How To Get Famous On Tiktok

By Tiara

Social media is an integral part of our daily lives. With the explosion of social networking sites, people have become very creative in how they use them for their personal and professional success.

A few years ago, most people knew about Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter, but now there are so many new social networking platforms available! Gone are the days when you would only see your friends’ updates on these sites.

TikTok is a relatively new app that has quickly gathered momentum. What makes this mobile app unique is that it was designed with short videos. You can create yours by doing things such as dancing, telling a story, or just trying something new.

Get trolled on TikTok: This will probably happen at least once while you are using the app. If you are able to laugh off the hurt, then you have learned something important – being exposed to difficult experiences is worth it because you grow from them.

Famous individuals made their fame through creating exposure for themselves, which allowed them to connect with other people. By getting famous in different ways, they found what worked for them and incorporated those strategies into their career path.

You do not need to be professionally trained to begin filming yourself on TikTok. All you really need is a smartphone and desire to make yourself look good or funny every time you pick up the camera.

Start a website

how to get famous from tiktok

Starting your own tumblr or other type of site is an excellent way to get famous from tikto k. You can pick any topic you want, and then create content about that topic. Your audience will be able to follow you here so it is easy to connect with others who are interested in the same thing you are!

Your personal style will play a big role in how popular you become as an artist or creator. If you have a knack for creating funny pictures or engaging stories, start developing those skills and sharing them with the world!

And don’t forget to update your site regularly! Take some time each day to maintain your profile so people can visit it and see what you have to offer.

Get a book deal

how to get famous from tiktok

A few years ago, if you wanted people to read your work, you had two options. You could self-publish or you could have someone else do it for you by publishing you through an established publisher. Now, with the explosion of social media sites like Snapchat, YouTube, and now tikTok, there are way more ways to get yourself known as a writer!

If you’re passionate about writing and want to share your stories, then starting your own website and offering your services as a writer is the best way to go. But what about all those other ways?

With technology moving at such a lightning speed, new opportunities emerge every day! There are so many different platforms where you can create content and reach an audience. Some cost money, but most don’t. It depends on how much investment you have in terms of time and resources.

Become a Twitch star

how to get famous from tiktok

A lot of people make big money off of their streaming habits. If you are passionate about gaming, then creating your own channel is a great way to start!

By hosting yourself or attending other hosts’ games, you get to showcase your skills as a gamer and draw in new viewers. Your followers can watch you play almost anything, so there is no limit to what types of games you can stream.

Your audience can chat with you while you game which gives them more opportunities to talk about things they like. This interaction will help grow your community even more!

Gaming has exploded in popularity over the past few years, so making a living through it is possible now. Many famous YouTubers and Twitch stars made a name for themselves by offering their services to others.

Create a brand

how to get famous from tiktok

A lot of people make fun of people who tout how much money they’ll earn off their Instagram account, but it is totally legitimate way to get famous online. Yours truly has made enough money off of my IG page to pay our monthly bills!

In fact, one of my biggest competition sources comes from directly posting advertisements on my page. People feel that I gain too much income advertising for X product or service, so they create their own pages with similar content to draw in viewers.

This isn’t always a good thing since many of these competitors aren’t necessarily giving away great information – they are just trying to rack up views to attract attention. Luckily, I have another source of revenue!

By offering free tips every week, I am able to supplement my income and help other aspiring business owners like myself learn more about marketing. Creating a niche website or app can also generate additional revenue through ad sales or subscription services.

So what does all this mean for you? You can start your own YouTube channel, design your own t-shirt, run an Etsy store, or develop your digital footprint by creating blogs and profiles on social media sites.

Become a Twitter star

how to get famous from tiktok

A lot of people make fun of tikTok for being overly promotional, but this is what really helped you get famous! Promoting yourself on social media sites is one of the best ways to gain followers and exposure.

By promoting your own content, other users will follow you and therefore increase your audience. This is especially important if you are trying to spread an idea or message that may not be popular yet.

The more times someone else posts about something, the more likely they are to read that content themselves. By creating engaging videos and posting them frequently, you give your audience a chance to watch your lile ouyself!

And don’t forget to use all the various features available on twitter to promote yourself. You can create polls, do live chats, and even send direct messages to gain new fans.

Become a blogger

how to get famous from tiktok

Starting your career as an influencer is not for the faint of heart, but there are many ways to get into it. If you have a passion for writing or sharing knowledge and experiences, then blogging is a great way to start!

Many people make good money online through blogs. You can pick any niche area that you’re interested in and learn how to write about it, build a community around it, and earn revenue off advertising and sponsored posts.

It's very possible to make enough income from blogging to cover your monthly expenses and more.

Start a podcast

how to get famous from tiktok

Starting your own podcast is one of the best way to get famous from tikTok. You can start with someone you know or meet at a local event then grow from there!

Everyone has something they talk about constantly, so starting a conversation and developing it into an entertaining show is a great way to gain some followers.

Your listeners will definitely want to hear what you have to say after hearing you play a part in the story!

You do not need much money to launch a successful podcast either. Many people use free software to produce their podcasts which are also very accessible.

There are many ways to monetize your podcast including selling merchandise, creating another channel where you advertise for others, or donating to charities or political causes.

Become a film star

how to get famous from tiktok

A lot of people make fun of tikTok for having too many dancing videos, but they fail to realize that this is what makes it special. The platform is known for putting out very popular dance videos that get lots of views.

Many famous YouTubers and filmmakers started their careers as dancers and then made music or films based off those dances.

If you’re passionate about making your own content, there are plenty of ways to do so without investing in expensive filming equipment or software.

You can create your own video by recording yourself singing or dancing along to one of these already-existing songs and editing together clips.

And even if you don’t have much money, you can use free tools to produce quality work. For instance, YouTube offers its iPhone app as well as Android apps that allow users to edit and upload videos easily.

There are also a number of online communities where anyone with a camera and a passion for creating new material can show off their talents and be inspired by other creators’ work.