How To Get Famous On Instagram

By Tiara

Having an account with the world’s largest social media platform is a great way to get your foot in the door for celebrity status. With over one billion users, there are always new people logging onto the app to see what celebrities have posted this week!

By creating and cultivating a strong community of followers, you can win big by raising awareness about products or services through sponsored posts, giveaways, and/or motivational messages.

But before jumping into all that, it’s important to know how to get famous on Instagram! Read on to learn some helpful tips. And don’t forget to visit our site right here at HNInfluencer to read more from our team of writers!

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Build a following

A few years ago, being famous on social media would have meant having a large following on Twitter or Facebook. But now it is done in a way that does not rely as much on growing audience sizes, but instead focusing on creating engaging content you will share online.

This is very important to understand!

As you grow your followers on social media, making sure they like what you put out there and reading their comments can help you gain more exposure. You should never just use your account to make money, do so for marketing purposes only!

Building an engaged community around your personal style or field of expertise is one of the best ways to get noticed on Instagram. Starting off with less than 100 people is totally fine, this platform is designed to be friendly to new users.

People who already are popular on the app feel that it is easy to follow their tips and tricks, which is great for you to learn from them.

Do not post all the time

how to get famous on instagram

Even though it seems like people with really famous accounts post almost every minute of the day, this is actually not a good way to grow your account. Your followers will start to lose interest if you never take a break!

Your personal life comes first. If you have children, for example, you should be conscious about how much time you invest in parental responsibilities. The same goes for work and other commitments.

If you don’t manage your time well, then your social media presence will suffer. You will run out of things to say and posts to make. Your followers will begin to unfollow you, which would obviously hurt your follower count but more importantly your confidence.

You need to find a balance that works for you. Post when you feel like posting, and try to stick to a schedule so that your followers know what to expect.

Create content that people want to read

how to get famous on instagram

A few years ago, if you posted a picture of your favorite foods or pictures of your dog eating trash, there was little chance anyone would actually look at your account. Now, though, posting food pics and self-deprecating humor is very popular!

It’s hard to get famous on social media sites like YouTube by talking about how great you are and giving away free information, but that’s what most people do not understand. If they did, they would be sharing their own experiences already!

So how can we learn how to get more followers on Instagram? By creating engaging, interesting, and entertaining content that other people will read and share.

Posting pictures and videos of yourself doing things is a good way to start. Take some time to research fun photogenic locations before going somewhere with your camera. Or ask friends and family to help take photos for you.

Then, use these posts to talk about something related to the photo or video. Perhaps tell an anecdote or joke – or even review a product! The goal is to create content people find interesting.

Getting new followers on Instagram may also mean investing in a quality smartphone and using it properly. People who have many followers probably pay attention to detail and consistently update their accounts.

Link your account with other social medias

how to get famous on instagram

After you have built up your followers on Instagram, it is time to begin linking your profile to others. By doing this, your audience can find you online and through their own accounts.

By connecting your account to others, you are expanding your reach to potentially new users or people that know of you elsewhere!

This is important to do as you may gain more exposure from direct connections rather than growing your follower base slowly.

There are several ways to connect your accounts. You can create an account at another site like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Vimeo and link your existing account to them. This way, your content travels with you and they display all of your posts automatically.

You can also invite friends to join your channel or add profiles as favorites so that you both get notified when each other upload a picture or video.

Purchase a website or a blog

how to get famous on instagram

Starting an account from scratch is definitely the best way to go if you are trying to get famous on Instagram. However, that isn’t always possible for everyone! If you already have your own website or business, then starting from there makes more sense. Either way, the next step is to choose between two different ways to start promoting yourself on the app.

The first option is to use a free tool provided by Instagram. You can pick one of these three easy options here:

Create a Business Profile - This allows you to create a business profile where you can add products and photos, etc. It also gives you some basic settings such as posting at certain times and limited numbers of posts per day. But beyond that, it is up to you!

Start An Account - This lets you register using your email address so you don’t need to come up with a unique username. Your username can be anything you like but we recommend picking something related to your field or area of expertise. Then, you can update your bio later.

Promote Through Links - These are additional pages or sites that link to yours (kind of like a sponsored tweet). You can promote your personal page, your business page, or even both! The trick is to make the content interesting and fun to share.

There is no wrong choice here unless you really want to spend money, in which case going directly into paid accounts makes sense.

Tell your friends

how to get famous on instagram

A few years ago, being famous was not possible unless you were already well-known or you made big money doing something that people saw often. Now, with the rise of the internet, it is easier than ever to become popular online. You can use your personal social media accounts to get more followers and then promote what you do through other mediums like YouTube videos and blogs.

By sharing content and promoting others, they will notice your efforts and want to connect with you or at least come across as similar. This is how most celebrities got their start!

If you are struggling to find ways to gain popularity on Instagram, try joining groups or using features that offer tips and tricks for getting more likes and comments.

Be consistent

how to get famous on instagram

A lot of people start using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube by going at it hard for a few hours every day with very limited success. If you want to get really famous on these apps, then that’s not the way to do it!

If you are trying to gain followers or reach an audience, your content must be consistently good, steady, and professional. Your follower count will dwindle if your posts are poorly written and uninteresting to most people.

Your first couple hundred followers may even drop because some may find your posts too boring or simple. But don’t give up! Keep posting quality material and things will work out in the end.

Getting more exposure means spending time creating engaging, interesting content. You won’t see results quickly but consistency is key. Checkout my article about starting a new business from scratch for more tips.

Go out into the world

how to get famous on instagram

If you want to get famous on Instagram, then you have to go beyond just your city or area. You need to expand your horizons and try new places to connect with others online through social media.

Your success will depend on how well you use your personal style, natural charisma, and of course, your photography skills!

Getting more exposure means meeting more people, which is another way to gain knowledge about being successful in business. Your followers and fans will keep coming back if they feel like they received quality content that inspired them to do something similar.

And don’t forget to be authentic. People can tell when someone isn’t quite themselves, so make sure yours are for the most part pretty normal.