How To Print Employment Visa Online

By Tiara

Finding employment can be tough, even for experienced job seekers. With the explosion of technology, however, finding new jobs has never been easier. Gone are the days when you’d have to physically visit an employer’s office to be considered for a position.

With the help of digital tools, your online presence is one of the most important factors in getting hired. If you’re looking to change positions or need some extra work, it’s time to update yours!

While it may sound cliché, having a strong social media profile will really boost your career opportunities. Many employers look at LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to determine if someone fits their company culture. If you want to make a good impression, invest in professional accounts that highlight your skills and demonstrate your professionalism.

There’s also another way to print visa documents online – via FastTrac. We’ll talk more about them later in this article! For now, though, let’s review some helpful tips for printing employee visas online.

Tips When Printing Employee Visas Online

We’ve discussed before how difficult it can be to find employment beyond just searching for openings through general resources like and It’s not surprising then that many individuals don’t know what to do once they do find a position.

That’s where we come into play.

Read the instructions provided by your visa service provider

Even though it may seem like there is not much to do, reading the instructions from your visa service can be very helpful in determining how to print your employment visa!

Some services have you upload your passport information as well as details about the employee that will use the visa, and this can make the process easier for them. They also may ask you to choose a printer so they can prepare the document using their software before printing.

Most of these services offer free trial prints, which is great because you don’t want to pay money only to find out that the quality isn’t good enough.

Prepare your documents

The next step in printing your employment visa is making sure you have all of your documentation ready. You will need to make sure that you do not miss anything during this process, as these items play an important part in confirming your identity and ensuring your success in coming into the country.

It is very common to forget something before submitting your application, so it is good to be prepared ahead of time!

You should also remember to check your applications several times before sending them off because sometimes things get lost in translation or due to human error.

Print your visa

When you are ready to print your employment visa, make sure that you have all of your documents together and organized.
You can now print your I-94 form directly from our website! Just log into your account using your email and password, then click “Employment Visas” under My Jobs at the top of the page.

From there, you will be able to access the most recent version of I-9I forms as well as I-129F forms. Both require you to enter your name, employee number, employer ID, and job title. You also have the option to upload additional documents or pictures.

Once everything is finished, hit “Print Form” to get started! We recommend doing this as soon as possible because it takes some time for us to update the site and direct printer requests to us.

Ensure Verification and Authenticity

When seeking employment overseas, the authenticity of your visa is paramount. There have been instances where fraudulent visa services scam individuals into paying for fake documents. It’s crucial to ensure that the service you use is legitimate and reputable.

  1. Research the visa service: Before using any online visa printing service, conduct thorough research. Check for reviews online, ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues, and check if they are affiliated with any official government agencies.
  2. Look for seals and certifications: Most legitimate visa service websites will have verifications or seals from recognized institutions. This indicates that they adhere to a certain standard of service and professionalism.
  3. Contact customer service: Engaging with a company's customer service can give you a feel for their professionalism and authenticity. If they are hard to reach or evasive in their answers, consider it a red flag.

Take your visa to the nearest embassy or consulate

how to print employment visa online

It is very important to know how to print an employment visa online before you go looking for work overseas, especially if you are just starting out.

Most countries have embassies and consulates that handle visa applications on their behalf. This way, they take care of all the paperwork, and you only need to show up at a designated time to meet with a counselor or assistant who will help you complete the form and process your visa.

The number of jobs available to international students in America is ever-growing, but it can be difficult finding one that fits what you want to do and has enough income to pay off student loans.

Post-Printing: Protecting Your Documents

Once you've printed your employment visa, it's vital to protect these crucial documents to ensure they remain intact and legible.

  1. Laminate or place in protective sleeves: Laminating your visa or placing it inside a protective sleeve can protect it from accidental spills, tears, or smudges. Remember, a damaged visa might cause problems upon entry or during official verification.
  2. Store in a secure location: Keep your visa and other essential documents in a secure location, like a locked drawer or a safe. This will safeguard them from theft or loss.
  3. Make digital backups: Scan or take clear photos of your visa and store them securely online or in a digital device. This ensures that you have a backup should the physical copy get lost or damaged. However, remember that while digital backups can be useful, the original document is always required for official purposes.

Remember, when it comes to securing a job abroad, being meticulous and thorough with your visa and other documentation can save you from potential hassles and inconveniences in the future. Always prioritize your document's safety and authenticity.

Fill out the visa application

how to print employment visa online

The next step in printing your employment visa is to fill out the necessary personal information, proof of income, and other documents that show you meet the requirements for working in Canada.

This includes showing that you have enough money to support yourself while here, as well as proving that you are legally eligible to work in Canada.

You will also need to include your passport details, which can be found under “Where To Send Your Passport For Filing” earlier in this article. Once all of these things are complete, hit submit and wait!

We cannot stress how important it is to make sure everything is completed correctly before submitting. If anything looks wrong or incomplete we do not know if that information was left out accidentally or because someone did not want to commit making changes online.

So, take your time and check everything twice before hitting send.

Deposit your application

how to print employment visa online

After you have completed all of your applications, it is time to deposit them! Most visa agencies require a good amount of money as a deposit or collateral. This is so that they can ensure that no one files the documents under fake names for fraud purposes.

Mostly, the agency will ask for a thousand dollars- this is common practice. Make sure to check with each individual company before depositing though, some may be lenient with their requirements.

Make sure to keep your remaining cash somewhere safe until your appointment at the embassy or consulate. You do not want to lose access to the money if there was an emergency while you were away!

Some days you just need to put in extra effort to get things done. When life gets busy, staying organized can easily slip by.

Wait for approval

how to print employment visa online

After you have gathered all of your documents, it is time to actually print off your visa. Most immigration offices allow you to do this online or via their mobile app.

To save money by printing at home, be sure to go through an established website that has good reviews. Make sure to check out both positive and negative feedback before buying a ticket!

Some companies will even send a courier to pick up the document from the office so that you do not need to take responsibility for getting them there. This way, you can focus on other things like work while they are being delivered.

If you would rather print at a local embassy or consulate, then find one close to where you live and ask if they offer visa services. Some countries only offer passport services however, which may not include paper visas.

Get your passport and visa in the mail

how to print employment visa online

It is easy to forget that before you leave for a trip, you need to make sure all of your important documents are in order. The same goes for when you’re looking for employment outside of your country!

If you find yourself needing to print an employment visa online, you will have to ensure that you have enough time to get it done before you head out on business. This can be tricky if you don’t know what time your job interview is or how long it will take to process your paperwork.

Luckily, we have some great tips here for you.