How To Get Premium Visa Processing

By Tiara

Having premium visa processing is one of the best ways to ensure your successful travel destination. Premium visa processing gives you more time to prepare for your trip, as it doesn’t require you to submit your documents immediately upon arrival.

By submitting these applications in advance, you have more time to gather all of your documentation and proof before heading back home. This helps prevent any last minute delays that may cost you money or stress!

If your budget allows, there are several companies that offer premium visa services. Some even allow you to apply online, making this process easy and quick. In fact, some even have automatic renewal features which make applying twice per year very hassle-free!

There are also different levels of premium visas, so do not worry about being chosen for something less valuable than what you want. Many times, people will be able to get the same level of service because many countries only ask for certain information depending on how much business they send their country partners.

In this article, we will talk about some simple steps to gain access to the most expensive visa processing benefits. We will focus mostly on getting a Canadian working holiday visa but anything related to international tourism can be done.

Apply for a visa

how to get visa premium processing

The next step in getting premium processing is applying for your visa. You will need to go through an additional process because you will now have a business sponsor.

Business sponsors are usually large companies that agree to take responsibility for proving you can run the company, paying their bills while you’re traveling, and helping you start life as a business owner in the country you want to visit.

They also typically pay for or cover part of the visa fee. For example, if you wanted to travel to France, your business sponsor would likely pay some of the costs associated with visiting there.

There is one more thing most business sponsorship programs require – proof of successful running of a business within the past year. This could be via documents like tax returns, bank statements, etc.

Pay a visa application fee

how to get visa premium processing

If you are applying for a personal or business visa, there is an additional fee that you pay depending on how many members of your family you include in the trip. This extra processing time can be very helpful if you need to make urgent travel plans as it gives you more time to pack before you leave!

Most countries have a minimum payment requirement of $150 for a B-1/B-2 visa (for tourists). Many places require two times this amount, making the total cost quite expensive!

Many people feel that paying such a high price for a visa is too much, so they don’t even apply. But thinking about skipping out on the fees is not the best way to go about things!

By not being able to enter into the country early, you are limiting yourself to what you can do once you are actually there.

Provide copies of your passport and visa application

how to get visa premium processing

Now that you have received confirmation that your visa has been accepted, you will need to get it processed! Most international organizations can help process visas so you do not need to handle this yourself.

Mostly, what you will be asked to provide is a copy of your passport (proof of identity) and a copy of your visa application form (proof of travel). These are usually automatically sent back via email or given to you at the embassy or consulate where you apply for the visa.

You will also need to give them a call or send an email to confirm that these things were received before they mail or ship your new documents.

Provide copies of your passport and plane ticket

how to get visa premium processing

Now that you have gathered all of your documents, it is time to pack them up! While some countries do not require proof of health insurance or employment, many others do, so make sure to check out this article about visa requirements here before proceeding with the next step.

It is very important to remember these things while traveling:

Never delete any emails, text messages, or conversations in case they prove helpful later.

Do not forget anything as there are likely lots of parties involved (like employers) who will be waiting for you when you return!

Stay close to home until everything is packed and ready.

Provide copies of your bank statement

how to get visa premium processing

In addition to submitting your credit card, you will also need to submit proof that you have enough money to pay for your trip. This can be done by providing copies of your most recent monthly bank statements or evidence of sufficient income prior to leaving town.

It is very important to remember that it takes several days – if not weeks- to process visa applications so do not rush this step. Be sure to focus on other things while waiting for your documents to be reviewed and processed!

At times, some countries may ask about pending business trips or potential investments. If you are asked these questions, please be honest and aware of what types of answers might hurt your application.

Provide copies of your credit card statement

how to get visa premium processing

Now that you have gathered all of your documents, it is time to pack them up! You will want to make sure to include along with these your proof of income and housing as well as a copy of this article!

If necessary, you can also upload these online or print out hard copies to take home with you. Many companies will request additional proofs of employment after accepting you as a new employee, so be prepared for this!

After receiving approval, you will then need to wait around another week before traveling since most companies require an additional day to process the visa.

Pay for premium processing

how to get visa premium processing

If you are willing to pay a small fee, you can get visa premium processing which is also referred to as fast track or express process. This way, you do not have to go through the initial application review process but instead, you will be sent your documents via registered mail and then processed within 7 days!

Most companies that offer this service typically charge around $500-600. Some even upsell those services so it is best to make sure to check out all of the features before paying more money than needed.

You should also know that some countries may not allow you to use this service because they consider it fraudulent.

Get the visa in advance

A premium processing visa is only available for use one month out of every two years, so it’s important to get your application processed as early as possible. You have until around July to apply for this visa!

It’s great news if you already have an entry visa into Australia, but what if you need to visit later than March? Luckily, there are some ways to get fast track access to VISA PREMIUM PROCESSING.

You can ask a friend or family member who is living in Australia to help you apply on your behalf. Or you could look up information about how to apply for Australian visas directly from the Department of Immigration website.

Alternatively, you could try our free tool which helps you sort through all of your visa options and determine which one would be best for you. You will also find lots of tips and tricks here too.