How To Play Fashion Famous On Xbox

By Tiara

If you are looking to take your fashion game up a few notches, then it is time to pick your console of choice and start exploring! Luckily, gaming consoles have gotten much easier to use as technology has advanced.

Most newer video games now feature in-game tutorials or modes that teach players how to perform certain tasks. These tutorials usually focus on fundamentals like moving around a map, shooting targets, or performing specific actions such as dressmaking or hairstyling.

By learning the basics of gameplay, you will be able to more easily pick up new styles and features. And while some people may say that spending hours upon hours practicing looks is a bit excessive, having a little extra work can really help you become a pro at designing clothes.

There are many free and low cost apps and sites that can get you started with basic design tools. You do not need to spend lots of money to achieve an impressive look. Many people already have great style that they share online so there are plenty of sources for inspiration.

Read the instruction manual

how to play fashion famous on xbox

Playing fashion games is great, but there’s just one problem – the game instructions are never-ending! There will be an explanation about how to play the game, then a quick tip or two, and finally a button list with very little context.

It can get pretty frustrating trying to figure out what everything does while you are in battle or exploring the map. It also wastes your time because you have to start all over again when you realize that part of the gameplay has you doing something else.

The best way to learn this game is by reading the full depth instruction manual. You can find it easily online or at the store for either console. The manuals are written more clearly than anything else, so even if you already know some basics they may still be helpful to read through.

There are lots of ways to organize the information so make sure you pick one that makes the most sense to you.

Play the game

how to play fashion famous on xbox

This article will talk you through how to play fashion famous as simply as possible! While there are some items that require you spend money, most of the gameplay is free to enjoy. There are two main ways to level up in this mobile game- by earning coins or spending real cash.

To earn coins, you must complete tasks for other players either via the task queue or by creating your own task and offering rewards for it. The more tasks you do, the more coins you get paid per hour!

By completing quests and missions, you’ll be rewarded with lots of coins and spins which let you try out new outfits and features. These reward slots can also be traded for extra avatars, stickers, and jewelry.

Learn how to perform all of the stunts

how to play fashion famous on xbox

Stunt jumping is one of the most entertaining ways to play fashion games on Xbox. These tricks are called fashion jumps or trick leaps. They typically involve diving into, hanging from, or leaping over something or someone!

There’s no wrong way to do it, but some are considered better than others. Some people like doing box drapes, where you drop onto a surface with your arms extended. Others prefer lower kicks, where they hang off of the ground.

The key thing about these moves is that they have to be done in style! If you aren’t putting in the effort into making them look cool then what’s the point?

Luckily, we’ve gathered some helpful tips here for you to try out. Now you can say “wow my game just got upgraded by several notches!” Keep reading to learn more about how to successfully pull off some fashion jumps.

Challenge your friends

how to play fashion famous on xbox

If you want to play fashion famous, there are two main things you need to do aside from playing against other people. The first is challenge yourself by trying out new outfits or finding new ways to style an item of clothing.
For example, did you know that it’s possible to dress up a pair of jeans with a shirt and leather jacket? Or how about putting pants under a skirt? It may sound weird, but it works!
Try out new styles by looking through pictures and videos of fashionable looks on the internet and give it a shot. You never know what will work for you until you try it.
The second way to challenge yourself comes in the form of competition. Find someone close to you who loves fashion and have them be a friend by letting them add you on social media sites like Instagram and then chat with them regularly.
This person can watch your fashion exploits and inspire them to start investing in new clothes as well.

Buy all of the outfits

how to play fashion famous on xbox

While playing as fashion famous you will need to spend money in the game to purchase new clothing for yourself or others. You can perform stunts while dressed up, so don’t wear something that would get stuck!

You can earn extra money by creating new looks and selling them either directly online or through the marketplace. By spending money on new clothes, you will eventually level-up and be able to buy better and more expensive clothing.

There is no cost to play The Outfit Designer unless you want to unlock some additional content such as story modes or special characters. Once unlocked, these levels do not have to be played to enjoy the rest of the game.

The best way to make money in Fashion Star is by investing in the market and staying on top of what products are trending.

Try on each of the outfits

how to play fashion famous on xbox

Now that you have your look figured out, it’s time to try it on! You can do this by creating an account at Once there, pick any outfit and click “Try On.”

You will then be able to choose whether you want to dress up in the clothing as yourself or as another character. For today's article, we are going to play as our favorite fashionista herself — Taylor Swift!

If you would like some help choosing how to portray her, she has provided us with some tips here. Her most helpful advice is to emphasize her sense of style and add little touches to make the looks their own.

Create your own fashion line

how to play fashion famous on xbox

The next way to play as yourself is through creating your very own style or fashion line! This can be done at any level by either purchasing products or finding product information online and then designing from there!

You will need to find what items go well together to form a collection, and how much of each item you should use in order to make it look like the picture or description.

On the game itself, you will also need to decide if you want to buy all new clothes, re-design old clothes, or mix and match between the two. There are many ways to do this!

There is an option to earn money via sponsored looks which allows you to get paid for being famous, or buying fake expensive clothing so that people believe you have money.

Decide which famous person you want to be

how to play fashion famous on xbox

This is one of the most important steps in fashionizing yourself as an artist! Who you choose to imitate makes a big difference in how your game looks. You can pick anyone from YouTube or popular media such as movies, TV shows, or music that inspires you.

It’s not only what people call “the look” that matters but also the lyrics, style, and personality. What kind of person does this person write like? If you are more confident, then pick someone who has done similar things before and seems successful.

There are many ways to learn about fashion so do some research and experiment with it.