How To Make Your Dog Instagram Famous

By Tiara

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, with people creating accounts for every conceivable thing. You can create your own social media account profiles to interact with the world or to promote yourself, your business, or product.

With the explosion of smartphone technology, it is now easy to access social media anywhere at any time!

Having an online presence is very important as we live in a connected society. The way that most people gain attention these days is through sharing information via blogs, YouTube videos, and other websites/social networks.

Most dogs are not trained to sit still so they will need some tricks to use their pictures for fun. Here are tips to help you get started using dog photos on social media sites.

Making your dog “instagram famous” will give them wider exposure while enhancing their image. Many professionals use this technique to market themselves or their companies.

Get your dog doing something funny

how to make your dog instagram famous

If you notice that your dog is getting some likes, maybe from passing strangers or friends, then they probably noticed them because of the fun photogenic moments your dog made.

Dogs are very expressive and most dogs have lots of playful behaviors. When these happen in front of a camera, people enjoy watching them!

Your dog can make some extra money for you by posting pictures of themselves on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and now even Instagram. It’s totally possible to train your dog to use their own special breed of humor to become famous on this site!

What kind of things does your dog do for entertainment? Does he chase cars when you take him for a walk? Or does she get into the trash every time you go grocery shopping?

You can start teaching your dog to play with other dogs or cats using toys or cat treats.

Get your dog doing something cute

A lot of people start by taking pictures of their dogs sitting or sleeping, but that’s not really what most people want. They want their dog to do a funny thing! Or they could be teaching their dog some new trick like rolling over or grabbing a toy.

There are many ways to get your dog doing something fun. You can take advantage of social situations, of course, but you can also use interactive toys and games to capture those moments.

If you have a puppy, there are lots of tips for getting your one-year-old to enjoy this technique as it grows up.

Get your dog doing something happy

how to make your dog instagram famous

If you see lots of pictures of dogs sitting around looking cute, that’s probably because those dogs were trained to do some sort of trick or pose for their owner.

Tricking is great way to gain inspiration for new tricks and applications of training with your dog. You can use it to train them to do things like roll over, sit up, shake hands, etc.

But there’s another, arguably more important reason to teach your dog tricks- so they can enjoy them!

Having a tricking dog means spending time together exploring fun games and routines. And if your puppy already has some cool moves, now you have the chance to help build upon what he’s got going on.

If you’re thinking about getting your pooch into the tricking game, here are six tips to get you started.

Take your dog to different locations

how to make your dog instagram famous

Being famous on social media doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes time and effort to build up an audience. You need to put in the work by taking your dog out for various activities so that people can notice him or her.

Take your dog to local parks, beaches, trails, and shopping areas so that other users can add them as if they were part of the team!

By having more pictures and videos of your puppy, others will want to follow you and look through his or her account to see what new adventures he or she is planning next.

As with any type of online content, the more quality posts you produce, the higher your followers will grow.

Get a pet photographer

how to make your dog instagram famous

As we mentioned before, owning an instagram worthy dog is definitely not easy! Having your loved one featured in a variety of media types can be tricky.

Luckily, there are professional photographers out there who make a living off of capturing beautiful pictures of animals! These gifted artists have their own equipment they use to capture spectacular images, but what really sets them apart is their talent to bring out the most interesting faces and expressions from their subjects.

They know how to ask all the right questions to get into the dogs’ mind, and then use that information to create an image that captures just the right moment. The artist also has tricks for getting rid of some of the more boring parts of the picture so you don’t see any distractions.

Their creative vision helps tell the story of the animal in the photo while also making it look aesthetically pleasing.

Buy a popular brand of treats

how to make your dog instagram famous

The next step in giving your dog access to the internet is choosing their favorite food! If you are already feeding them baked goods or snacks, you can continue doing that, but if not, it’s time to get some new recipes.

Try making your own fun, unique snacks for your dogs (or even humans!). You can do this by mixing regular foods together in new ways or creating new ingredients from scratch.

By spending a little money on your pets, they will be much happier than if you were buying expensive treat balls or dried kibble.

Tell your friends about your dog

how to make your dog instagram famous

Let’s look at it from another angle – why not make your dog famous by letting other people know about him? This could be through social media postings, word of mouth or even writing a story online and sharing it with the world!

By promoting your dog, you are creating more opportunities for others to meet him and potentially fall in love too. Plus, you get credit for being an incredible owner who shares stories about his pet.

It’s a win-win situation.

Start a Instagram account for your dog

how to make your dog instagram famous

Starting an Instagram profile is free, but you will need to use your own email address to log in as well as choose your username!

Its very important to give your dog a good unique name. You can pick something easy to remember such as Toto or Muffin, or try adding some fun pictures or illustrations to make it more appealing.

Make sure that when you use the app, you are not using fake information like someone else’s dog to cover up who the real owner is.