How To Promote Music Locally in Punjab

By Tiara Ogabang

This article will discuss how to promote music locally. This is a complete article, and there are many things discussed in this article. However, the main points mentioned here are the following:

  • Steps to be taken to promote music
  • Pick talented artists
  • Consistency in work
  • Business model
  • General talk

How to promote music

How to promote music

Music promotion is the very best way of bringing people together. It creates a bonding between the music listener and the musician. The music listener is passionate about music and can relate his life to the music and the musician.

A song's profit is not what one usually sees in the videos of music videos, but it is the meaning of the music, and the attachment people share with music.

The more people you can introduce to your music, the better your marketing plan will be.

The business model of music promotion is different in each region of the country. The business model for singing, playing music, promoting music, and performing live music is different in the different regions.

The business model of music promotions in local Punjab

Punjab is the heart of music and is always willing to promote good music. The Punjab government recently launched a music festival in Lahore to promote Lahore.

However, Punjab is more than just Lahore. The difference in Punjab's business model is more or less similar to the rest of the country.

If the Punjab government launches a music festival, it will cost a lot of money compared to the rest of the country. The organizers of the music festival are going to spend millions of rupees on it.

This money will be spent on the logistics, promotion of the festival, decorations, projection of the videos, and security arrangements. As the government has put all its money into promoting the festival, the money will go into marketing and the production of the music videos.

If the government of Punjab wants to promote good music, it needs to afford the entire set of musicians. This is not possible in any other part of the country and only in Punjab can you afford good musicians, which will attract more people towards your music.

How to promote music in Punjab

How to promote music in Punjab

For promoting music in Punjab, it is necessary to have a solid marketing and PR team. A marketing and PR team is crucial to organize a music festival.

You can have a marketing team in Lahore and launch the music festival in Lahore, but then you will have to promote music from Lahore to the rest of the country, which will cost a lot of money.

The problem with marketing teams is that they are underpaid, and the number of people required to make this marketing team is also too many. For example, if you have a marketing team in Lahore, you will have to pay that team all their salaries, not to have any income.

Since the marketing team cannot make any income, then they will not have the ability to promote music.

In Punjab, the music festivals happen in Lahore, and their destination is Lahore only.

Hence, if the marketing team is from Lahore, then the entire festival needs to be held in Lahore, and after the festival, it should be promoted all the way till the people in other parts of the country listen to the music. For the marketing team to do that, it will cost a lot of money.

The whole marketing team needs to be paid. There is no money for the other members. This marketing team needs to do something on a large scale for a whole year. This is the reason why Lahore is the only choice for any other part of the country.

In Punjab, there are many talented singers, but the singers fail to make a good start. This is because of the limited number of people who like Punjabi music.

This limited number of people liking Punjabi music is the marketing and PR efforts that have been put in this segment. The Punjab government only needs to do that, then the number of people liking Punjabi music will increase.

If the number of people liking Punjabi music increases, you will have to promote it and create awareness. And if you promote Punjabi music throughout the country, then the music scene will increase.

Before that, you have to make sure that you have the right musicians in your band. You cannot start a music band with unknown musicians.

In Punjab, the music scene is saturated with many popular musicians, making it difficult to find new singers. The people who sing in Punjab are already known, and hence, it’s difficult to get new singers.

The reasons are that Punjab is like a small world, and the music scene is in the hands of the people who already have the market for their music, meaning the ones who know how to run their music business and get their music to be heard.

If you want to promote music in Punjab, you need to take these musicians, promoters, and DJs in your team and start creating a music scene. If this is done, you will attract more people, and more promoters will be able to promote more music.

What to do

What to do

Unfortunately, Punjab is not able to promote its music. You can see most Punjabi singers performing in Punjab are not performing in other parts of the country.

If the government can’t promote music, then the artists who can promote their music should be supported in every possible way.

It’s great if people in Punjab are making music, but Punjab cannot promote the music scene, so let the artists who are currently in Punjab do what they can.

In other parts of the country, the music scene is less crowded than in Punjab, which means they are less competitive and the rules are not as strict as in Punjab.

One of the reasons why Punjab cannot promote its music is because all of the music is said to be Punjabi. Because the people living in Punjab are biased towards their own music, they do not support other musicians and singers.

Because of this lack of support, Punjab artists do not have the opportunity to perform in other parts of the country. To promote your music in Punjab, you need to push it to other parts of the country by creating a larger market for the music in Punjab.