How To Promote Your Music With NO MONEY

By Tiara Ogabang

This article will discuss the 10 best ways to promote your music even if you have no money. I hope you will learn something from this post, because I believe that it will help you improve your music and reach a wider audience.

Making money from music is difficult in this day and age, and marketing music without a budget is even more difficult.

You have to accept this fact now and stop dreaming about making it big in the music business without putting in the time and effort. Your dreams will never come true if you don’t work for them.

On the other hand, I believe that the most important thing is to be creative and explore your creativity and stay away from unimportant things that could keep you from doing the things that matter.

So how can you promote a song you’ve written for free?

A few tips to start you off

You may have heard about social media promotions such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. They may seem to be easy, but they are not. You have to plan your strategy carefully to reach a wide audience. Here are my recommendations:

1. Post on social media

Post on social media

Yes, the most important FREE marketing tool is social media.

Use these networks for promotion of your music. However, you should be very active on these networks to maintain a good reputation. This means that you should share your news about your music with your audience, post cool pictures and videos, and post messages with your fans.

People will trust your new music more if you tell them in person. This is the perfect time to promote your music, and you will gain more fans for free. This is true, don’t forget about it.

2. Be nice to your fans

Make it a habit to send a thank you message to your fans every now and then. This is the best way to get new fans. I know you will also send some of them a free song for some of them.

3. Listen to feedback

This is a second secret of my success. I love to listen to people’s comments about my music. What I hear makes me better and better.

So, share your new music with your friends and let them tell you what they like and what they don’t like. After some time you will be able to detect which part of your music is the best.

4. Be passionate about your music

Be passionate about your music

Don’t listen to other musicians. Make your own music. This is very important. You are the one who creates your own world.

5. Use search engines

Search engines make it easy to promote your music and to find out where it is heard. Make sure your music is listed in Google Search, Google Play and Apple iTunes. However, don’t expect too much. People still look for new music through conventional music channels. If your song is played on these channels, you should be happy.

6. Email all your fans

Don’t forget about your fans.

They are the reason why you are successful, and you must contact them every now and then. You can use a special e-mail address to contact your fans, and use Facebook, Twitter and any other social networks to post your new songs.

7. Develop your new music

Of course, don’t forget about your old songs. But you have to write new songs and prepare a music video as well.

Make them, send them to your fans for free, and make them known by posting them on Youtube or other social networks.

8. Make a business plan

Make a business plan

You have to start planning for your music career from now on.

You should create a budget and keep it on paper. Don’t forget to include money for travel expenses, food, clothes, and other expenses.

Also, write down your expenses for your website, web hosting, YouTube account, photo uploader, sound recordist, videos, postcards, website domain registration and a yearly fee for your webmaster.

9. Be patient and don’t try to promote your songs too soon

Your music will be a success only if you promote it while you are thinking it will be a success.

Don’t try to promote your new music too soon. Wait for a while, and then see if people are ready to listen to it.

10. Don't give up in face of struggle

There is no denying that being a musician can be one of the most financially draining, soul-destroying and mentally difficult creative pursuits that a person can participate in.

This should not come as a shock to anyone as the average music career span has recently fallen to approximately four years before musicians burn out and are at the same time burnt out.

The struggles faced by musicians can become all too apparent as the pursuit becomes an endless cycle of deadlines, bad press, laziness, bad politics and just plain being shit. But in order to become a successful artist, one needs to find the passion that drives them and sometimes this can be the hardest thing to grasp.

Spending a little bit of money, WISELY

We have just gone through all the ways you can promote your music without spending money, but what if you want to spend a bit of money to take the pressure of you and have someone else promote your music?

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