How To Report Media Coverage

By Tiara Ogabang

Do you have press and want to show it off to your clients and friends? This article will discuss the best ways for showing off your press and media coverage to the world.

Impress your clients by showing them how you have been featured in the media. These photographs and stories will enhance their buying decision and make them feel they are getting the best deal.

What to show off

When it comes to showing off your media coverage, there are some things that you will want to focus on a lot of things.



Always be sure that the headline on any article or story is getting as much attention as possible, especially if you are a designer, developer, or business person.

These should also be filled in with as much information as possible, making the story more understandable to the reader. Make sure you pick up on any mistakes, adding a more brief comment explaining what the error was.

Add captions

If you have a blog, add the headline to your post and then add captions around it that add to the content. This will help to make your post more engaging and interesting for readers.

Most captions are not required. You can insert one or two of your own if you want, but always make sure it's relevant to the story.

Don’t forget to add your links at the end of each of your posts. You can easily make an anchor tag that links to your photo or media and adds social media links and blog or social media URLs.


Always take the time to credit the photographer, cameraman, writer, or anyone else involved in the story.

Think about this before you upload your content to social media sites. Make sure you include links to the original article or story, as well as social media posts.

How to upload your press and media

Taking pictures or footage of yourself or your surroundings is a great way to highlight your client’s work or recent projects. Not only will this help the reader to appreciate the full context of the story, but it can also give clients ideas for what they can commission you to do next time.

However, you can also upload photographs, videos, or stories that have been featured on media sites. While you should definitely credit the media sites you link to; you can also add a link to your website or portfolio.

It's good to have something unique to offer clients. If you've noticed their work in the media, you can create an offer that involves working with them somehow.

Could you show them your skills?.

Could you show them your skills?

If you have a product or service that you can show off, why not take the opportunity to do a quick pitch to build your client base? This can be a great way to spread the word about your skills, especially if your client base is already huge.

You could offer to show the client around your studio or show them the latest developments.

These can be small, low-risk sales, but they help get the word out about your services.

How to show off your social media

Another way to show off your media coverage is to share it with your social media friends and followers. These followers are ideal for adding to your client's list and give exposure to the clients’ work.

If the media has featured a client, you can highlight their work and provide them with a great reference to their work. It also gives the client a chance to say something about their social media profile or post.

However, be careful with this. Some clients may feel that it is an intrusion into their privacy to be invited to share their social media profile or post.

So be very clear and explicit about the reason why they want to be seen.

Tell your audience what you are offering.

Tell your audience what you are offering

Just because the media has featured a client, it doesn't mean they are the only potential clients you should be targeting. Please find out about the clients’ websites or social media profiles and follow them to find out about other clients they work with.

For example, if you see that a certain photographer has featured a client on their blog or social media profile, you can follow them to find out about more clients they work with. It’s a good opportunity to send them a complimentary copy of your latest brochure, or follow their profile and see what other jobs they have for you.


Hone your talents and skills to produce something your followers, friends, and everyone else will surely love.

There are many ways to report your media coverage properly. You can try this out until you find something that works best for you.