How To Get Famous On Instagram

By Tiara

A few years ago, being famous was reserved for those that were able to boast of having a large social media presence or popular YouTube channels. Now, with the ever-growing popularity of visual platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter, becoming well known comes not only through engagement but also via visuals.

If you want your audience to look you up and find you, then you must put in the effort to make yourself visible by creating content they will read and share. This is especially true on the most widely used platform for sharing posts – Instagram!

With over 1 billion active users each month, there are now more opportunities than ever to expose your talent and grow your account. You can focus on growing your audience, influence, and net worth, or you can use these tips to get “famous” on Instagram and earn some extra money while doing it. Read on to learn how to become famous on Instagram!

Become Famous With The Right Strategy

As mentioned before, being famous on Instagram doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to develop your image and connect with people, so don’t expect results immediately. That said, however, there are several ways to achieve success if you're willing to put in the work.

Most importantly, know what strategies work for others and try them out until something clicks. What works for someone else may not work for you, though.

Personalize it

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The first way to get more engagement is by adding content that your audience wants to see. If you are trying to gain followers, use this as your main tool!

Your profile is mostly composed of your personal information and pictures so they should be interesting, beautiful, and clearly designed to connect with others.

By interacting with other users, their followers will want to join in and follow you too!

Making yourself available to chat, comment, and like posts will draw attention and new followers. Yours can come from anywhere — even YouTube videos or blogs you read.

The hard part is sticking to it while spending time on social media takes away from other things.

There are several ways to manage your account and stay focused on growing your presence. You can add features such as an Instagram Story or a private profile where only selected people can view.

Start gaining followers

how get famous on instagram

Starting from the very beginning, you will need to create an account for yourself on Instagram. This can be tricky if you are not using it yet because you will need to choose between free or paid accounts.

You can easily pick up some of these tools later, but starting out you will want to have at least 250 friends on Facebook before you start investing in an Instagram profile.

This is so that you can use this platform to spread your influence more effectively!

After you have gathered this momentum, then you can purchase an Instagram username and password through one of the many providers who cater to social media users. These cost around $10 - $20 per year depending on how much access you desire.

Now that you own a space on the internet with your name attached, people can look you up and find you! You now have a way to promote yourself and get exposure.

Buy Instagram ads

Buying an instagram ad is another way to get your foot in the door with the platform. While it may sound expensive, there are ways to use advertising to promote your account so you do not have to spend a large amount of money to grow.

You can start off buying a simple sponsored image or video that features products or services like what we mentioned earlier (this article tips you make your first purchases as a beginner).

From there you can progress to more elaborate advertisements that include special effects, videos, and/or calls to action. These can be done through third-party apps or software that have been designed for this purpose, or by doing it manually yourself!

There are many free tools out there that allow you to create your own advertisement content, such as Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop.

Post consistently

how get famous on instagram

After having an account for several months, you’ll realize that most people have already run out of things to post. They spend hours taking pictures and editing them before posting, then they stick to their routine and do not change it much anymore.

If you want your followers to notice you spending time creating content, you will need to make sure that you put in some effort into it every day.

That can be difficult at times, but if you are dedicated to your artistic talent and self-expression, I believe you will find yourself inspired by other creatives and letting yourself grow from there.

You may also meet others who inspire you, or at least give you motivation.

Running with my camera is really helpful because it keeps me motivated to take more photos. Having someone look over your work can help you achieve perfectionism, which is very important when investing time in creative projects.

Getting outside is another way to motivate yourself to create. Taking photographs naturally forces you to experiment with different settings and environments.

Link your account with other social medias

how get famous on instagram

Having an IG profile is great, but it’s not enough if you don’t link your account to others. For example, if you are trying to grow your audience, then posting pictures of yourself drinking coffee or doing yoga will probably get very little engagement.

If you want more likes, comments, and shares, connect your account to those of bigger brands or influencers. By linking your account, they can boost your followers and like numbers for your page!

By linking accounts, people find new ways to interact with eachother (think about all the conversations sparked by Arie’s picture on his birthday!), so there's a chance their interaction may rub off on yours.

Develop a good brand image

how get famous on instagram

A cool, engaging profile picture is a great way to get your followers to look at you again. It can be funny or weird, bold or soft, but it must tell a story!

Your profile picture sets the tone for how people perceive you, so choose one that fits who you are as person and business.

For example, if you love animals then use an animal as your profile photo. Or if you like strong colors, use some shades of red or green. If you’re in food production, have fun taking pictures of what you make with recipes and ingredients.

Whatever you pick, make sure it tells a clear message about you and your business. Your followers will want to connect with you, and they will invest time in you when you show them things you care about and talk about things they do not know only you do.

Does this make you nervous? You are not alone! Most people start off using photos of themselves until they find one they feel connected to and can grow from. Don’t worry about being ‘famous’ just yet — focus on creating a space where others can relate to you and enjoy looking into more detail about yourself and your business.

Be engaging

how get famous on instagram

Being popular on any social media site is about being interesting, consistent and productive. People enjoy spending time reading material that they find interesting so why not do the same by creating an account that you will use to showcase your artistic talent!

Your personal style and aesthetic are one of the most important things when it comes to investing in creativity. If you are trying hard to get famous on Instagram then first start looking into yourself for inspiration before moving onto other people’s accounts.

You should also make sure to update your profile regularly as this is another way to gain attention. Your username, bio and cover image can all contribute towards making your account stand out.

Your bios are what set you apart from others so take some time to write up something special about yourself. The same goes with your usernames, they tell people who you are so keep them short but descriptive. A few tips – always include your life story, speak about how you grew up and what inspired you to become creative, add fun little quotes or sayings.

Encourage commenting

how get famous on instagram

A lot of people make fun of those who use social media sites to promote brands, but creating conversations is one of the best ways to get famous on any site!

As we know, posting pictures or videos of yourself with the goal of boosting your online presence can be tedious at times. It takes time to create engaging content that people will want to see.

But offering comments is another way to go. By leaving thoughtful comments on other users’ posts, you can gain followers and eventually influence.

By interacting with others, it creates an opportunity for them to notice you and connect with you. And more likely than not, they’ll share their experiences and things they love/hate about products in order to inspire conversation with you.

That’s why I recommend doing this. Use your knowledge to add value to the discussion and give meaningful feedback.

Your comment doesn’t have to be long – up to around 500 characters. Don’t worry if yours gets deleted too because there are always more opportunities out there.