How To Get Famous on Pokemon X

By Tiara

As we all know, Pokemon games have you building your team of pokemon by either breeding them or receiving them as a gift from someone else. These people are called level up traders and they will give you any type of pokemons if you purchase it with 2000 coins!

The more expensive a pokemon is, the higher quality it is. The most common way to gain popularity is through trading so this article will go into detail about some ways to get free pokemon via trades!

These articles will not include giving away money because that is just not acceptable in the gaming community. If you feel that this information was valuable then please donate whatever amount per trade you want to do. Many sites offer rewards for donating but you can never be too careful when donating online.

Buy a famous Pokemon brand

pokemon x how to get famous

There are two main ways to find out if your favorite Pokemon has become popular. The first is by looking at how many people have it in their collection, or how large of a community exists around it. For example, there are now over 10 million people on Pokemon Go that have seen the very recognizable Charmander.

The other way to tell is by watching the sales of the game! Since Pokemon games are typically made through Nintendo, buying either the new version or the old one will give you an entry ticket into the game’s world.

By owning a piece of the franchise, you would be investing in future profits for the company! Plus, most companies release special edition merchandise related to their products so getting some things signed or autographed can really help boost its value.

Create your own brand of Pokemon products

There are many ways to make money online through creating and selling products. You can create and sell books, clothing, bags, or anything else you have an idea for and can produce.

By offering quality merchandise at competitive prices, you will get lots of business. Plus, you can keep up with the market by reading about marketing strategies and getting tips from others in the field.

You can also start making some extra income by doing what we called “sponsored posts” on other sites. This means that you write an article sponsored by the publisher, but they pay you for it!

There are so many ways to make money online, no matter who you are or what skills you have.

Start a YouTube channel and make videos

pokemon x how to get famous

Starting your own YouTube channel is an incredible way to spread the love of Pokemon! If you have a passion for any game or franchise, then creating a channel around that content is perfect.

You can choose to create review, play-through, let’s play, theorycrafting, or anything else related to the games!

Your channel should be dedicated to just one thing, but if you are passionate about many things, then do it! You will gain followers, and hopefully more money from Patreon or other channels you develop.

Tell everyone you know about Pokemon

pokemon x how to get famous

It’s not enough to just say, “I have a great new game! Check it out!” You need to tell people about your favorite Pokémon so they can look up how to get them as well.

If you already have all of the latest Generation games (X and Y), then telling people that will probably win them over. If not, no worries! There are ways to get most any Pokémon in the series!

There are many online communities where players share tips and tricks for every generation of the franchise. Most of these groups focus on one specific type of gameplay, such as finding all of the TM moves or getting rid of bad team members, but some include everything else too.

Buy a TV show and read the scripts

pokemon x how to get famous

As seen with The Rise of Team Rocket, being famous in the gaming community is not easy. You will have to work hard to gain recognition for your game or yourself as a gamer. However, there are some simple ways to get popular by buying an existing show and reading the script.

The best way to do this is by going into it slowly. Do not purchase a season pass unless you can afford to spend that money consistently every week. More people start spending money after the initial payment, so be sure to budget for that!

Another good option would be to buy just one episode at a time. This allows you to ease into it and see if the show is worth investing more money in. Many shows offer their script online either through the website or as an app where you can access them easily.

Advertise on the internet

pokemon x how to get famous

After you start chasing after all of these badges, another way to gain some exposure is by advertising on the internet. Companies pay websites to put their advertisements on certain pages or areas, and if enough people click on those ads, then that company gains attention!

Some sites will even pay you for your advertisement skills like Google and Facebook. They may give you additional money for every person who clicks on an ad from their site, or they may just reward you with a gift card or two.

There are many ways to make money online through advertising, so do not feel that this method is limited to only having famous pokemon in your account.

Buy a movie or book series

pokemon x how to get famous

There are two ways to earn rewards for getting famous in The Contest. One is by buying an existing movie or TV show, and then supporting it through donations or purchases. The other way to gain reward points is to make your own movie or show!

The first way you can get credit towards becoming a popular YouTuber is by buying an already made movie or TV show. This could be from any genre, such as action, comedy, or mystery.

You would need to purchase just one episode of the film, but you don’t have to watch all of it immediately. You can save it up until later and watch it when you have time.

Don’t buy only one movie because that wouldn’t be very good use of your money. Rather spend around $10-$20 on each one so that you can add them together and profit more than just spending a lot of money once.

The second way to win prizes is to create your own movie or show! You can do this by either writing a script yourself, filming a scene, or finding someone else’s script and producing it.

Become a guest on a podcast

pokemon x how to get famous

A lot of people make fun of you when you start listening to podcasts, but that’s because they don’t listen to very many. Podcasting has become really popular in recent years, with individuals creating their own shows and others listening to them to learn something new or get some inspiration.