what many people do not know is that there is an additional visa fee that must be paid when transferring a visa. This article will cover everything you need to know about this second visa fee.