How To Track New Zealand Visa Application

By Tiara

As mentioned before, tracking applications are not free or easy. There are several ways you can track your application’s progress but none of them is free. The best way to do it is by paying someone to help you with it.

Many firms offer visa application tracking services for an affordable price. Some even have a plan where you don’t pay anything at all if the process takes longer than expected!

In this article, I will talk about one such firm, which I have used and trusted in the past. They also happen to be very popular so I would recommend giving their service a try if you need help tracking your NZ visa app!

I hope this article convinces you that spending some money on professional assistance is worth it. It does make a difference and helps you stay motivated while waiting for your application to get approved.

Tracking apps can easily cost over $100 per week which adds up quickly! A lot of people use these apps regularly, so they always have the support of the community.

But what happens when there is a delay or something goes wrong? Will people still help you out? And how much quality control do they have over the documents and information you give them? These are important questions to ask yourself before hiring the help of others.

We had good experiences with this company and only needed their services once, which gives us confidence that they are reputable.

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how to track new zealand visa application


Topic and bullet point: Tracking applications via third-party sites

You will now need to log onto one of these tracking websites to check if this is true or not. Some make it easier to track than others, but all can give you some basic information about the applicant.

The most common things they will tell you to include:

If the person has registered with the site

How long it took them to apply for the visa

Any messages sent to the individual

These are just basics, some may even offer more detailed info such as what country the person wants to visit or whether there have been any changes to the personal details of the applicant.

However, do remember that using these sites is not free! Many will ask for a fee per user per year, depending on how much information you want.

Personalize your website

how to track new zealand visa application

When you apply for a visa in Australia, Canada or any other country, their respective agencies have vendors they use to provide applicant tracking tools and services. These companies make it easy to follow along as app applicants, track applications and get confirmation emails when things are completed!

Most of these sites offer free trial accounts so you can see how their service works before investing in a paid plan. Some even allow you to connect multiple social media accounts which is helpful if you need proof someone exists and is credible.

By using this tool, you will be able to stay up-to-date on all stages of your application, including submitting documents and receipts. A lot of people rely heavily on technology and making sure everything is digitized and searchable proves very valuable. By doing this, you will reduce stress slightly because you do not have to check on application progress manually.

Tracking apps also help confirm identity, match photos against databases and verify employment.

Buy or create a business card

how to track new zealand visa application

If you have access to good quality printers, you can easily buy or make your visa application business cards. These are usually sold in packs of 100-150 units depending on the size of the card and how many people will use it.

There is no wrong way to do this as long as you follow the correct specifications. Many companies offer free templates that you can edit to match their look and then print!

Many employers require you to upload these documents onto their system, so there is an account where you can store them until needed. This helps prevent someone from stealing your documents and using them without your knowledge.

Tracking applications via fax has been phased out, but some agencies still accept paper documents so if you’re not comfortable doing digital ones, don’t worry about it yet.

Update your resume

how to track new zealand visa application

After you have completed all of your applications, it is time to re-write or edit your resume! This includes removing references that are no longer relevant and adding new achievements and skills.

It’s very important to make sure that everything in your application makes sense and is consistent with what they ask for. If there was one question that asked about education, then remember to include this along with any other educational institutions you attended.

For employment applications, be careful not to use too many generic terms. For example, instead of using ‘team player’, describe how you played team sports as a kid and what positions you played.

We recommend doing this around the second week after applying so that you have enough time to revamp your application before attending an interview.

Create a personal budget

how to track new zealand visa application

Along with paying for your visa, you will want to create a personal budget that includes things like transportation costs, flights, rooms, etc. This way, you are not spending money without knowing if it is allowed or not!

It’s important to know what expenses are permitted on a visa so you don’t go over budget. For example, many people include daily transport as part of their lifestyle budget, but some countries do not allow this unless you have proof that you will be staying in a location longer than two weeks.

There can also be unexpected situations such as when someone you meet needs help leaving town, thus requiring expensive rides until they find another destination. It is best to prepare for these by having an adequate amount of funds set aside.

Another thing to consider is how much you need to spend per week to feel relaxed. Some places require at least one full month's worth of savings before making any visa application attempts, so being aware of that could prevent stress.

Prepare your passport

how to track new zealand visa application

Before you even begin tracking your application, make sure your passport is up-to-date and valid! As mentioned before, you must have proof of residency in Australia or Canada when applying for the visa.

If you don’t, then you will need to start the process over – so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Also, remember that it takes around two weeks to receive your ITAF document (the proof of residence needed to apply for the visa) so you will want to check this at least a week after submitting your application.

Meet with your potential supervisor

how to track new zealand visa application

When you apply for work in another country, it is important to meet with your potential supervisor before heading off to apply. You do not want to waste time applying without meeting this person first!

It is very common for employers to ask if any visa applications are being submitted on their behalf. If there are, they will need to approve these visas as well as be present when the application is made. This is usually done because supervisors check online records or talk to colleagues to determine whether someone’s visa has expired or if they have enough money to return home after the job.

In cases where employees don’t speak the other language fluently, it can become difficult to verify this information. By having face-to-face conversations, you can confirm that everything is okay and that no one needs to worry about anything.

Tracking applications makes sense even if there is already an approved visa, but only once all of the details are confirmed.

Contact the embassy

how to track new zealand visa application

It is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with all of their application process information. Make sure you have this info in hand before you begin applying for visas!

The best way to find out how to track new visa applications is by contacting the embassy directly. You can do this either through their website, via phone or by email.

We recommend using Google to search for ‘New Zealand [name of country] visa contact’ where '[name of country]' is replaced by the name of the country you are looking into. This will pull up both business and individual contacts.

You should also make use of LinkedIn as many embassies actively monitor job openings and changes so if you manage an office there it would be helpful to see what position they have open and whether anyone has applied for it.