How to Promote Yourself as a Life Coach: The 2 Most Important Tips

By Tiara Ogabang

Expand your life coaching brand with these tips

As the health and wellness movements continue their expansion across the world, never has there been a better time to become a life coach then right now.

With the rise of the Internet, social media, and all sorts of other digital platforms, there has never been a time where it is easier for a life coach to build a business and have a bigger impact than right now.

To build your business, promote your brand

Perhaps the most important element of building your business as a life coach promotion.

To have the maximum wellness effect on as many clients as possible, You'll want to make sure that you're getting the word out about how you can help people improve themselves and their lives.

There are a plethora of ways that you can promote yourself as a life coach, and most of these are ways that you can do yourself without help from a professional.

That said, big-time marketing requires big-time oversight, so don't be surprised if cost-benefit analysis yields that the best move is to outsource or hire someone to help.

Tip 1: Be accessible

The Coach Space

As a life coach, people are going to let you into their lives in ways other professionals or not.

As a result, it's important for life coaches to be easily accessible to both current clients and prospective clients.

Making your self accessible allows you to demonstrate to prospective clients that you're a good listener and someone who isn't a "one-size-fits-all" consultant.

Making yourself accessible doesn't necessarily mean you have to give your personal cell phone number out to strangers either.

Here are a few ways you can make yourself accessible while still maintaining your privacy:

Have a high-quality website with a contact box

Something we often say here a promo panda is that websites are the new version of a storefront for most businesses. Even if what you communicate as a life coach isn't related to technology, .It's important that you have a pleasant looking, well-running website that makes it easy for people to send you an email or other written message.

Once you actually set up your website, be sure to check and respond to all the messages that come in regularly!

Use social media

Another important client-facing touchpoint is social media.

Creating a dedicated social media profile or page that only discusses and includes content about your work as a life coach can be a great way to give both current and prospective clients a look at what you can do.

Remember that your goal is to be a life coach, not an YouTuber or an IG influencer. So don't think that you have to spend too much time creating and publishing social media content in order to make good use of the platforms.

Occasional posting is just fine, and if nothing else, it will remind those around you of what you do and that you are constantly active.

Tip 2: Make yourself visible

Social Media

Making yourself visible is a little bit different from making or south accessible. When it comes to visibility, the goal is to make sure that people who are looking for a life coach are able to consistently and easily find you.

The point here isn't necessarily to assume that everybody looking for you wants to contact you – or at least not yet.

The idea is that good promotion is all about cementing yourself in the minds of all sorts of different people, especially the types of people who would be apt to hire your services.

Online visibility and reputation are key

We've already discussed a little bit about social media, which is a great way to make sure that you are visible (and accessible) online.

But there are a number of other key ways that you can improve the general visibility that doesn't necessarily require a direct line of communication between you and prospective clients.

The power of media coverage

Digital media coverage, for example, is a fantastic way to reach prospective clients or people who would otherwise want to get in touch with you.

Getting written up in a lifestyle blog, for example, may result in a large number of readers learning about you and your services. It is reasonable that some percentage of those readers will then seek out a way to contact you.

Combine this visibility and enhanced reach (by way of the blog's readers) with the aforementioned accessibility (by way of a website or social media), and you've got a recipe to get a HUGE number of inquiries that you wouldn't otherwise have!

Hiring a PR representative or a publicist is a great way to jumpstart this type of promotion, and take the burden of reaching out to blogs off your shoulders.

Easier still is using apps like Promo Panda – all you need to do is create an account, upload your information, and the app can start finding you media opportunities across the web.

Traditional advertising

The last type of promotion that we want to talk about is advertising.

By this, we mean all sorts of different advertising:  ads on social media (like Facebook), search engine ads (like Google), radio ads, TV ads, etc.

One of the biggest benefits of traditional ads and paying for clicks and traffic is that it's instantaneous.

If you want to get eyes on you and your name in an instant, just use ads!

However, Advertising successfully can take a lot of data analysis. It's actually much more difficult than you might think to create an enticing advertisement that you know for sure will bring in clients.

More precarious still is the fact that, with social media ads especially, you can spend a TON of money very quickly, and if you're not careful, you can be out tens of thousands of dollars without seeing a penny in return.

If you want to journey into this type of promotion, we highly recommend that you seek out a professional to assist you.

Now get out there and start promoting yourself!

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