How To Promote My Music On Youtube

By Promo Panda Staff

YouTube is the most widely used music video site in the world. Now it has over a billion monthly users. So the fact that you do not have your own account yet should not stop you from promoting yourself on Youtube.

There are so many ways to get to 1000 subscribers on YouTube, that it is hard to know which one to choose. So what you should do is start doing something to get more subscribers, then see what’s working. This will help you gain the subscribers you need.

Not sure how to promote your music on YouTube? No worries. Read this article and you will get tips and ideas for promoting your music and gaining subscribers quickly.

Let’s get started.

Before you even think about doing anything else, you need to have a place on YouTube where your fans can find you.

The two most common ways to do that are to create a channel or to be a part of an artist group.

Create a YouTube channel

The main reason to create a channel is that the community is so big, that you can go on YouTube and find plenty of experts who can help you. You also can find lots of free stuff, like backgrounds and posters, that you can use for free on your channel. You can earn lots of fans and make a lot of money from them too, by using a coupon code.

That’s all great, but the best part is, that if you don’t like a YouTube video, you can edit it yourself, or replace it with a better version later, and then upload the new version.

Use Youtube Ad Campaigns

Use Youtube Ad Campaigns

Youtube offers a unique type of advertising called Youtube Ad Campaigns. This is one of the least expensive methods of promoting your music.

You will receive a few keywords and the ad will only appear if you are featuring a lot of those keywords. Make sure to keep the keywords related to your music. It is also a good idea to pay to show up in the organic results of google search, if your video is relevant.

If you use a large budget, you will receive additional features such as the ability to pick your keywords, and it will automatically be placed on the right spot on YouTube, usually at the top.

Using Facebook Ads for Your Music Videos

This is a great way to promote your videos. You will receive a lot of traffic from Facebook, and if your video is on the facebook website, you will be able to receive some traffic there as well.

You can pick the people who view your video and they will receive an email notification and the link to the video. You can also target your video to people who have liked your page.

The cost is about the same as YouTube and there are some additional benefits of using Facebook. It is very effective at getting people to your website, but you will receive higher ad ranking on Google, which can benefit you in the long run.

Using Twitter Ads for your music videos

Using Twitter Ads for your music videos

This is a paid advertising method that is more suited for artists with a large following. It is ideal for people who already have a large following, and that’s why it’s good to target specific audiences to maximize the potential of your ad campaign.

You will receive a set amount of Twitter Ads to use, and you will be able to select a different audience. The set amount is a flat amount, and depends on the amount of followers you have, but in most cases the basic amount is more than enough to promote your videos.

You can target specific audiences or events to have your ads shown to. You will also be able to direct your audience to a specific page where they can buy the product or hear more about your music.

Get people to blog about your music video

The best way to get views is by people coming to your video organically.

The main way that people come to videos who are looking for new music is by music blogs.

Therefore pitching your video to various blogs in your genre space can be a good idea to promote your music.

How do I pitch my music to blogs?

The traditional way of pitching your music to blogs is by using a publicist. A publicist has experience in connecting blogs with artists and finding the best fit for both parties.

However, publicists can be pretty expensive and not very reliable. Promo Panda is our web service that provides online PR at a fraction of what a traditional publicist charges.

Promo Panda also guarantees that we will get you blog coverage (because if we don't we will refund you!) so that you don't have to worry about publicists that don't get results.

Make money off YouTube promotion

There is a need to rank well and receive the maximum exposure possible. The more views you get, the more people are likely to pay attention to your music and possibly purchase the song. It’s a cycle.

You can make money off the videos you put on YouTube. They are free to share, and if you make it easy for them to buy your music, you can do very well from them. You can make money from ads, links, and videos. You can also get a referral bonus for each