How To Get Social Media Management Experience

By Tiara

As mentioned before, social media is an ever-evolving field that keeps getting more popular every day. With the number of users it has now, companies are hiring staff members specifically to manage their accounts. This can include things like creating your account, picking a platform, editing pictures, answering comments, responding to messages, and ensuring consistency across all channels.

It’s important to have some basic social media management skills before you try to get hired as a manager. While having lots of experience in social networking sites is great, knowing the basics is just as valuable if you're never used them before!

Getting started with social media management will give you a chance to show off what you know and pick up some tips from others who have been doing it for a while. It'll also help you develop time management skills since you'll be learning how to use social media during normal working hours.

There are many ways to learn these fundamentals, so instead of writing about one way to do it, we'll go over several alternatives for you to choose from.

Find a small business to manage

how to get social media management experience

Even if you are not necessarily experienced in running social media accounts for businesses, you can pick up some tips from someone else’s account!

There are many ways to gain experience as a social media manager, whether it is for your own personal profile or for that of a company. You can work independently, freelancing, or be hired by another person or organization to do it.

The hardest part about becoming a social media manager is choosing which position to go into. Just make sure what field you choose to experiment with is one that keeps you motivated and moving forward towards achieving your goals.

Some positions offer better benefits than others, such as paid time off, health insurance, etc., so look into those before deciding where to apply.

Also, try out different types of companies and see how each social media platform is run. This way, you will know what tools and features exist most effectively for your job.

Talk to your friends about taking on a social media manager

how to get social media management experience

If you are already very involved in different social networking sites, then offering to manage someone else’s account may be something that you could do. You would have to make sure it is their business account though, not personal.

By having an understanding of what types of content each platform allows, you can create those posts for them. This way, they will feel like you are doing it yourself, but with a little help.

You could also run their accounts while they are away so they will not need to check back every day or week to see if anything has been updated.

Research social media management companies

Now that you have your own account, it is time to get some experience in managing others’ accounts! Companies offer paid services for this so you can test the waters before investing in their service as yours.

There are several ways to gain experience with social media management. You can manage an account of someone else's, work for a small business or company, or even start your own business.

Any of these positions require similar skills such as understanding how different platforms work, being detail oriented, and having good communication skills.

As mentioned earlier, testing out other people's accounts is one way to learn social media management. This is not only limited to professional accounts, but also personal ones like Facebook pages and YouTube channels.

By doing this, you will find what content types each platform prefers and which tools they use frequently.

These apps and softwares can be learned by looking at the settings and features, then copying and pasting into your own account. Some take more effort to master than others though, so try finding one that is simpler first.

Create and post content for your business website

how to get social media management experience

As with any type of career, social media management experience comes more naturally to some than others. With that being said, there are many ways to get professional level experience. The easiest way is to start at the lower end by creating and posting content for your own personal account.

By starting at the lower end you will gain experience in producing quality content people will want to read. This can be done through writing about things you know or conducting online interviews.

From there you can move onto running your profile, managing notifications, promoting posts, and responding to comments and messages. All of these components make up social media management so it’s not too difficult a piece to pick up.

And once you have picked up the basics, you can look into getting paid to manage other people’s accounts! There are lots of opportunities out there where you can earn extra money by working as a social media manager.

Monitor your website and blog

how to get social media management experience

A social media manager is someone who monitors the various social networking sites to determine which ones need attention, what content needs to be posted on those websites, and then creating or editing posts for each site.

On some sites like Facebook and Twitter, employees are given general guidelines as to what needed done, but other sites have no one in charge of that area except for you!

For example, if there was an announcement made about how the company will soon be closing down, you would probably want to spread the word as quickly as possible. Your job as a social media manager is to make sure that everyone knows so they can prepare for the closure.

That could mean telling people through all the channels you control, such as email, chat, and phone. It could also mean making announcements on the closed-down site’s own page or via another source.

The most experienced social media managers always seem to know what things should be done and how to do them. They may not put in the same amount of time it takes you to perform their tasks, but they are still professionals who get paid to do something professional!

If you are interested in becoming more involved with social media, start by looking at the different sites and determining what areas need your focus. Then, learn your best strategies for performing your jobs well.

Respond to customers

how to get social media management experience

A social media manager does more than just manage accounts – they are in charge of responding to comments, messages, and inquiries from users. This is your chance to show off some skills!

Running an online store or website means there’s always something people can look up or contact you for. Your job as a social media manager is to respond quickly and clearly with all appropriate resources.

Keep in mind that while you should never forward annoying emails or comments, you do have rights to hide someone's account if they send inappropriate messages.

Be careful about how much information you share though, even if it's not yours.

Organize and schedule marketing campaigns

how to get social media management experience

The second way to get social media management experience is by organizing and scheduling various types of marketing campaigns for different platforms. This could be done either manually or using an app that allows you to automate time frames, triggers, and content.

By doing this, you would not only learn how to manage your own account, but also develop teamwork skills as you have to work with other people to achieve your campaign goals.

Social media marketing does not happen overnight so do not expect to launch the most elaborate campaigns within the first week. It will take some time to find your style and what works for you and your business.

But once you do, you will feel more confident in your abilities to create engaging advertisements and spread messages about your company.

Know the basics of marketing

how to get social media management experience

As mentioned earlier, social media management is not necessarily a career in marketing or advertising, but it can be! If you are passionate about marketing and putting out messages for products and services, then this job role can potentially suit you.

Social media management is mostly focusing on keeping people engaged with the platform that they use to communicate and market for someone else. This person could be an advertiser who wants their product or service known, or a business owner who wants to connect with potential customers.

The hardest part of this position is knowing what tools exist to promote your given brand and how to use them. There are many free resources online and in-store teaching you the fundamentals of using each medium.