ULTIMATE GUIDE: How to Make a Press Kit for a Band

By Tiara Ogabang

This article will teach you how to make a press kit for a band.

Press kit is a name given to the publication of press releases. Usually the press kit contains marketing materials such as a press release, photos, music, etc.

You need to create a press kit as soon as you have a live music gig. Create a press kit for your band and send it to the radio stations, websites and magazines that are interested in covering your live music gigs.

What is a press kit for a band?

What is a press kit for a band
Photo by Free-Photos on Pixabay

A press kit is a bundle of files that you send to the media to publish in the appropriate context.

The press kit consists of your artist profile, publicity photos, bio, a flyer, press release and contact information.

Depending on what the media wants to publish, a press kit is useful for basically two things:

  • A marketing tool
  • A sales tool

A marketing tool

In the marketing context, you can use your press kit to post on social media and attract attention from loyal fans who want to read the press you've been featured in and also people who have the ability to market you further (share your posts, put you on their YouTube channel, book shows or radio interviews with you, etc.)

A sales tool

A press kit can also be used to send to record labels to get deals with your music, show promoters to book concerts or tours, or any number of ways that will increase sales of your music, tickets to your show or merchandise.

With these two factors in mind let's explore how you create your press kit.

In your press kit you'll want to include the following:

  1. A short biographical about your band
  2. Any photos that you may have taken. Photographs of yourself in front of various locations (public areas, rehearsal room, backstage, front row at shows). Photographers work in many situations and it's important to show them that you're very active and you like to take photos in different settings.
  3. Any media reviews or interviews they may have done. For journalists who work on a daily basis and need their eyes looking for something in this section of their job, you can include a few articles they've written. These include an editor's pick, feature and how-to article.
  4. You can include a few pictures of your band's merchandise that you're selling on your website. This could include fliers or posters, CDs, photos of concerts, etc.
  5. A list of upcoming gigs and tour dates.
  6. Links to all your social media
  7. Nice design layout. One of the most important things a record label or someone who wants to promote your music is going to want to see is a cohesive style. That means photos, designs, artwork, logos all need to be on point and represent you as an artist.

Once you have your press kit what can you do?

Send it to radio stations

Send it to radio stations

Make sure that you send all the press release to the radio stations that you are hoping to be featured in the press release. The deadline for radio station submissions is usually one month from the time of the press release.

The press release will also give you a suggested timing for your press conference as well as the date when the radio stations are supposed to reveal their results.

If the press release does not get published on the radio stations, send an email to the station and make sure that the radio station is willing to provide your information to their website or that they are willing to provide you with links to your website so that the public will be able to view your music.

Create a YouTube channel

To ensure that your video ranks well in YouTube, create a YouTube channel. Make sure that the video is optimized for YouTube.

Fill out the form of YouTube on your website and add your YouTube channel.

Write a press release

Write a press release
Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

Once you have completed creating a YouTube channel and a press release, the next step is to write a press release that includes all the information about your band and your performance.

Add your YouTube channel URL, your Twitter account, your Facebook account and your website URL in the press release.

Don't forget to include contact details, photos, music, videos and any other assets that you want to share with the audience.

Send the press release to all the radio stations that you are hoping to be featured in the press release.

You should be expecting to get response from radio stations to your press release within three to four weeks. But if you are able to get a response from radio stations faster than that, it means that your press release is doing its job.