How To Not Be Famous

By Tiara

Being famous is definitely not easy, but there are some simple things you can do to avoid it happening! The more aware you are of how your life will be exposed to the public, the better chance you have of keeping yourself private.

It’s hard being motivated towards something that could potentially hurt you or others, but staying anonymous may be your best option. While it’s difficult to stay anonymous as someone with a job, you can still keep what you want to focus on in private.

This article will go into detail about several ways to remain anonymous as a student.

Stay relevant

how to not be famous

Being famous is great, but not everyone has what it takes to be famous. Sure, you can be famous for doing something funny or dramatic, but staying in the spotlight longer than necessary is probably not a good idea.

If you’re already famous, stay at your current level of fame by keeping yourself focused on projects that help you remain popular. You will need to turn down some opportunities if they feel like too much of an uphill battle to maintain your status.

Running into more difficult challenges will keep you engaged and busy, so make sure to accept such invitations with caution.

As you climb out of the very top tier, there are ways to start developing new skills and knowledge that could get you back into the headlines. This is especially true if you have run dry of original ideas.

Staying relevant is one of the hardest things to do as someone who wants their name to continue rising. But don't worry, you're still pretty likely to succeed if you know how to play the game.

Don’t get too big too fast

how to not be famous

Being famous is great, but you have to know what it means before you can be in a position to achieve that goal. It’s easy to gain notoriety when your face is known all over the place, but this isn’t necessarily the way to stay popular (or even recognizeable).

Unless you are Beyoncé, staying under the radar is the better strategy if you want to avoid being labeled as “famous.” You will still make money, but not like someone who is actively promoting themselves. This is true for both accomplished artists and everyday people who are well-known for their work or lifestyle choices.

Avoid getting too attached to the fame, because it won’t last forever.

Stay in school

how to not be famous

Being famous is great for your personal life, but not for your career! Education is one of the most important things you can do to keep yourself from becoming too popular or making the wrong choices.

Education gives you the tools to succeed in many areas of life, including keeping your job. If you are already working full time, you should consider whether attending this college is worth it. It may be better to look into less expensive schools with similar programs.

If you still want to attend this college, try spending some money by buying used books online or at local bookstores. Or if you’re willing to spend more money, visit community centers and public universities to see if there are any scholarships being given out during student events.

Another option is to search for part-time jobs near your home so that you don’t have to travel very far. This way you will probably save money while having additional income.

I hope I made some valuable points about how to avoid becoming famous and what to do instead.

Stay in touch with your friends

how to not be famous

Being famous means being surrounded by lots of people, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be friendly with everyone. You can still stick around your old friends and keep in contact with them, but now there may be more eyes watching you as you do so.

It’s impossible to know what kind of person someone really is until you are able to look past all the media stories about them.

A lot of times, particularly before social media, people kept their private lives private because they didn’t want anyone to find out. Now, it’s the other way around – people feel like they have to make themselves available to every eye ever since coming into public knowledge.

This is especially true for young celebrities, some of whom seem to think that once they enter into the spotlight, they become entitled to certain things. They expect to be treated like royalty while simultaneously laying claim to whatever area of life they choose to include others in.

Become a better friend

how to not be famous

Being famous is great, but not everyone has what it takes to be famous. Some people are more popular than others because they put in effort into developing relationships with other people.

They spend time with their friends, actively listening to them and trying to learn from them. They make an effort to keep up-to-date on what they know by reading books and studying courses.

These people would never get too big or powerful if we all didn’t exist. So why don’t you try being one of these people?

Learn as much as you can about something before you talk about it. Don’t just assume that someone else knows what you know! By investing some time into educating yourself, you will stand out from the rest.

Your peers won’t feel like they are getting the best possible education so try and be their go-to source for knowledge. This will win you many friendships and loyal followers.

Another way to become less well known is to simply stop giving away too much personal information. We’ve discussed this tactic enough already though, so let’s move onto another tip.

Become a better partner

how to not be famous

Being famous is not easy, it takes work and effort to stay under the radar. But you can be very careful about what kind of person you become while in career mode, which should always be focused on helping others succeed.

Avoid being overly concerned with getting your own success and take pride in helping other people achieve theirs. This will help you keep your personal life separate from your professional one.

Furthermore, use social media wisely. Don’t go into it thinking that you have to be funny or talk about popular things to get attention. Use common sense and know when it’s time to remove yourself from the platform and reevaluate how you approached your career earlier.

Your followers and fans will also play a big part in determining your fame level. Are you aware of who supports you and who doesn’t? Is there anyone you just don’t connect with? You may want to reconsider some friendships.

On top of all this, are you using your talent to make an impact? If so, great! but maybe consider less flashy ways to do it. Perhaps try going beyond the obvious before adding new features to your product.

It’s important to remember that unless you're willing to risk losing sight of your dreams, they'll eventually overtake you- whether we like it or not.

Be a good listener

how to not be famous

Being famous is probably not what you want to do your life, so let’s figure out how to be less famous by doing something that has nothing to do with being famous! Becoming a great listener is one of the most important things you can do to avoid making headlines for failing to listen to other people.

It’s also an easy way to lose focus on the conversation if someone else is talking more loudly than you. Plus, being a good listener will help you develop trust in others which are both qualities that go hand-in-hand with avoiding becoming well known.

Do not get a pet

how to not be famous

Being famous does not make you rich, it makes you well-known. People will always want your attention whether for good or bad – and they may try to gain yours by offering gifts or spending money to connect with you.

Beware of gift requests! If someone tries to ask you to buy them something, chances are high that they would like to take advantage of you later. The best way to protect yourself is do not accept their invitation in the first place!

If you must invite people over, use food as a conversation starter. Ask how their day was and talk about things that matter to them. Then, let them send you their favorite foods so you can compliment them on their culinary skills!

Do not agree to meet at a specific location unless you have confirmed plans there and then. You do not need more invitations to add to your already full schedule.