How To Track New Zealand Visa Application

By Tiara

Tracking applications is not only easy, but also very useful in helping you determine if your application has been successful or not!

It can also help you keep up with the visa process, as well as find out where in the world your dreams will take you next.

Tracking applications are quite simple to do- just make sure you’re doing it correctly!

There are several ways to track an application depending on whether you are using online or offline tools. This article will talk about some of the best ways to do this so that you know what's going on at all times.

Write down your wish list of things to do in New Zealand

how to track new zealand visa application

If you are thinking about traveling to or living in New Zealand, then it is important to be prepared for all potential visa issues.

Make sure that you have enough money to survive for at least two months in any city outside of the major tourist destinations.

Finding jobs can sometimes be difficult so make sure to start looking early.

Make an itinerary

how to track new zealand visa application

After you have gathered all of your documents, make sure to organize them into different categories and files. This way, you can easily access each document.
For example, keep your passport next to your clothes so that you do not lose it. Keep photos in order of importance (like work or college vies first) and then home lives last!

Keep receipts organized in either your wallet or notebook. Do not write down important information like addresses and flights under lint balls because you will likely pull out your laptop at some point and there may be no space for it.

Make note of any meetings or appointments scheduled during the application process to ensure proper time management. You do not want to be distracted otherwise your visa could get denied!

Avoid having too many materials as this may be hard to manage when traveling. Check with our immigration consultants in Auckland if you are running low on space.

Research visa requirements

how to track new zealand visa application

The first step in tracking your application is making sure you have all of the required documents. Check with your local consulate or embassy if they offer free applications via their website, as some may even pay for them!

Some countries require an invitation letter or proof that you will be staying at a certain location while in their country before issuing a visa. This document does not need to come from your home country but should show that you are legally residing somewhere in the world.

It’s also important to know what kind of documentation is needed for which type of visa. For example, most European Union (EU) member nations only require one passport-sized photo and ‘proof of sufficient funds’ for a 90 day tourist visa.

But don’t forget that it takes several days – sometimes weeks – after submitting your visa application for it to reach its final destination.

Prepare your application

how to track new zealand visa application

After you have completed all of your documents, gathered any additional paperwork like proof of income or bills, and checked with employers to verify that they will be available while you are in Australia, it is time to start applying for a visa!

Most international organisations can help applicants apply for a visa free. These companies offer various services such as helping prepare an application, booking appointments at Australian Consulates, and even handling some aspects of the visa process (for example, lodging during your stay).

They usually charge around one hundred dollars per person applications which is very expensive, but good value given how much their service costs.

We recommend doing your research and finding out about these types of visas before starting to apply so that you know what options exist and what would be the best fit for you.

Create a LinkedIn profile

how to track new zealand visa application

After you have gathered all of your documentation, it is time to create a LinkedIn profile! This can be done through the website itself or via one of their paid subscription services.

LinkedIn gives you access to additional documents so that you can verify your identity and ensure that no one has stolen your information before applying for visas.

They also offer professional grade tools such as job listings and CV editing which can help you get rid of any unnecessary clutter in your profile. These are very helpful when trying to match applicants with positions!

Their premium service even allows you to track applications. Just make sure you’re using the right linker account (not personal) and update this new information every few days at the most.

Create a Facebook page

how to track new zealand visa application

After you have created your LinkedIn profile, it is time to create another social media platform for your visa application. You can use this account to keep in touch with potential employers, research companies in the area you plan to live, and to share your plans after you receive your new visa.

It is important to establish yourself as an authentic person before sharing too much information about yourself on the internet. Make sure to add pictures of yourself so people can get a sense of who you are off-line.

You do not need to include every detail about yourself on these accounts, but making them consistent will help others identify you!

Some things to consider when creating your second account are whether or not to include personal information such as kids, marital status, and house/land ownership. All of these items may be asked during the employment eligibility check which happens around month four.

Create a Twitter account

how to track new zealand visa application

In addition to having your email, you will need a way to track their application process. This can be done by creating an Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter profile. It is not necessary to have a social media account while applying for a visa, but it is helpful to have this presence.

Visas require frequent updates as the applications progress. If there are any changes made to the documents or forms, these must be updated immediately! Noticing such changes could cost you money if you have to start over, so stay aware at all times.

Track their application process through various sources- direct messages, tweets, posts, and comments. Make sure to check in frequently to see what information they give away about their application!

Remember that our advice here is purely educational – we are not a professional help site nor do we provide legal services.

Start a blog

how to track new zealand visa application

Starting a visa-focused website or platform is an easy way to get started tracking applications for new visas. You can pick any niche, such as how to apply for Australian work visas, to make your site more attractive to visitors.

You can also choose whether you want to be comprehensive (covering all types of visa) or focus only on one type of visa – perhaps Work Visas in Australia!

Running a visa trackable web site allows you to easily update the information as applications are received, making it more valuable over time.

There are many free tools that can help you start your own blog, including, which most people use to create their blogs.

Many people also use social media sites to spread the word about their new business and to collect some initial reviews and feedback.