How To Get Famous On Youtube

By Tiara

A well-known YouTuber, me! I will be talking about some of my tips for get famous on YouTube. My career has been pretty fun so far and I want to share them with you.

I will talk about how I got started, what tools I used to grow my channel, and what kind of content I needed to make and upload to succeed. This article is going to be very detail oriented, so prepare to do some research or buying of products!

But before we dive in, let’s take a look at my story.

My Story

I have worked hard as a YouTuber since 2014 when I first launched my channel. At that time, I didn’t know anything about video making, but I was passionate about music and storytelling.

Music is a universal language that everyone can relate to, which is why it's such a powerful tool. By telling stories using songs, people connect more easily. Plus, if your song does not exist, you can always write one!

It is easy to start creating videos by filming yourself singing and dancing to show proof of concept. Once you find a genre you love, you can start developing your craft.

This article will go into much deeper depth about starting a youtube channel, getting engagement, and growing an audience.

Make a profile

how get famous on youtube

Creating your YouTube channel is not easy or straightforward, but it’s definitely doable for anyone with an internet connection. The first step to getting some views is creating a profile for your YouTube channel. This includes giving your account a username, picking your channel title, editing your channel description, and uploading your branding and cover art.

Once all of these are done, you will need to pick your platform and genre. Pick a medium that encourages engagement and creativity. A good way to get more likes and comments is by making content that people find interesting!

Your followers can also make posts for you if you give them permission to do so. By using third-party applications like, users can create their own channels and invite others to join. These apps have been linked to many successful youtube videos.

Start filming

how get famous on youtube

Starting your youtube channel is the most important thing to do before you launch into getting famous on YouTube. You can start with nothing more than an empty video diary or you can make your first video telling us all about how to get rich.

Having a social media account means doing something people other than yourself are paying attention to, so why not use that energy to promote your own business or what you want to achieve?

By having your own channel, you’ll have a space to store all of your videos and content. It will also be easy to update, as you don’t need to go through another site to do it.

There are many free softwares and apps which can help you create your videos easily. Many people now hire professional online videographers via sites like Fiverr and Videomech. These will cost you less money, but they will give you high quality content.

Invest in good quality filming equipment

how get famous on youtube

As mentioned before, creating your YouTube channel is only half of getting famous on this platform! The other part is actually putting yourself out there by producing content you will want to see others watch.

This means investing in some decent filming equipment that will help you achieve that goal. We’ve discussed here how important it is to invest in appropriate editing software, but now we’ll talk about what kind of camera you should use to film your videos.

There are two main types of cameras used for filmmaking: DSLRs (digital single lens reflex) and cine or camcorder style video gear. A digital SLR shoots stills as well as videos, while most cinelight cameras have limited shooting modes and don’t offer as many features as newer models.

Try doing videos based on content you find interesting

how get famous on youtube

A well-paying career in online media is being made by YouTube creators who produce entertaining, educational, inspirational, or just plain funny videos that their audience watches and shares.

If you want to get into this business, it’s not about trying to be Justin Bieber. It's not even like becoming famous on social media, where people can share your updates with the world.

It’s actually much harder because you'll have to develop a head for marketing and psychology!

Your success will depend heavily on your ability to connect with an audience, articulate why they should care about what you’re talking about, and negotiate how much of your hard earned money you're willing to part with of "sponsors" for your content.

Connect with YouTube celebrities

how get famous on youtube

A famous YouTuber is someone who has their own channel on the site where they feature themselves or are interactive with other people or things. They may make fun of themselves, talk about products or services, give tips and tricks, and keep followers engaged!

YouTube stars are very popular – they have large followings and lots of money due to the incredible revenue they generate from advertising on their channels as well as merchandising and sponsored content.

You can get involved in this world by becoming an influencer or creator. This means you create content for your channel and earn revenues off it.

There’s no telling what you will be able to accomplish if you dedicate yourself to this career path! Many top creators made a good living doing something they loved and now they are inspiring others to do the same.

It’s an ever-growing industry that keeps growing.

Gain support from your friends

how get famous on youtube

A lot of people make an income off their YouTube channels, so they learned how to do it through networking. By reaching out to other people in the community, you’ll find that some of them want to join you as a partner or collaborator.

Gaining supporters is a good way to start building up your audience before getting into more elaborate production strategies like filming and editing yourself.

By starting with someone else’s channel, you can use their success as a springboard for yours. People are always willing to help each other succeed, which is why this strategy works!

Another benefit of partnering with others is that they already have an audience, which makes it easier to gain exposure for your own channel.

There will be times when you cannot film anything yourself, so collaborating is a better option than trying to produce your own content all the time.

Create a brand

how get famous on youtube

The next step in getting famous on YouTube is to create your own channel! This can be as simple as creating an account on YouTube and including a username, password, and link to your profile. You can then pick any name for your channel that you want, such as YourBrandNameHere or MyGamingChannel!

After you have this set up, it’s time to start producing content! There are many ways to do this, but the most common way is via vlogs (video blogs). A vlog is just like a normal video except there are usually shorter segments with a theme.

Your first videos should be usernames and introductions of yourself and the channel! After these two pieces, you can begin to talk about your life, career goals, etc.

Find your passion and those who feel the same

how get famous on youtube

There are many ways to get famous on YouTube! Starting with creating content you want to watch, developing relationships in the community, and promoting yourself or others is essential for success.

Running a channel doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes time and effort to grow. But if you put in that work, then you will reap the benefits.

As we know, YouTube offers very diverse opportunities for people to make money. Some create educational videos, some vlogs, and some livestream. It all depends on what type of content you produce and how you market yourself.