How To Promote Music Naturally

By Promo Panda Staff

What is natural promotion?

This article will discuss how to promote music naturally and offers more details on how to do so in a few simple steps.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of promotion for music is whether it’s at a concert or on the radio or on streaming services. This is only half the story, and very rarely is it the whole story. The other half is the smaller but very powerful way in which music gets promoted and supported.

When you think of promotion, you might be thinking of ads on radio, TV and the internet. While ads can be extremely effective, they are not the most powerful promotion for music. The truth is, most people only hear advertisements and don’t notice the message.

People are often unaware of how much the station promotion costs, and if they do, they will only see the commercials during a particular time period. People often see them as a nuisance and choose not to engage. You see, people don’t tend to listen to a station’s advertisements for long, and usually only hear them for a short period of time. When you’re promoting music, you’re doing it for a much longer period of time, so it’s in your favor that you actually hear it.

Find blogs to write about your music

Get mentioned in evergreen content

One of the best ways to build buzz about your music naturally is through content that stays on the internet forever. Traditional advertisement, via Facebook or otherwise, is only temporary, and once it runs out, so will the clicks.

Blog articles on the other hand can get clicks for years if the content is evergreen.

The best way to get evergreen content is to get a mention in a high performing article/blog. Promo Panda finds media opportunities for artists in these blogs and our artists we work with are much more satisfied than traditional advertising.

How to promote music naturally using social media

An effective way to promote your music naturally is to use social media. You can promote your music on Instagram, and connect with others. You can also use YouTube and Twitter.

On Instagram, you can use filters on your posts to show your followers new songs and new tracks. Use hashtags to show your followers what’s up.

On YouTube, you can use various types of videos, or simply one long video. Your content should be short but make an impact. Also, you can post daily video updates using Snapchat or Vine.

Twitter is the most misunderstood social media platform, as many people associate it with bad news. Use it to market your music, to show off new releases and new videos and pictures. It’s also an effective way to promote live performances.

I will be the first to admit that there is a time and place for all of these platforms, and at the right time. But if you use social media to promote your music and you are trying to reach a large audience, you will not be able to do so if you’re focusing on one platform, rather than the whole list.

The important thing is to be consistent and focus on your audience’s main areas of interest.

To help you make sense of it all, here are some examples of music promotion and strategies:

Marketing to specific countries

To promote your music to a specific country, you can use these approaches:

Host a contest with Facebook and Twitter . Take the lead in promoting your contest. Share the contest on your social media profiles, especially your website’s blog. A good way to spread the word is to include the contest’s hashtag and Twitter handle in all your posts.

This will also reach your followers that aren’t on your social media profiles. You can have competitions for followers and fans who buy your music, as well as for followers who share your music with others on social media.

You can also have competitions for your fans who are fans of other artists, bands and musicians. The most important thing is to promote the competition and make it competitive for people to win, as it’s also a good way to engage your audience. Provide giveaways and prizes. You can also give away tickets and meet-and-greets.

Host a live concert for fans who have joined your fan club. You can also host concerts for people in their countries of residence or in the different territories where your music is in demand.

Host concerts in other countries. If you have tour dates to perform in the US or Europe, offer them to other countries, to engage a worldwide audience.

Build your fan base in the US

To get the best exposure for your music in the US, you need to target it with different marketing strategies:

Market your music to local artists and fans of local music. Get them to like your music, and offer your fans a chance to connect with artists in their countries.

If you are in the US, host a concert for fans in that country.

If you are in the US, hire an A&R person or a PR person that works in that market. It is worth it, because an A&R person or PR person will help you to reach the right audience for your music.

A&R people work at labels or record companies, while PR people at press agencies, who normally promote music, can also help you.