How To Transfer Employment Visa To Husband Visa In Uae

By Tiara

When you are living with your significant other in a country that does not offer working visas, it can become difficult to move onto another job or career. You will have to find a way to transition into lower paying jobs if you want to stay together.

Many times, immigrant workers are able to transfer their visa status when they relocate for work. This is an excellent option for people who do not desire a large pay increase at their current position but who feel that their current employer won’t be willing to let them go.

There are several ways to make this possible, so we will discuss some alternatives here. These include finding a company that lets employees switch employers, transferring via employment agency, and transferring as a dependent member of his/her family. All three of these things can be done online, making it easy to search for and implement.

If you would like to give either option a try, there is nothing to lose! Simply check out one of these strategies and see what works for you. If someone tells you something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is! Make sure to do your research before investing money in the process.

Provide your husband with a letter of consent

how to transfer employment visa to husband visa in uae

Even though it seems like a lot of work, transferring employment visa to spouse visa is not too difficult or time consuming. In fact, most immigration agencies ask for only one additional document before allowing you to transfer visas.

This document is called a “letter of consent”. It proves that both spouses agree to live as legal residents in the country together.

Mostly, this happens because employers want to make sure employees are going to be there after the end of their contract. If they don’t believe they will, then what was the point of hiring them?

By having this letter, employer-employee relationships are strengthened and working relations are improved.

Provide your husband with a letter of support

how to transfer employment visa to husband visa in uae

A second residency visa for your spouse is dependent on you as his employer or partner, and therefore, he will want proof that you are still willing to live together as a couple.

He must be able to prove that you both intend to remain in the country after the temporary visa has expired, so make sure this information is easy to access and does not require too much effort to look at.

It’s also important to remember that if he transfers visa status then he can only work part-time while on the new visa. He cannot work full time without one!

If he needs additional income beyond what he currently has when he returns home, he can apply for an Australian resident visa, but he would have to start working right away.

Contact your employer in UAE

If you are planning to move abroad with your family, then it is important to be aware of visa restrictions for both countries. You will need to make sure that your employment contract does not expire before the end of your current position, or you may be leaving without a job!
As mentioned earlier, transferring an employment visa from one country to another can be time consuming so it is best to do this as soon as possible.

It’s also worth noting that most employers have a maximum of six months leave per year so if you plan to transfer within this timeframe, you should start looking now. Many companies allow their employees to stay in Thailand for up to twelve months so it is not impossible.

However, it is better to find out early on what options exist and how long it takes to get these visas so you don’t waste any time.

Contact the UAE embassy or consulate in your home country

how to transfer employment visa to husband visa in uae

If you are planning to move abroad, then it is important to be familiar with your visa status and what documents you need to bring with you.

It’s best to do this at least one month before you leave so that you have enough time to gather all of your belongings and find appropriate accommodation.

If you don’t know where your next address will be, consider whether it’s worth the cost of transferring visas at such short notice. You may be able to extend your stay if necessary, but only if you inform the authorities in person.

There is an initial transfer fee as well as a late arrival fee, which can add up very quickly.

Apply for a visa to enter the UAE

how to transfer employment visa to husband visa in uae

It is advised that you apply as soon as possible after deciding where you will be living in the UAE. This way, your employment visa can be issued immediately once it has been confirmed that there are jobs available for you here.

It is also important to know what kind of visa you need before applying. For example, if you are looking to live with your husband in the UAE, then you should make sure that his residency is already approved first. Only then can you apply for an entry visa!

If your situation is the other way around (where your current residence is not acceptable due to family or financial reasons) then you do not have to transfer visas at this time. You can look into opportunities closer to home first until you find something that fits.

We recommend talking to friends and relatives about their experiences so you get a better understanding of how well-established certain programs are.

Pay for the visa fee

how to transfer employment visa to husband visa in uae

It is very common to encounter one or both of you in a relationship where one person has run out of money to pay for their visa, and therefore cannot leave the country while they are still within the allowed time frame.
As tempting as it may be to ask your loved one to cover the fees for you, this isn’t a good idea.

If there was ever a situation where things went horribly wrong, and your partner was unable to stay in the country because they ran out of money, then it would put immense pressure not only on them but also on you as his/her spouse.

You would have to deal with an overstaying alien who makes life difficult for you and your family, which is definitely not ideal.

It is always better if each party covers their own costs unless both parties agree that the other left the country first.

The visa will be mailed to you

how to transfer employment visa to husband visa in uae

When your employment ends, it is important to have a plan for staying abroad. Depending on how long you will remain outside of the country, there are several ways to continue living here.

Many employers offer their workers an opportunity to apply for a resident visa or even citizenship after a certain amount of time working for them. These visas allow you to live and work in the country permanently!

Most people find it helpful to have at least one copy of this document with them as they travel around. Many can’t get a visa without it so having a backup is very important.

If you would like to transfer your visa from yours to your husband’s then you will need his name and passport number along with his residency permit proof (like a utility bill) and picture.

Your visa will be valid for 6 months

how to transfer employment visa to husband visa in uae

If you are living with your husband in the United Arab Emirates as his dependent, it is possible to apply for him to become an employment visa holder. He can then work here while you remain in the country as his dependant.

He must live in the UAE for at least six months after he has received this new visa status and you cannot stay in another country during that time. You also cannot enter the UAE until one year has passed since his new visa was issued.

It is important to note that if he leaves the UAE before the end of the initial six month period, he could lose his job visa and re-enter the UAE as a tourist or business visitor which does not require an employment visa.

This would mean that you would no longer have proof of income and therefore would face many difficulties when trying to maintain relationships back home or move forward with your life. It is best to discuss any potential plans ahead of time so both people feel comfortable.