How To Put A Famous Quote In An Essay

By Tiara

Sometimes, before you even begin writing your essay, you need to do some research or make a note of something. This can be done via copying and pasting from another source, taking notes, or by looking up an article online with relevant information.

In this case, we are going to put our own unique spin on the quote “A little more than half my life has been spent in school” which comes from Abraham Lincoln.

We will show how to use this famous quote as part of an extended argument for why students should study hard and why learning is important to enjoy the rest of their lives. We also discuss how studying hard gives you a feeling of achievement that helps you get through other parts of your day.

This article may seem trivial, but it does not shy away from making a strong argument.

Look up the source of the quote

how to put a famous quote in an essay

Many students get overwhelmed when they are assigned an essay or topic that requires them to use their own ideas as a theme.

They do not know where to start writing because there is no clear starting point for the paper.

Students should be familiar with the topic, but still feel free to take different approaches and directions depending on what they include in the body of the paper.

Having a good introduction is important to develop your theme and make the reader connect with you.

Your intro can be related to the topic, tell a story, convey a message, etc.

Prepare a paraphrase

how to put a famous quote in an essay

Most people include pictures or songs as introductions to an essay, but what about a famous quote? There are many ways to use a famous quote as an introduction to an article or topic.

You can pick your favorite quote and apply it to an article or you can create a new theory based on a familiar theme or idea. Either way, using a well-known saying will help bring attention to your writing and strengthen your message.

In this article, we will discuss how to use a great example of a famous quote as an intro. Let’s get started!

Example: A good place to start is with a short, clear sentence that makes a strong statement. In his book The Power of Positive Thinking, Norman Vincent Peale wrote, “Success has nothing to do with luck. It happens when you decide things will be different.”

This clearly defines success by stating it directly without any definitions or clarifications. Many people may not agree with this definition, but it does make a bold assertion which sets up the rest of the paragraph.

The rest of the paragraph applies the defining term to show why it is important and appropriate for various situations. This also links back to our initial point – being positive changes your outlook on life, which helps you achieve your goals.

Your subconscious mind learns more quickly from thoughts so having positive ones creates better learning experiences for yourself and others.

Create a topic based on the quote

how to put a famous quote in an essay

Famous quotes are great for adding flavor and tone to your writing. They can be used as theme or emphasis, or even both!

Using a famous quotation as a thematic focus works best when linked directly to the original source. When doing so, make sure to include a reference, otherwise it will not make sense. For example, if the quoted phrase is “I have a dream” then you should probably write about something related to dreams.

The following paragraphs use this structure and show how to put a popular quote into action.

Start writing your essay

how to put a famous quote in an essay

Once you have your introduction, proceed to start writing your main body. The main body is where you organize and structure your ideas and thoughts.

Start by making a topic and then developing a strong argument based on that topic. You can then make a conclusion based on what you learned during the article.

Towards the end of the article, you will also include the famous quote and its source. This way your reader does not have to look up who said this or where it comes from.

Overall, starting an academic paper is similar to starting any other type of writing.

Make a list of famous quotes

how to put a famous quote in an essay

Many students get stuck when writing their essays because they do not know what to write about. They might start with a topic, but then nothing happens after that!

When you are trying to organize your thoughts, it can be hard to find the right flow. So, how does one pick a theme or idea for an essay?

They choose a topic first and then use a quote as supporting evidence. A good topic is one that sparks your interest and makes you feel passionate.

A great way to come up with interesting topics is to read lots of things - books, magazines, blogs, etc. You will also learn more about yourself and others through reading.

Some other ways to create new ideas include talking to people, doing research, going to museums, and attending events. All of these give you knowledge and insights into the world.

I learned some important lessons from watching TV shows. For example, I learned what it takes to be successful by looking at the characters’ personalities and behaviors.

In this article, I will show you three different ways to put a famous quotation in an essay. These examples will help you develop your writing skills and apply them to real life.

Use the quote to inspire your writing

how to put a famous quote in an essay

Sometimes, a short phrase or sentence really strikes us, making an unforgettable impression. These powerful statements work because they make an assertion or claim that we can either agree with or disagree with. They are what psychologists call “affective” — they create emotion.

A famous example of this is when Abraham Lincoln said, "If voting could not change anything, then why should I vote?"

I read an article about how people's preference for candidate A over B changes depending on whether you're given money to choose from for each (candidate A is usually more attractive than candidate B) so there is no true reason to believe that electing one president is worth the cost.

This idea was inspired by another famous statement made by Martin Luther King Jr., who once said, "I have a dream that my four little children may one day live in a nation where they will be truly free.

Reference the source of the quote

how to put a famous quote in an essay

A great way to use a famous saying as inspiration for an essay is to take it from one of its sources or origins. You can do this by doing some research and exploring how the quote was made known to us. For example, if you want to write about why people need community support, then look at what social scientists have to say about that topic and pick out pieces of information that apply to your case.

The same goes for motivational quotes. If you wanted to write about being motivated by money, then look into the source material of “wealthy” people and see what makes them successful. Or if you read his autobiography, then you know what traits Abraham Lincoln had so everyone else could learn from.

You get the idea! Simply looking through past studies on related topics will help you choose which bits of knowledge are important to include in your own writing.

Provide an outline for your blog post based on the topic

how to put a famous quote in an essay

Most people include pictures or illustrations when writing essays, which is fine, but there are times when putting a famous quote into text is the better way to go about it.

There are several reasons why using a well-known saying as a theme and incorporating it into your essay is a good idea. First, most of these quotes have something important to say that can be applied to many different topics. This makes them versatile and interesting to use in other contexts.

Second, some of these quotations stick with you longer than one-liners. A short phrase may not be enough to describe how much this person meant to you, so including more details can help reinforce that feeling.

Third, some of these maxims seem simple and straightforward, but they’re still very powerful. Finding inspiration from these statements can give you new ideas or ways to look at things.