How To Not Be Famous

By Tiara

Being famous is definitely not easy, nor does it last very long- most people agree! There are many ways you can stay private or avoid becoming well known though, depending on your style of life and how you choose to live yours.

Some ways to remain anonymous include:

Avoid going into notable detail about yourself. Keep conversations superficial and bland. Avoid telling too much personal information as this can be traced back easily.

Do not advertise what products you market or talk about how great they are. This is seen as promotional material which makes your company look more like that product or service than it already might.

Practice limited email use. Do not let friends, family, or coworkers know too much information about you.

Use common sense when being online. Check out profiles, social media pages, and other sources for potential clues.

This article will go over some simple tips to help you with this.

Stay anonymous

how to not be famous

Being famous is definitely not easy, but there are ways you can stay anonymous as long as you contribute something meaningful to society. You can remain unknown while at the same time making an incredible impact online by creating your own website or profile page using free web services.

There are many ways to do this, of course. Creating an Instagram account is one way to start, for example. By staying in stealth mode, you will go unnoticed until you make your presence known.

That’s why it’s so important to choose your username and style wisely! If you want to keep your identity secret, no one will be able to identify you even if you forget your password.

And don’t use real names, unless you really mean it when you say you’re leaving social media forever! “I’m taking my life back” isn’t a very convincing statement.

Become a hermit

how to not be famous

Being famous is probably not the career choice for you if you want to stay that person’s life. You can choose to be very private and keep your personal life separate from your work life.

You can also decide not to interact with media or other people who have made their careers off of promoting yourself and your image.

By staying isolated, you will limit how much influence you have on the public perception of you as an individual and as a professional.

This could prevent you from getting credit for your achievements and limiting opportunities to showcase your talents and skills.

If this sounds like it might be your style then great! But know that it would require significant changes to what you are willing to give up and trust me, most people are not comfortable making such sacrifices.

Businesses depend on interactions with others so quitting completely may not always be the best option.

Stay away from the spotlight

Being famous is great, but you have to know how to stay out of the way while still getting known. You will have to learn how to avoid being surrounded by too many people who recognize you or talk about you frequently.

This is not easy to do if you are someone with strong social skills or if you like attention. However, it’s important to develop this talent if you want to remain anonymous.

You can be very successful at staying private if you use common sense when determining where to draw the line in terms of exposure. Simply saying no to interviews, appearances, and other opportunities is usually enough to keep things under control.

Don’t get into any controversial topics

how to not be famous

Being famous is very different from being well-known. The first usually requires you to provoke an emotional reaction, whereas the second can be more about recognition and admiration.

If your goal is to become famous by speaking out on unpopular issues or expressing yourself without censure, then you have picked the wrong career. It will only set you up for failure!

On the contrary, if your goal is to remain anonymous while doing good, then I would recommend staying away from media as much as possible. Avoid social networking sites, stay off of chat groups and forums, and avoid talking in public unless you are sure that you will not be filmed or recorded.

Doing these things will ensure that most of your efforts go unnoticed at least for now. You could even consider making a quiet living off of it.

Stay clear of social media

how to not be famous

As we already mentioned, being famous is not necessarily a bad thing. It can give you an incredible amount of followers or fans that admire your work and achievements. But just because you’re famous now doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever.

If you really want to remain anonymous, then don’t use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You should also avoid posting pictures or videos online unless you are the kind of person who enjoys sharing very personal information.

By staying off of these websites, people won’t be able to find out too much about you. And if you're living in another country, there's no need to make local appearances either as they can be tracked through their phone numbers and emails.

But remember, while hiding from the world may prevent you from becoming a popular celebrity, it cannot ensure your anonymity in future.

Tell your friends

how to not be famous

Let us look at the first rule clearly – ‘tell your close’-friends how you feel about being famous. If your friend is constantly talking about their successful social media career, or they tell you every little detail of what it takes to be popular online, there may be some reason that makes them seem more like a celebrity than anyone else!

If this describes someone who has become friendly with you, then chances are they have already made an impression and built up trust in you. Now is the time to address the issue directly by telling them if they want to remain loyal allies for the rest of their lives, they must not talk about how to make money off of popularity anymore.

This will only hurt their friendship as people get jealous and feel left out. They might even start bullying or hurting you because you called them out.

Does having a rich lifestyle really make you happier? I hope not, so why would you want to spend your life living such a wealthy existence? Why would you want to be known for spending lots of money when you could instead focus on creating meaningful relationships and serving others?

Running away from your dreams due to fear of becoming very rich can cost you peace of mind and happiness in the long run. You will be chasing something that cannot be found, and likely will never be.

Tell your family

how to not be famous

“Fame” is probably not something most people want, especially at first. Your parents will almost certainly try to discourage you from going into entertainment as a career, which can be hard to process if you already have dreams of being an actor or singer.

They will also likely tell you that even though it’s great to be famous, it’s not necessarily a good thing. They may worry about their daughter becoming too focused on her career and ignoring other things in life like school and hobbies.

But unfortunately, being well known isn’t always a positive thing. It can actually hurt you and your personal relationships, just like any other profession.

Negative effects of fame include:

* Loss of anonymity
* Increased exposure to negative attention or criticism
* Threatened loss of friendship groups and support networks
* Inability to keep certain secrets
* Over-exposure to media coverage and influence

All of these affect your daily life, work and health. Some more than others, but they are still significant. And they’re not trivial to address.

Your family will need to know how you feel about this career choice before they can help you realize your dream.

Tell your coworkers

how to not be famous

Let me get one thing straight, before you start working at this new job, you need to tell everyone you meet that you want to be famous. You must make it very clear to them that you do not want to keep staying late every night to promote yourself and that is what they will get in return if they help you achieve that goal.

It’s hard to believe I would say such a thing but unfortunately, it seems like there are quite a few people out there who think just because someone gets a lot of attention from other people, that person wants their own spotlight too. It may sound crazy but it happens all the time!

I have seen it many times myself, and I’m telling you – it can quickly become annoying. In fact, it usually is pretty irritating.