Tips for How to Get Your Blog Noticed on WordPress

By Tiara Ogabang

The blog-o-sphere

What was once generally known as blogging is now referred to as digital publishing, and whereas blogging used to be mostly for hobbyists just looking to share their thoughts with others, digital publishing is now a viable career option for many. 

Yes, major publications still have a large amount of sway in the digital publishing space, but even individuals can get in on the action by growing a site of their very own through WordPress, which remains one of the most accessible online publishing and website building platforms. 

WordPress doesn't only cater to bloggers, of course, offering web services for small businesses and artists building portfolios, but it remains one of the most popular options for content creators, especially those focused on text-based content. 

In this article, we will talk about how to get your blog noticed on WordPress. There's a lot of competition on the platform and you're also going to be competing with the internet as a whole, which is no small challenge. 

Below you'll find several important tips that can help you establish your site and get enough views to eventually monetize that site. 

Specialize your content and stay focused 

The simplistic blogs of the early 2000s often had content that ranged across all kinds of different subject matter. This is because many people used blogs as a kind of journal or diary, keeping track of their experiences and sharing them with others. 

While you can still use your WordPress site in a similar way, it's best to focus on a single subject or a small handful of subjects. 

Let's say you want to write about your life experiences. Rather than keeping an online diary, you could focus those stories on different trips you've taken over the years. 

If your site gains enough attention, you could even use the money it brings in to take more trips, making your site a full-on travel blog. 

No matter what you like to write about, staying focused on the same topic post after post after post will not only help you improve your writing skills in that area, it will also prevent readers new and old from getting confused by your website. 

Have you ever wondered why McDonald's doesn't sell American fast food as well as Mexican as well as Indian? It's all about branding. 

When people come to your website, they want to know what they're getting, and if they come back to your site after an absence of several years, they won't want to see that it's changed completely. 

Post work consistently 

This is a great tip for just about any kind of online presence. It doesn't matter whether you're trying to increase your number of followers on Instagram or get your YouTube channel going. 

You need to post on a consistent basis. In fact, this is one tip that's not just about keeping your followers happy; it's also about making it clear to Google and its algorithm that this is a very active site that it should promote to more people in its search results. 

This tip is also relevant to absolutely any kind of content creator. No matter what you like to write about and how often you have substantial content to post, you need to keep your followers happy and engaged. 

Post work consistently 

Here's a quick example. Maybe you like to write about new car models. When you get the chance, you test drive a car and record your experiences with it. 

There may be times when you only get to test drive a new car once every few months, but if you only post once every few months, your site could very well get lost in the shuffle. 

However, you still have options in a scenario like this one. You could find other content to post on a weekly, or even a daily, basis. 

Even if this in-between content isn't exactly what your followers are used to, it will at least communicate to them that you're still around and still working on new posts. 

Engage with other WordPress sites 

A big part of growing your WordPress site is engaging with the larger WordPress community. This is actually pretty easy to do since WP offers the WordPress reader, which gives you a sample of different content that has been recently posted.

Read other WP sites and get ideas for your own site. You can also leave comments giving feedback. Just getting the name of your site out there in this small way will go a long way toward increasing your visibility over time. 

Further on down the road, you may even decide to become friends with other WP writers, and if the mood strikes you, you could also collaborate with those other writers to create content that can be shared on both of your sites. 

Retain your existing audience 

Retain your existing audience 

Even if you only have a small audience for your WordPress site right now, keeping the members of that audience coming back around is very important. 

Growth for a website isn't just about getting a bunch of one-off views for your latest post. That's not growth, even if it translates to immediate popularity. 

Growth is about gaining new followers while keeping all of the old ones. That way, your site will stay on an upward trajectory and online algorithms will be much kinder to it in the future. 

Consider adding a podcast 

A WordPress site that offers multimedia, not just text-based posts, simply has a much better chance of standing out from the crowd and engaging visitors in a very different way. 

Don't get us wrong, text-based posts can be very engaging indeed, and we create a lot of them here on the site. 

But adding audio or video elements to your website can really help the page jump out to viewers. 

A podcast in particular can really attract an audience, especially if listeners become invested in the ongoing conversation. 

This could also be a great way to update visitors in between larger posts, as we were talking about earlier.