How To Pay Immigrant Visa Application Processing Fee

By Tiara

An immigrant visa is an entry permit that allows you to live in the United States as a non-immigrant. A non-immigrant is defined as someone who intends to remain in America for less than one year, or has a significant amount of money to spend while here.

Most people are aware that there is a processing fee when applying for an immigrant visa, but few know how to pay it. In this article, we will go over all the information about paying your application processing fees!

We will also discuss some helpful tips for individuals looking to apply for an immigrant visa.

Make sure your passport is valid and up to date

how to pay immigrant visa application processing fee

If you are still unable to pay for visa application processing, then make sure your passport is current and valid. You can check this by going to which has all of the latest information about passports, including expiration dates.

If possible, make sure your name is correct in both English and French. This way, the embassy will know that you have proof of legal identity.

Some countries require you to bring two copies of an ID, one of which must be either picture or print-based. These documents should match!

It’s very important to remember that if you need to renew your US passport, it will cost more than double to apply for one again. So, before buying anything else, make sure your passport is at least six months old.

Make sure your bank account is verified with the government

how to pay immigrant visa application processing fee

If you are paying an application processing fee through a third party, make sure your bank account has been verified with the federal government or at least that you know who owns the business!

It’s very common for visa companies to pay fees using credit cards or debit cards. Unfortunately, most of these cards cannot be directly linked to you as a person. Someone else uses the card to make payments, and it gets transferred onto your account if there is a balance left over.

This can easily happen when the company goes out of business or closes down their accounts. Because of this, it may not be easy to get your money back. You might still be able to talk to them about getting your money back, but it will come with a lot of headaches.

We recommend being aware of where your money is going so if something happens, you are at least partially protected.

Pay the application fee

how to pay immigrant visa application processing fee

The second way to pay your visa processing fees is to go onto our website at VISAFREESAMPLE.US and choose one of our sample applications. You can then pick and choose what components you want us to include in your own application, and how many copies you need!

This is very helpful as it gives you an idea of what things look like and how much everything costs before you apply so that you are not overpaying or under paying.

We have included all of the forms such documents as I-129 forms, ETA job offers, house statements, etc., so you do not need to worry about looking for those yourself!

Once you are ready to submit your application, you will be able to use our easy payment system to either log into your account or create a new one if you do not already have one.

Confirm the receipt of the application fee

how to pay immigrant visa application processing fee

After receiving your visa application, you will need to confirm that you have paid the processing fees! This can be done in one of two ways- via email or through an online portal where you can view your account.

If you do not receive confirmation within seven days, then it is possible that your visa has been denied due to insufficient funds being deposited for payment of the application process.

You should re-apply at this time as it may take some time before we hear back from the consulate again.

Create your profile on the U.S. Embassy website

how to pay immigrant visa application processing fee

In addition to completing all of the application forms, you will also need to create an account on the United States embassy’s visa processing site. This is done through their online portal where you can view, edit, and pay for various services such as passport pictures, medical exams, and more.

The fee for applying for a tourist or business visa is dependent on two things: the type of visa and whether it is a new applicant or an existing holder renewing their visa. The cost varies per country and depends on the number of applications being processed at that time.

There are three main types of visas you can apply for from the Tourist Visas (30 days or less), Business Visas (greater than 30 days- up to one year) and Student Visas (up to four years). Each of these have different application fees depending on if they are being applied for as a first time visitor, returning visit, or long term stay.

Apply for your visa

how to pay immigrant visa application processing fee

After you have gathered all of your documents, you can now begin applying for your immigrant visa. There are two main ways to apply for an immigration visa- through a travel agency or via online application services.

Most major international airlines offer pre-paid visa service providers that help process visas quickly and professionally. This is ideal since you do not need to pay extra to hire a professional agent to handle this step for you.

By using these service providers, it will also give you more information about the process and how much money to expect from income.

These fees are usually included in the cost of the airline ticket, making it easy to finance the trip.

Wait for visa approval

how to pay immigrant visa application processing fee

After you have gathered all of your documents, it is time to process your application! The next step in applying for a non-immigrant work visa or immigrant visa depends on two things: 1) whether you are already living in Canada at the time you apply for permission to stay here longer, and 2) how long it takes us to process your application.

If you’re not yet living in Canada, then your plan is to live here soon after arriving. In this case, we can help you find housing and put you in touch with local services that can assist you with immigration paperwork.

Once you are able to live in Canada, you will need to inform Immigration about where you are staying and when you expect to leave. This way, they know you will be available to come back to Canada if their department needs you to return before you enter the job market here.

After submitting your applications, there is an automatic hold placed on your passport. This means that you cannot travel until your visa has been issued. While some people feel this is unnecessary, it does give our officials extra time to check everything about your life in Canada and make sure it is safe for you to visit.

This article contains helpful information for those who are waiting for a visa decision. Make sure to review these tips before trying to do something else while your application is being processed.

Pay the visa application fee

There is an additional processing fee for every immigrant visa applicant, including spouses and dependents. This fee is not tax deductible. It goes directly towards covering the costs of taking care of you while your case is being processed!

The cost of this visa application service varies slightly depending upon where in the world you are applying from. Some countries require more money be put into their accounts than others do, but none of these fees vary by much.

Most applications now go through a batch process. This way, there’s no need to pay extra per person because the system automatically adds the appropriate amount to all the cases at once.

You will typically be charged after submitting your form but before receiving a receipt.