How To Make Your Dog Instagram Famous

By Tiara

Social media has become one of the biggest ways to connect with people all over the world. With the explosion of social networking sites, from Facebook to Snapchat, it is easy to create an account and get your messages out there.

With every passing day, we are surrounded by less tangible things like technology. Technology that connects us, helps us communicate, keep in touch, and share experiences with each other. This seems almost normal these days, so why not use this power for good?

By giving dogs the chance to show off their tricks or sharing pictures of them playing with other animals, they can find some new followers. Many dog owners love looking at beautiful photos of well behaved pets, which may inspire them to train their own dog or give up pooch dreams.

If you want to start promoting your dog as an animal ambassador, read on! You’ll learn how to make your dog famous on the popular photo-sharing app called Instagram.

Teach your dog to do things that will help it become famous

how to make your dog instagram famous

The next step in helping your dog achieve internet fame is teaching it to do some specific behaviors or actions. These can be for fun or to get attention, but either way, they are important to know!

Some examples of these types of behaviors are:

* Doing something cool like jumping off the couch with all four paws at once
* Walking around the room while looking into the eyes of someone else
* Sleeping next to you or other people so that they cannot avoid seeing you both at rest
* Looking around and listening intently when being talked to

These are only some of the many ways dogs have earned their title as “social stars”. What a wonderful thing it is to witness them and learn from their tricks!

If you want to teach your dog new trick, start by picking an appropriate place and time. Then, make sure everything is going well for your dog before asking it to perform its behavior.

At this stage, you can use rewards and punishments to motivate your dog to repeat what you asked it to do.

Make a YouTube channel for your dog

how to make your dog instagram famous

Another way to use social media to promote your dog is by creating an account on the popular video sharing website, YouTube. You can create your own channel here that features your pet!

Some tips before you start filming: make sure your settings are private (you do not have to tag yourself as “owner” of the channel but you should pick some other option), choose a cute, well-behaved breed or at least a neutral one (like a Labrador!), and be conscious about giving away too much personal information like your address.

You will need to include the name of your dog and his/her breed in the profile name if people want to comment or subscribe to your channel, so consider this early!

Your first videos can be general ones such as introducing your pooch to new things or how to care for your dog more effectively, but then progress onto having a chat with your dog while grooming them or recording different activities your dog does every day.

These could be anything from going outside for a walk to swimming lessons! Having fun events and experiences is a great way to gain followers and recognition for your channel.

Start a blog based on your dog

Starting a business is always tricky, but creating an online presence for yourself as a person or company comes with its own set of rules and regulations. You can’t just wake up one day and say “I will be running my internet business next week!” so you have to plan ahead.

The same goes for starting an online canine lifestyle brand. You need to make sure that you are prepared by doing some research and planning before getting started.

There are many ways to start your career as a blogger writing about dogs. Some people begin making YouTube videos or setting up blogs and then promoting themselves through social media. While this is a great way to get exposure, it is not practical for most people who want to run their own business.

Starting your own blog is the best way to go if you feel that you would like to write about animals and contribute to the community in some way. By having your own domain name (web address) and equipment such as laptops, phones, and tablets, you can easily promote your website anywhere there is internet.

Buy a website domain name

how to make your dog instagram famous

Now that you have your dog’s picture, it is time to find a way to promote his or her brand! You can do this by creating an online profile for your dog. This could be done through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but there are many other ways to create a successful account.

Anybody can set up a free account on most websites where people can view and follow their favorite brands. By promoting your pet’s business here, you will get more followers and recognition for them!

Some of these sites offer special incentives to add new users, such as earning points towards merchandise or even cash rewards. These rewards can include free products, discounts on future purchases, or both.

Register the domain name

how to make your dog instagram famous

The next step is registering your dog’s profile with a website that allows you to create an account. You can use our link here to get started creating your very own Insta-famous pooch!

It will also help their career if you are able to give them their own unique username (we recommend using the first letter of each of their favorite toys or foods in order to make it fun for them).

Make sure to include some good photos of your puppy, as well as some close up shots so people can see all of his adorable features.

Tell your friends about your dog

how to make your dog instagram famous

Having a dog that people look up to is an incredible way to boost their self-confidence. If you’re ever feeling down, all they have to do is show off their cute face or funny expression and you will quickly be inspired by their poise and spirit.

The more people who know about your dog, the greater chance there is that someone will share their experience with him or her.

By sharing pictures and stories of your dog, you are giving other users opportunity to admire him/her and contribute to his/her growth.

Other dogs can benefit from seeing the life of our fur kids, and if one of them seems particularly inspiring, perhaps it would work as inspiration for them to adopt their own!

But beyond this, by having a famous breed, people will associate your name with quality goods and services.

Buy a Instagram account

how to make your dog instagram famous

Now that you have found your dog’s “instagram-able” qualities, it is time to create an account for them!

You can pick any username you want, but make sure to use keywords so people can find your account. Some examples of popular usernames are:

Dog owner’t name – example being @dogteacher or @dogsarecool.

Cat person’s name – like @catmomma or @myfavoritecats.

Post content about your dog

how to make your dog instagram famous

Running an online business means investing in technology, marketing tools and services, and creative strategies to grow your company. One of the most powerful ways to promote your business is through social media!

With over one billion active users worldwide, it makes sense that people are now relying more and more on social networks to connect with friends, learn new things and keep in touch.

For many, Facebook is the go-to source for all these functions. By posting pictures and videos of you and your loved ones, you can attract new followers, keep current fans interested and strengthen relationships.

The same goes for sharing photos and stories about you and your family’s favorite movie or book, or what you're doing this weekend. On Instagram, you have even more leeway to be expressive and show off who you are.

Your personality comes across when others view your posts, so why not use this medium to showcase yours? What you post about can make a difference in how much attention your account gets.

If you love animals, share some fun photos or maybe a few tips on how to improve your dog's quality of life. Or maybe you've got a fluffy puppy at home, let everyone know by taking preorders for a pooch!.

Whatever it is you put out there will vary depending on the audience, but it will always get noticed. People will talk about your posts, comments and messages to see what you have to say.