How To Promote Yourself As An Event Planner

By Tiara Ogabang

This article will discuss how to promote yourself as an event planner to have multiple gigs and ultimately make a ton of money as a planner!

As an event planner, people look to you for all sorts of reasons. You may get free food, drinks, or seats at cool events.

You also run into all sorts of interesting people who may be able to help you professionally in the future or just as friends. One of the best ways to get noticed by clients and potential customers is by getting promoted as an event planner.

There are various ways to get promoted, and I will walk you through how to make it happen.

Promote yourself in social media

Social media is the number one way to promote yourself as a planner. Take a look at the hashtags that you can use on Twitter and Facebook.

You will find people who are running events that are similar to what you offer or people who are looking for an event planner who can handle multiple events.

Get involved in events.

Get involved in events.

If you want to promote yourself as an event planner, you need to get involved in events! This may mean being the host of events or even running events yourself.

Whatever the case may be, getting involved is the best way to get noticed.

Get used to getting ready for an event.

One of the worst things that can happen is to be sent out to do something and then be told that they were already too booked to take you.

If you are going to be working on a promotional gig, it is best to arrive early to get yourself all set up for the event.

Once you are ready, you are much more attractive to clients, vendors, and customers.

Talk to people around you.

If you want to get promotions as an event planner, you need to talk to people. Once you have been around the right people, you will begin to be noticed.

Use your social media channels to get yourself noticed. Make an effort to network and talk to people who could help you professionally.

The more you talk to people, the better you will get at what you do.

Respond to emails

While you are networking, be sure to respond to emails that you get in return. Make an effort to keep up with your social media channels and respond to any requests for interviews or any other communication that you receive.

A timely response can be the best way to get a client or customer to book you for their next event.

Respond to text messages

Respond to text messages

Some clients and customers are not keen on having business done over the phone. A text message is much more friendly.

If you get a text message for an event you are working on, respond promptly.

Learn how to use videos

Video content is viral right now and can be a great way to promote yourself as an event planner.

Make sure to have your own video footage so that people can get a sense of who you are.

You can also use videos to promote your event planning business.

Make it simple

One of the biggest barriers that event planners face is their busy schedules. The best way to overcome this barrier is to make sure that your marketing is easy.

This means that you should make it as easy as possible to book yourself for an event. This is a major reason that social media is so popular.

You can easily make an event planner promo video that shows exactly what you do for an event and gets exposure for your event planning business.

Reach out to people

Many people want to hire event planners and are willing to pay for them. One of the best ways to get hired is to reach out to people.

You can get in touch with different people in your industry and see if they would be willing to hire you as an event planner.

Get help

Some say that it is important for event planners to get organized. You can hire an assistant to help you.

You can also ask friends and family to help you when you are busy with a large event or event planning.

Create excitement

Another way that you can market yourself as an event planner is to create excitement.

You can get some exciting marketing material together and go to different events to promote yourself.

The more you promote your event planning business, the more clients you will attract.

Get on the local media.

Get on the local media

Looking at the local media can help to get noticed. Some local papers have event marketing sections where they can feature local event planners.

This can be a good way to get to know other event planners, and it can help get your name out there.

Stay safe

You must always stay safe when you are working with large events or event planning.

Working with big numbers of people in one place can be risky, so you need to make sure that you are protected when working with large events.

Think of your websites and social media channels as an events planning agency

Think of your social media and websites as an events planning agency. Think of it as being an extension of your professional event planning business.

You want to reach out to people and make it as easy as possible to book you for their next event.


If you are an event planner, you need to work hard to make yourself as appealing as possible. With social media, video content, and web marketing, you can promote yourself and your business.