How to Get Noticed on Fine Art America

By Tiara Ogabang

Getting noticed on Fine Art America can be a challenge with so many artists competing for attention.

However, there are a couple of tricks you can use to get your art noticed on Fine Art America and outside it — and then link back so that clients have a chance to buy your work.

If you want your art to be recognized for its own sake, then it has to get out there, and it has to get out there now. Here’s how.

1. Establish yourself in the medium

girl with colored face

It helps if you can prove yourself with a body of work. This may be through years of projects or by having a permanent exhibit of the work. For example, a muralist with works in the permanent collection of a city’s museum or a painter whose paintings are hanging in the home of a gallery owner.

Get that foot in the door, and see if you can leverage that into something more. Take a risk with new work and make some income out of it. Maybe, instead of putting your original work up on Etsy, you show your work at a gallery or a museum in the city where your shop is located. If you do that, that shows your potential clients that you’re serious about your art. And if you can make a living at it, that’s even better.

The easiest way to establish yourself is by making a body of work. Of course, you can’t make a painting every day, but every month or so, put out a painting that stands out from your regular work. Give it a title. Give it a tagline. Make it unique.

2. Get press

Reach out to magazines and blogs to have them feature your artwork. This is the best way to build buzz since it is organic coverage. If you are having trouble reaching out — or don't want to spend time doing it — hire a PR firm.

A PR firm (public relations), is a company or person that works to reach out to blogs and magazines to help tell your story. They can get writers from big blogs to review your art and post a link to your Fine Art America store for example.

This will not only increase traffic and eyeballs to your art, it will increase the RIGHT EYEBALLS to your art. Think about it — if loyal readers from an online blog see your art they will be much more likely to interact with it if they see it promoted by a source they know and trust.

We are an online PR firm that helps get artist coverage in blogs with HUGE readership. If you would like to learn more visit our homepage.

3. Show up everywhere

This sounds simple, but it’s actually not. Most artists don’t know how to do it. Some writers even have to write short stories because the last thing they can think to do is make a short story. People see your art, and they think they know you from other work. They don’t.

Your best chance at getting people to notice your art is to put your work out there as much as you can. The best way to do this is to get a website. Just create a blog where you can put up artwork or write about your work. Your art will get attention faster when it’s on a website. That’s a link that’s a click away instead of sitting in a folder on your hard drive.

4. Publicize on social media

You know about Instagram, but did you know that there’s also a Twitter-like service called Twitpic?

Create a personal Twitter account for your artwork. Use your artwork. Promote your work to your followers, and then follow them back so you can see what they’re doing. You’ll get to know your customers better.

What else can you do to get on social media? The key is to promote your art and follow your customers on social media. It’s a good way to stay in touch with your customers.

You can do the same on Flickr. Flickr is very image-based. However it may not be a great site for promoting your art, and I think that’s the biggest problem I have with Flickr.

5. Write blog posts for free

Social media

Sites like Top Ten Artists and Artsy and pay you to write about their sites. But the sites also pay for these posts to get into social media accounts of people who are not already following the artist, and that’s where you can get a big audience for your writing.

Your writing will get noticed and will get linked to by other writers. This is how you build your social media.

You can use your social media accounts to write short reviews of works of art and other things you like. Make sure you pick a topic or an artist whose work you like. You can also write about your own work. It will drive traffic to your blog.

And I just can’t talk about social media without mentioning what I think is one of the most underappreciated websites of all time — Tumblr. I love Tumblr. I’m not sure anyone who’s not in the art world uses it. But it’s free and you can post pretty much anything that’s personal.

So if you’re interested in other forms of media, like comics or movies, you can use Tumblr. We think Tumblr is just amazing.

6. Promote your stuff on the road

So how do you take your art on the road? You need to know which galleries or museums would be interested in seeing your work. Try using this map as a guide. The thing to understand is that each city has different museums and galleries that cater to specific artists or interests.

You’ll need to do some research before you go, and talk to an art professional about places you should go, if any.