How To Get Visa Premium Processing

By Tiara

Having premium visa processing is a powerful way to fast-track your business travel. You will need to make sure you are prepared for this level of efficiency, though!

Visa premium processing comes with some significant costs that can add up quickly if you are not watchful. Make sure you have enough money set aside to cover these fees!

It can also carry additional transaction fees from other parties involved in processing your visas. These include airline ticket agents, hotel staff, etc.

There is an initial setup cost as well as monthly monitoring and maintenance fees after that. So, it is important to be aware of all of those before obtaining this service.

Pay a visa application fee

how to get visa premium processing

Along with submitting your visa applications, you will also need to pay an additional application service fee. This is not related to the cost of processing your documents, but instead, it goes towards ensuring that your visas are processed quickly.

Most countries have a minimum amount for this service fee. For example, in Australia there’s a one-time $150 payment needed for VISA CLASS B (business) or VISITATOR (non-working holiday visa) visa types.

So, make sure you know what type of business trip you’re planning! If you’re traveling as a tourist, then only pay the visitator visa service fee.

Business class visa services typically cost around £100 – £150 per person, which can be expensive if you’re travelling as part of a group. Luckily though, we've found some great ways to get cheap visa premium processing online! Read on to find out more.

Provide proof of your financial health

how to get visa premium processing

In addition to showing you have enough money to travel, most major airlines ask for additional documentation to confirm your creditworthiness. This includes having sufficient savings to cover any downtime while you are away, as well as evidence that you can live comfortably during your stay.

It is not uncommon to be asked about previous trips or experiences in traveling. Some employers require past job references or at least someone who has worked with you before to give them confidence in your ability to manage business affairs while on vacation.

In fact, many international airlines will only grant VISA PREMIUM processing if they have at least two days’ worth of activities lined up for you. These include buying tickets, renting a room, or going out for dinner- all without leaving the country!

By being aware of these visa requirements, you can start preparing early to ensure that you do not need to wait until later in the process to move forward.

Create a visa profile on the US government website

how to get visa premium processing

First, you will need to create a profiles or show your credentials as proof of who you are in order to obtain VPP status. This can be done at

On this site, there is an option to apply for VISA PREMIUM PROCESSING. When applying through this link, there is no cost to get VPP unless you have additional credit card services that you want to use with your new VISA.

In these cases, it may be slightly more expensive due to fees.

Apply for a visa

how to get visa premium processing

The next step in getting premium processing is applying for your visa. You will need to gather all of your documents, prove employment eligibility, and show proof of sufficient funds to pay for your trip.

Most importantly you must be able to prove that you have adequate health coverage while traveling abroad. Some countries require proof of medical insurance or an individual policy before issuing visas.

A few weeks after submitting your application you should receive confirmation from the embassy or consulate telling you if your visa has been granted with or without premium processing. If it has, then you are done! Congrats on becoming a super-fast traveler 🙂

If not, keep practicing until you do! And don’t give up– there are always other ways to get fast visa services. For example, some airlines offer faster visa service so instead of using a travel agent, use air transport to connect with the visa agency.

Pay the visa application fee

how to get visa premium processing

While some credit card companies may offer premium processing for their cards, most do not. But there is one way to get this benefit! You have to pay an additional fee for it, but you are allowed to ask for it every year so it isn’t too expensive.

Most people don’t realize that they can apply for international credit cards through Credit Karma. This includes VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMEX, as well as other types of cards like Discover or JCB.

By applying through our site, you will find that we include all of the same requirements needed to be eligible for international credit cards, including being able to prove your identity and residence, as well as having enough money in the account to cover the annual fees.

But what many people don’t know is that you can also add another perk to your new card — premium processing.

Get a visa

how to get visa premium processing

First, you will need to make sure that your credit is good enough for them to issue you VPP. This means making sure you have access to money to pay for the flight as well as a way to get home if needed.

Second, you will want to know what kind of business or trip you will be going on. You can only apply for premium processing if you are traveling for business or education, so look into those types ahead of time!

Third, it’s important to understand how much VPP costs. Because this process is paid for by the airline, there may be an additional cost per ticket depending on what type of traveler you are.

What is VPP?

VPP is a service provided by some airlines that charges a higher fee than standard priority check-in. The reason these fees increase is because they include extra services such as having an employee walk you through security, taking care of all bag checks, and even picking up items from the airport after you arrive.

This article will go more in depth about why getting VPP is worth it, but first let us talk about what kind of benefits you get with this service.

Bring your passport and visa to the embassy

how to get visa premium processing

Even though you do not have an appointment, you can still visit us at our regular hours to see if we can help you with your visa!

We cannot process visas for other types of visa holders, only those with Diplomatic or Official Visas. However, if you are visiting as part of a business trip or vacation, then this is okay!

You will need to bring your passport along with you when you come in to meet with a consulate officer. Make sure to update your personal information within your passport so they know who you are!

Once you leave the office, you will now have access to visa premium processing. You can pack up and go because there is no waiting period after submitting your documents.

This type of visa processing takes around one week instead of the normal 5-7 days.

Go to the embassy during their opening hours

how to get visa premium processing

It is not enough to show up at an embassy at any time of day — you have to make sure they are open for business as well!

Most embassies have different visa services that they offer, some more expensive than others. The cost depends on how much paperwork the consulate has to do before issue, as well as the level of service you want.

Some countries only allow one visit with visa premium processing, while other nations can give you several visits. This also varies per person, depending on if there is someone already in the country with visa-validity issues or not.

In these cases, the process will be slightly faster because there is no need to coordinate reentry visas, but it may still take weeks instead of days.